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Transmogrification Death Knight PvP Arena Season 12 Sets (Legion 7.1.5)

Last updated on Jan 28, 2017 at 22:43 by Susan 30 comments

Table of Contents

1. Arena Season 12 Blue Set

The blue-quality PvP Arena Season 12 set can be bought from Hayden Christophen in Valley of the Four Winds (Alliance) and Lok'nor Bloodfist in Kun-Lai Summit (Horde).

To go with this set, we suggest the following pieces:

2. Arena Season 12 Set

Pieces for the non-Elite set were replaced by pieces of the same name marked as Season 13 (but with an item level of only 476). These pieces are sold by Lucan Malory (Alliance, Valley of the Four Winds) and Doris Chiltonius (Horde, Kun-Lai Summit).

To go with this set, we suggest the following pieces:

3. Arena Season 12 Elite Set

The Arena Season 12 Elite pieces can no longer obtained by players, but if you have them here are a few suggestions for off-set pieces:

4. ChangeLog

  • 28 Jan. 2017: Added transmog suggestions for cloak, waist, feet, and weapon.
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