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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Nythendra encounter in The Emerald Nightmare. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.

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Phase One: The Plagued Dreamer

Phase One lasts about 90 seconds. Nythendra has an Energy bar, the sole purpose of which is to indicate when she will transition into Phase Two. It decays by decrements of 50 (so it will go from 100 to 50 and then from 50 to 0). When it reaches 0, Phase Two Starts.

During this phase, she will use a few abilities against the raid and one against the tank. In addition to dealing damage, these abilities create damaging poison zones on the ground called Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground. Finally, on Heroic mode only, there is a DoT called Infested Icon Infested, which stacks on players whenever they take damage.


Infested Ground

Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground are damaging poison zones created by Nythendra's Phase One abilities. They deal moderate Plague damage every 1.5 seconds to everyone standing in them. They last until the beginning of Phase Two, when Nythendra consumes them to recharge her Energy bar (technically, they do not just disappear, as we will see when going through Phase Two, further down below).


Raid Abilities

Rot Icon Rot is cast every 16 seconds. This debuff targets a random raid member who then inflicts Plague damage to all allies within 8 yards at the application of the debuff and then every 3 seconds for 9 seconds. When the effect expires after 9 seconds, Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground poison zones (seems to be about 3) are created at the location of that player. As the fight progresses, it appears that more and more players are targeted by it.

Infested Breath Icon Infested Breath is cast once per Phase One. Nythendra breathes clouds of poisonous insects in a cone at a random raid member, inflicting high Plague damage every sec for 5 sec. In addition, the breath corrupts the targeted area creating pockets of Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground.


Tank Abilities

Volatile Rot Icon Volatile Rot is cast 3 times per Phase One and targets the current tank. After 8 seconds, it deals severe Plague damage to all raid members. Standing farther from the detonation take less damage. In addition, several patches of Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground are created where the tank explodes.



In Heroic mode, players hit by any source of Plague damage (so any ability, basically) gain a stack of Infested Icon Infested, a DoT that inflicts Plague damage every 2 sec. All applications of Infested are removed shortly after the transition to Phase Two.


Stage Two: Heart of the Swarm

At 0 Energy, Nythedra's form collapses and she begins channeling Heart of the Swarm Icon Heart of the Swarm. She summons a very large number of small insects around the room and slowly consumes all of the Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground poison zones, which move rather quickly towards her, damaging raid members that they come in contact with and regenerating her Energy.

These insects are small, immobile, and cannot be attacked. About 10 seconds into the channel of Heart of the Swarm, Nythendra will start making random insects to swell, at a rate of one per second. After an insect has swollen, it casts Burst of Corruption Icon Burst of Corruption 3 times over 3 seconds and dies. So, you will most of the time have 3 swollen insects casting Burst of Corruption at the same time. Burst of Corruption inflicts high Plague damage to all players within 8 yards. Getting hit by Burst of Corruption increases the damage you take from Burst of Corruption by 25% for 5 seconds. This effect stacks.

After the channel of Heart of the Swarm Icon Heart of the Swarm finishes, Nythendra is back at 100 Energy and Phase One starts over.


Enrage Timer

While there seems to be no enrage timer in Normal mode, in Heroic mode and above, Nythendra enrages after 8 minutes.



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