A Guide to Dragonflight Currencies (10.0.2)

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The following hub contains an overview of the new currencies added in the Dragonflight expansion.



It is easy to lose track of all the new currencies in World of Warcraft whenever a new expansion launches. Therefore, we prepared a guide, which contains information about the existing and new currencies in the Dragonflight expansion.


New Currencies in Dragonflight

Dragonflight introduces adds following new currencies to the game:

  • Bloody Tokens Icon Bloody Tokens — Obtained from the bloody battles of the Dragon Isles.
  • Conquest Icon Dragon Glyph Embers — Proof of being bathed in the dragonfire of Dragon Glyphs. Can be turned in to Dragonriding trainers for enhanced training.
  • Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies — Various resources and building materials that can assist the friendly factions of the Dragon Isles in their fight against the Primalists. Used to purchase items unlocked from Renown.
  • Effigy Adronments Icon Effigy Adornments — Crafted by the Shikaar, these adornments can enhance Major Hunt effigies.
  • Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow — The essence of fallen foes imbued with the power of a primal storm. Used to procure items from Mythressa in Valdrakken.
  • Storm Sigil Icon Storm Sigil — A symbol of recognition for the brave adventurers who quelled the primal storms. Used to procure items from Rethelshi in Valdrakken.

Blood Tokens

Bloody Tokens Icon Bloody Tokens come from PvP World Quests in Dragonflight. They are used to purchase Item Level 366 Drakebreaker's Gear sold by Malicia in Valdrakken.


Dragon Glyphs

Conquest Icon Dragon Glyph Embers are used for unlocking Dragonriding talents in Dragonflight. You will gather them by flying through glyphs scattered across the Dragon Isles.


Dragon Isles Supplies

The currency is used to purchase items unlocked from Renown. You will receive them from World Quests.


Effigy Adornments

The currency is used by the Shikaar to upgrade Major Hunt effigies.


Elemental Overflow

Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow is a currency farmed from Primal Storms in Dragonflight Season 1. It drops from creatures in active primal storm location. You can exchange it in Valdrakken for Raging Tempest Item Level 359 gear, which is on par with Heroic Dungeon difficulty.


Storm Sigils

Storm Sigil Icon Storm Sigil is used to buy Primal Infused gear from Rethelshi in Valdrakken. The currency comes from Primal Storms in Dragonflight, but is limited compared to Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow. You can only farm 4 Storm Sigils per week when Season 1 starts. The gear purchased from the vendor has Item Level 389 and is on par with Raid Finder difficulty.


PvP Currencies in Dragonflight

  • Honort Icon Honor: Used to purchase Unrated PvP gear in Valdrakken and to upgrade Rated and Unrated PvP gear.
  • Conquest Icon Conquest: Earned from Rated PvP activities. Spend to acquire Rated PvP gear in Valdrakken.

Mythic Dungeon Currencies in Dragonflight



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