Curse of Naxxramas Rogue Class Challenge Guide

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The Rogue Challenge that was introduced in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure has you use a fixed deck (provided by the game) to defeat the Normal mode of the Maexxna encounter.

To begin with, you should check out our video to get an idea of the fight: we show you how we completed the challenge and how to manage your deck's cards. Then, you can read about the deck you are provided with and the deck of your opponent, before learning a few tips that will help ensure your victory.





Maexxna Rogue

Tips and Tricks

There is one tip we can give you that will make the fight considerably easier for you.

It is important to always clear away Maexxna's board, because her strategy relies on overwhelming you with many small minions. So, always take out her minions, unless you have her so low on health that you can go for a kill within one or two turns.