Hand of the Prophet Reputation Farming Guide (WoD 6.2)

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The Hand of the Prophet is an Alliance faction in Tanaan Jungle. Farming reputation with them rewards you with the usual items (toys, mounts, etc.) and items you will need for your shipyard. Reaching revered with this faction is required for the Tanaan Diplomat Icon Tanaan Diplomat achievement.


How to Farm Reputation

Reputation with the Hand of the Prophet can be farmed mainly through daily quests, although there a few quests from the Garrison Campaign that give reputation with this faction.

Additionally, you can farm Medallion of the Legion Icon Medallion of the Legion, but this is very tedious.

In the sections below, we detail all of these reputation gains.


Daily Quests

Doing daily quests in Tanaan Jungle will represent the bulk of your reputation earnings with the Hand of the Prophet. They will net you between 1,000 and 1,250 reputation per day, not accounting for reputation bonuses.

See our dedicated guide for more information about Tanaan Jungle's daily quests.


One-Time Quests

The Garrison Campaign in Tanaan lasts for 5 weeks and, every week, one quest or more from the quest line of that week will give you reputation with the Hand of the Prophet. These quests are listed in the table below.

Quest Week Reputation
The Assault Base First 1,500
The Battle for the West First 350
Commander in the Field! First 350
The Eye of Kilrogg First 1,000
Secrets of the Sargerei Second 1,000
Dark Ascension Third 1,000
The Cipher of Damnation Fourth 2,500

Medallion of the Legion

Medallion of the Legion Icon Medallion of the Legion increases your reputation with all of the factions of Draenor by 1,000. The reputation increase is subject to reputation buffs, such as Diplomacy Icon Diplomacy (the Human racial, +10%), WHEE! Icon WHEE! (from the Darkmoon Faire carrousel, +10%), or the +20% bonus from your Trading Post, Level 3. So, try to save the medallions for when the Darkmoon Faire is running, and if you have a Trading Post, Level 3, then make sure to use them in Draenor (otherwise the reputation bonus will not apply).

Medallion of the Legion Icon Medallion of the Legion has a chance to drop from 4 mini-bosses that you can find in Tanaan Jungle:

  • Deathtalon, who can be found in the southwestern part of the Ruins of Kra'nar;
  • Doomroller, who can be found at the entrance of Hellfire Citadel;
  • Terrorfist, who is located on the path that leads to the Rangari Refuge from the Iron Front;
  • Vengeance, who is located on the uppermost terrace in the Temple of Sha'naar.

When these mobs spawn in Tanaan (with a respawn time that seem to vary between 1 and 2 hours), you get zone-wide warnings:

  • for Deathtalon, Shadow-Lord Iskar yells Behind the veil, all you find is death!;
  • for Doomroller, Siegemaster Mar'tak yells Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!;
  • for Terrorfist, Frogan yells A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!;
  • for Vengeance, Tyrant Velhari yells Insects deserve to be crushed!.

The problem with these mini-bosses is that as soon the warning appears, players in the area will kill them very rapidly, leaving you very little time to reach them and have a chance to loot the corpse.



The farming process will take about a month. For every Medallion of the Legion Icon Medallion of the Legion that you will find, you will reduce that length by about 1 day.

Keep in mind that if you benefit from reputation bonuses, the farming process will be significantly faster.



The quartermaster for the Hand of the Prophet is Vindicator Krethos, who is located in Lion's Watch. In the table below, you will find the rewards that he sells.

Item Rep. / Cost Note
Trade Agreement: Arakkoa Outcasts Icon Trade Agreement: Arakkoa Outcasts Increases the size of your Garrison Cache to 1,000
Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard Icon Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard
  • friendly
  • 50 Gold
Ship Blueprint: Battleship Icon Ship Blueprint: Battleship
  • friendly
  • 550 Gold
Allows you to build Battleships in your Shipyard
Contract: Dowser Bigspark Icon Contract: Dowser Bigspark
  • honored
  • 600 Gold
Has the Greasemonkey Icon Greasemonkey trait, which increases the Oil Icon Oil gained from follower missions by 100%
Equipment Blueprint: Tuskarr Fishing Net Icon Equipment Blueprint: Tuskarr Fishing Net
  • honored
  • 220 Gold
Supplies fish when your ships come back from successful naval missions
Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle Icon Treasure Map: Tanaan Jungle
  • honored
  • 600 Gold
Shows all of the available Tanaan treasures on the map — very useful for completing Unseen Influence
Blueprint: Oil Rig Icon Blueprint: Oil Rig
  • revered
  • 1,200 Gold
Unlocks a daily naval mission that rewards 200 Oil Icon Oil
Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable Icon Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable
  • revered
  • 900 Gold
Can be equipped on a ship to prevent it from being destroyed during a failed dangerous naval mission.
Karabor Councilor's Attire Icon Karabor Councilor's Attire
  • revered
  • 300 Gold
Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Icon Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery
  • revered
  • 500 Gold
Transmog Armor set to look like the priests of Karabor
Deathtusk Felboar Icon Deathtusk Felboar
  • exalted
  • 2,500 Gold
Empowered Augment Rune Icon Empowered Augment Rune
  • exalted
  • 6,000 Gold
An improved Augment Rune that you can reuse


  • 02 Jul. 2015: Battleship blueprints now only require friendly reputation.
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