Dragonflight Leveling Guide: Zone Progression, Dragon Isles Adventuring, Starter Builds

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The following guide provides general information about leveling in Dragonflight and explains the differences between leveling your main and alts in the Dragonflight expansion.


Dragonflight Leveling Guides

Below, you will find links to our leveling guides for each class.


What is the Required Level for the Dragonflight Intro Questline?

Your character needs to be at least Level 60 to be able to start the Dragonflight intro questline.

The intro quest takes place in Stormwind and Orgrimmar and is relatively short. You recruit some troops and board a ship that takes you straight to The Waking Shores.


Leveling Your First Character in Dragonflight

Your first character must follow a linear progression path and the zones must be visited in the following order:

  1. Forbidden Reach (Only Dracthyr Evokers) — Level 58-60;
  2. The Waking Shores — Level 58-64;
  3. Ohn'ahran Plains — Level 62-66;
  4. Azure Span — Level 64-68;
  5. Thaldraszus — Level 66-70.

Completing the campaign will not provide enough Experience to reach Level 70. Therefore, it is important to complete Side Quests that are visible on the map of each zone and queue up dungeons. Additionally, the campaign is gated behind levels and you must be at least Level 68 to continue the story in Azure Span and Level 70 to complete the final two campaign chapters in Thaldraszus.


Leveling Alts Through Dragon Isles Adventuring in Dragonflight

Dragon Isles Adventuring is a new system implemented for alts in Dragonflight. It is very similar to the Battle for Azeroth alt leveling system where you get to choose your preferred zone.

You must still complete the Dragon Isles intro questline in your faction's capital city and a few quests in The Waking Shores to enable the system.

The quests you must complete in the zone are Practice Materials, Explorers in Peril, Primal Pests, and Where is Wrathion?.

Upon completing the above quests, Sendrax at Wingrest Embassy will offer you a new quest called Adventuring in the Dragon Isles.

Go to the Scouting Map located at 76,34 and start a quest depending on the zone you would like to visit. The Flight Master will automatically have a flight path connected to the zone.

World Quests will automatically be unlocked on your alt. They provide Experience and gear. Side Quests are also available in all zones.


Dragonriding and Leveling

It takes approximately 30 minutes of questing in The Waking Shores to unlock Dragonriding. At Level 61, focus on unlocking all Dragonriding glyphs to gain access to all Dragonriding perks that make leveling easier.

Unlocking Dragonriding talents is account-wide, so you will never need to bother collecting the glyphs again.

Check out our Dragonriding guide linked below for more details.


Chromie Time Changes in Dragonflight

Chromie Time now works up to Level 60. You can choose to level up in Shadowlands.

The default New Player Experience is Battle for Azeroth. All new accounts must play through the expansion first. Therefore, Blizzard made some changes to a variety of Battle for Azeroth content in Dragonflight.

  • Island Expeditions are now Level 60 content.
  • Warfronts are Level 60 content.
  • Normal Mode Dungeons are Level 60 content.
  • Heroic and Mythic Difficulty Dungeons remain Level 50 content.
  • Raids remain Level 50 content.
  • Visions of N'Zoth are Level 50 content.

Starter Builds in Dragonflight

Starter Builds are preset talent builds that are suitable for most content. They are intended for players who are new to the class or simply do not want to look up talent builds for leveling.

To load a starter build, bring up the Talents tab and switch to your desired specialization. From the Loadout Tab dropdown, select the Starter Build option.



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