World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent System Guide

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Dragonflight heralds the return of talent trees in World of Warcraft, allowing you to take combinations of spells that may not have been possible in the game before.

The following guide explains the new talent system in more detail.


Introduction to the New Talent System in Dragonflight

The talent system in World of Warcraft has been completely revamped in Dragonflight. It will be replaced with talent trees.

To better explain the changes, let us preview the new talent system in more detail.

As you can see, each class will have two trees available in Dragonflight — one class and one specialization tree .

  • Squares are active abilities;
  • Circles are passive effects;
  • Octagons are choice nodes, where you get to pick one of multiple options in that talent node;
  • Diamond-shaped abilities on the side of the tree are a mechanic that the the developers currently do not plan to include in the game.

Using the New Talent System in Dragonflight

The new talent system becomes available at Level 10 when you choose your specialization.


Gaining Talent Points in Dragonflight

Talent points are obtained by gaining character levels. You will receive 1 point every level, alternating between a talent point for your class tree and your specialization tree.

In the pre-patch at Level 60, you will have a total of 51 talent points for your class tree and your specialization tree, split up as 26 in your class and 25 in your spec tree.

Upon reaching maximum level (70) in Dragonflight, you will have 61 total talent points to spend, with 31 in your class tree and 30 in your spec tree.

You will fill approximately two thirds of a tree at maximum level, and the goal is to have as much class-related stuff in the new talent system as possible as a singular place to manage your character.

There will be significantly fewer abilities granted to players from leveling up. Abilities such as Eyes of the Beast Icon Eyes of the Beast or Astral Recall Icon Astral Recall, or Teleport: Moonglade Icon Teleport: Moonglade are not combat-altering choices and you would be hard-pressed to spend a talent point to obtain the ability again. Those abilities are not going away; they are not going to go in the talent tree, but they will be a bonus spell you get while leveling that class.


Can I Unlock All Talents in the Class and Specialization Tree?

It is not possible to unlock every talent in these trees. Similar to the current system, max-level builds will have to make decisions about what to include and exclude.


Can I Spend Talent Points in a Specialization Tree Different from My Current Specialization?

No, you will not be able to spend talent points in a specialization tree different from your own. If you put points into the Restoration Druid tree and swap to Balance Druid, the effects from the Restoration tree will no longer apply to you. You will have new points to spend in the Balance tree.


How Does Spending Talent Points Work?

  • You must get all talents in the top row of a tree first. Then, after obtaining all ranks in any talent, you may spend points in subsequent talents in the tree (indicated by an arrow). if a talent has multiple arrows leading to it, you may obtain it after fully buying at least one of the prerequisites.
  • Your class tree may grant you 1 or 2 starting talents automatically before you have to start spending points, based on your specialization. These are free and do not cost any talent points.
  • Certain rows do not allow you to progress beyond them unless you have spent a certain number of points in talents you have access to.

Talents with Small Arrows on Both Sides

These are talent selection nodes where you hover over that node to see multiple options for you to choose from. These choices can either offer a new active ability or a passive effect.


Talents with Multiple Ranks

Talents with multiple ranks require additional points to be spent per rank of the talent. Currently, there are only passive effects with multiple ranks.

The value of these passives may not linearly scale with points invested. You must purchase all available talent ranks of a multi-rank talent to progress further down the tree from this node.


Will Some Talents Be Present in Multiple Specialization Trees

Yes. For example, Berserk Icon Berserk will be available to both Feral and Guardian Druids, whereas Restoration and Balance will not have access to it.


Will the Class Talent Tree Change When Switching Specializations?

With a few exceptions, nothing will change in the class tree when changing your specialization. One such exception might be a Hunter's Counter Shot Icon Counter Shot, which will change to Muzzle Icon Muzzle if you choose Survival Hunter. They are both the interrupt button, but are themed differently and have different cooldowns.


Is the Class Tree Meant for Utility and the Specialization Tree Throughput-Based?

No, even though there may be some throughput-increasing talents in the class tree, but the specialization tree likely has the majority of them. One of the main purposes of the class tree is to give you a place to explore parts of your class that are not focused on your main role's throughput (such as utility, or abilities that are more closely connected to other specializations), so Blizzard is limiting the pressure to make throughput optimizations in the class tree.


Are All Talent Points New Abilities?

No, most of them already exist in the game, but there are also new active and passive abilities in the new class and specialization trees.


Exile's Reach Abilities

Exile's Reach remains unchanged; you will still get many fundamental class abilities from completing the quests and this content. Your interaction with the new talent system will begin after you reach Level 10.


What About Combat-Altering Abilities Important for Gameplay?

The goal is to fit as many combat-changing abilities as possible into the new talent trees. This includes spells such as movement abilities, interrupts, dispels, hybrid healing options, or defensive abilities. The major focus is to set up the trees and paths so that there are opportunities to choose between different types of utility, but not to, for example, abandon all utility choices entirely in order to maximize your DPS.

If you choose not to have an interrupt, it is mostly because you traded it out for some other type of utility or crowd-control that you believed would be more useful in the situation.

The opposite is also true, where specs that do not have a certain capability in Shadowlands (like an interrupt) may be able to obtain it by giving up something they currently have.


Talent Loadouts and Presets

You will be able to save and name many different talent loadouts and swap between them with ease.


What New Talents Are There in Dragonflight?

There will be some returning Artifact traits, set bonuses, legendary effects, and more. The new system opens up opportunities for you to get abilities that were otherwise locked behind a spec choice, or to possibly have combinations that were impossible in Shadowlands, such as multiple talents from the same row at the same time.


Shadowlands Legendary or Covenant Ability and Talent Overlap

If you have both a talented version of a Shadowlands Covenant ability or Legendary power and the actual ability or power, those versions will override the talent. You cannot have multiple versions of the same spell to cast, or double-stacked Legendary Power effects.

Not every Covenant Ability, Legendary, or Conduit effect will be staying in the talent tree.


Respeccing and PvP Talents

Respeccing will work relatively similar to how it currently does on live servers with you being able to swap talent builds around.

In addition, PvP talents will continue to work the way they do now.



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