Curse of Naxxramas Hunter Class Challenge Guide

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The Hunter Challenge that was introduced in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure has you use a fixed deck (provided by the game) to defeat the Normal mode of the Loatheb encounter.

To begin with, you should check out our video to get an idea of the fight: we show you how we completed the challenge and how to manage your deck's cards. Then, you can read about the deck you are provided with and the deck of your opponent, before learning a few tips that will help ensure your victory.





Loatheb Hunter
  • Hero Power: Steady Shot
  • 30x Webspinner

Tips and Tricks

Your deck is made entirely of Webspinners, so in the early turns, you will need to place as many of them as possible on the board. They will die quickly and give you better cards. Depending on what you get from the Webspinners and on what Loatheb plays, there are several ways to win the game.

  • When Loatheb plays Sporeburst or Deathbloom, it leaves behind a Spore, a 0/1 minion that grants +8 Attack to all your minions on the board when you kill it. If you manage to place several minions on the board before killing the Spore, then the game is almost won. Before putting all your 1-health minions on the board for the Spore buff, beware that Loatheb has 4 copies of Sporeburst in his deck.
  • If you manage to get a Starving Buzzard, you will draw so many Webspinners that your win is inevitable.
  • If you get a Scavenging Hyena and a Tundra Rhino on the board at the same time, you will be able to quickly turn your Hyena into an invicible minion.