Gothik the Harvester Guide for the Curse of Naxxramas

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Gothik the Harvester is the second boss of the Military Quarter, the third wing of the Curse of Naxxramas. Most of the information in this guide is aimed at Heroic mode, because the Normal mode of the boss can be defeated using basic decks (such as the ones we have here on Icy Veins).

Gothik the Harvester Normal Gothik the Harvester Heroic

Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Normal Heroic
Health 30 45
Hero Power Harvest costs 2 Mana and draws 1 card. Harvest costs 1 Mana, is on auto cast, draws 1 card, and grants a Mana crystal.


We put up a video on Youtube to show you how to defeat Gothik.


Strategy and Deck Building

Since Gothik will draw 2 cards each turn in Heroic mode, the easiest way to defeat him is to keep up with the board and simply allow Fatigue to finish him off.

When building a deck to beat Gothik, your priority is to keep up with his pressure and maintain board control. Since Gothik draws 2 cards each turn, AoE spells and other means of board control are necessary.

Gothik's use of Unrelenting minions (Unrelenting Trainee, Unrelenting Warrior, and Unrelenting Rider) means that you will need to find ways to clear the corresponding Spectral minions (Spectral Trainee, Spectral Warrior, and Spectral Rider) from your board. You can achieve that by turning them into defensive minions, with Sunfury Protector, Defender of Argus, and class spells that grant minions taunt. You can also use aggressive buffs, such as Dire Wolf Alpha, to make offensive use of the Spectral minions.

To help you beat Gothik the Harvester, we created the three decks presented below. You can also get some inspiration from them to create decks for other classes.


Easy Heroic Druid Deck

Druid Cards Neutral Cards

Easy Heroic Paladin Deck

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
  • 2x Equality
  • 2x Holy Light
  • 2x Aldor Peacekeeper
  • 2x Sword of Justice
  • 2x Blessing of Kings
  • 2x Consecration
  • 2x Truesilver Champion
  • 2x Guardian of Kings
  • 2x Lay on Hands

Easy Heroic Priest Deck

Priest Cards Neutral Cards