Guide to Leveling Mining and Making Gold in Shadowlands

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This page covers everything you need to know about leveling Mining in the Shadowlands expansion from 1-150, as well as how to make gold with the profession.


Changes in Patch 9.2

Patch 9.2 introduces the zone of Zereth Mortis, which has one new ore for players to gather known as Progenium Ore Icon Progenium Ore. This ore is used by Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Engineers, and Enchanters to create a number of new optional reagents used in crafted items, along with the Vestige of the Eternal Icon Vestige of the Eternal used to upgrade Legendaries to their highest possible rank.


Leveling Mining from 1-150 in Shadowlands

As with all gathering professions, leveling Mining is very simple; all you have to do is find ore nodes around the Shadowlands zones and mine them. The easiest way to go about leveling Mining is just to level it while you are leveling your character, doing world quests, and generally playing the game. Make sure that you have the ore node tracking enabled (this can be done via the mini-map) and mine whatever you find.


New Ores in Shadowlands

There are currently 6 new ore types being introduced in Shadowlands, with 4 of them being completely zone-locked. The new ores, and where to find them, are as follows:


Stones and Bark in Shadowlands

When mining in the Shadowlands, you will not just find Ore from the veins; there are 3 items that can also drop, depending on where you are mining.


Farming Routes for Shadowlands Ore

In Shadowlands, ore nodes generally spawn near cliff-edges and on top of higher regions, rather than on the ground. This can make farming somewhat more challenging in certain zones that either feature difficult-to-traverse terrain, or very mob-heavy high points.

All of the routes listed below will be reviewed constantly and updated as new, potentially better routes are found. If you feel that you have a way to improve a route, let us know!


Laestrite Ore Farming Routes

Given that Laestrite Ore Icon Laestrite Ore can spawn in any zone, you can go to any area from the farming routes listed below and farm your Laestrite there.


Elethium Ore Farming Routes

Given that Elethium Ore Icon Elethium Ore can spawn in any zone, you can go to any area from the farming routes listed below and farm your Elethium there.


Solenium Ore Farming Routes

Solenium Ore Icon Solenium Ore can be found in huge amounts in the area circled below. It is worth noting that, depending on your progress within the campaign, this area may have friendly mobs throughout it, meaning you can farm undisturbed by mob aggro.

Even without this bonus, the area is still extremely good for farming ore.


Oxxein Ore Farming Routes

The route below covers the recommended pathing to find as many nodes as possible, while skipping areas that are either too dangerous due to mob density or level, as well as areas that simply have poor node spawn rates.


Phaedrum Ore Farming Routes

When farming Phaedrum Ore Icon Phaedrum Ore, it is extremely easy to find routes that give a large amount of ore, simply due to the layout of the map.

You can take whatever route you wish within the highlighted area above, due to the immense amount of node spawns within this area.

Make sure that you avoid central town hubs, such as the Heart of the Forest, as the spawn rates are almost zero in these areas.


Sinvyr Ore Farming Routes

There is currently an extremely good, albeit small, area to farm Sinvyr Ore in, just south of Sinfall. The concentration of ore here is absolutely crazy and you will be able to find an extremely large amount of spawns, as well as incredibly fast respawn timers on nodes.


Making Gold with Mining in Shadowlands

Making gold with mining is an extremely straightforward task as, honestly, there is nothing that a miner can do except find ore.

The only thing that you should be wary of is to never sell your ore in trade chat. Most of the time, these buyers are offering prices lower than the Auction House in an attempt to make gold themselves.

The only time when you should sell to them is if you check the Auction House and see that the prices there, when accounting for a 5% cut in your income, would be lower than that of the trade chat buyers. This is very unlikely, but possible.



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