Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth encounter in Uldir. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Zek'voz is a three-phase encounter with high add control and positioning requirements. Zek'voz has a base set of abilities, as well as phase-specific abilities.


Base Abilities

These abilities are used by Zek'voz through all three phases.


Titan Spark

Titan Spark Icon Titan Spark will periodically pulse damage onto several random members of the raid each second for 5 seconds. It can target the same person multiple times in a row per activation.


Surging Darkness

When Zek'voz reaches 100 Energy (something that is entirely time-based and predictable), he will cast Surging Darkness Icon Surging Darkness. This will form 3 concentric rings around a targeted area in front of him, spanning the entire fighting area. Two of the rings (marked in a purple color) will explode for lethal amounts of Shadow damage a few seconds later, while one of the rings will be safe. Once the rings explode, the process will repeat again (and then, once more), but each time a different ring will be safe.


Might of the Void

Might of the Void Icon Might of the Void is a tank combo mechanic comprising two Void Lash Icon Void Lashes and a Shatter Icon Shatter in between.


Void Lash

Void Lash Icon Void Lash will slam a cone towards his tank, inflicting heavy Shadow damage and applying a 50% healing reduction to any players hit. This effect lasts 8 seconds and stacks, and the targeted player cannot avoid it.



Shatter Icon Shatter will inflict heavy Physical damage to the target, as well as apply a debuff increasing Physical damage taken by 50% for 40 seconds.


Phase One: Chaos

Phase One lasts until Zek'voz reaches 65% Health. During this phase, the bosses uses the following abilities in addition to the base ones described above.


Eye Beam

Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam will target a player and after a short delay, will inflict heavy Shadow damage to them. If anyone is within a short radius of the target, Eye Beam will chain to them as well, increasing its damage each time it jumps. Players targeted by Eye Beam will have a small visual indicator surrounding them that will display the radius at which the beam can jump.


Silithid Warrior

Occasionally a group of Silithid Warriors will spawn. These adds focus random players and will apply a stack of Jagged Mandible Icon Jagged Mandible upon meleeing their target. Jagged Mandible is a 10-second Bleed effect.

These adds can be stunned, knocked back, and slowed.


Phase Two: Deception

Phase Two starts when the boss reaches 65% Health and ends when he reaches 30% Health. Aside from the base abilities, Zek'voz also uses the following abilities during this phase.


Roiling Deceit

Periodically, Roiling Deceit Icon Roiling Deceit will be applied to several players. It inflicts moderately high Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds and will drop an Ominous Cloud at the player's feet upon expiration.


Ominous Cloud

Ominous Clouds will slowly drift near where they were dropped. If a player walks over them, they will spawn a Guardian of Yogg-Saron. These guardians will use Shadow Nova Icon Shadow Nova upon reaching 100 Energy (again, entirely time-based) or if they die, dealing very high Shadow damage to all players in the raid.


Nerubian Voidweaver

Occasionally, 3 stationary Nerubian Voidweavers will be summoned in set locations around the room. They will cast Void Bolt Icon Void Bolt at players dealing very high Shadow damage, and need to be interrupted, stunned, incapacitated, or otherwise crowd-controlled.


Phase Three: Corruption

Phase Three starts when Zek'voz reaches 30% Health, and aside from the base abilities, he uses the following abilities during this phase.



Overload simply causes Titan Spark Icon Titan Spark to happen more often.


Orb of Corruption

Periodically Orb of Corruption Icon Orb of Corruption is cast, summoning an orb that slowly travels through the air towards a targeted location. The orb must be intercepted by a player, causing it to bounce up into the air again for roughly 10 seconds before it must be intercepted again. If the orb touches the floor, it pulses heavy raid damage until a player intercepts it.

Players that intercept the orb receive Corruptor's Pact Icon Corruptor's Pact, a 30-second buff increasing their Health, damage, and healing by 100%. Upon expiration, players are afflicted with Will of the Corruptor Icon Will of the Corruptor.


Will of the Corruptor

Will of the Corruptor Icon Will of the Corruptor will mind control the player, causing them to cast Psionic Blast Icon Psionic Blast at fellow raid members. Psionic Blast causes light Shadow damage, and fears targets for 6 seconds. On Normal, Will of the Corruptor is broken after the player takes significant damage, however on Heroic and Mythic, the players must be killed.


Void Wail

On Heroic and Mythic, when players with Will of the Corruptor Icon Will of the Corruptor are slain, they will cast Void Wail Icon Void Wail, dealing moderate Shadow damage and fearing all players within 8 yards.