Curse of Naxxramas Warrior Class Challenge Guide

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The Warrior Challenge that was introduced in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure has you use a fixed deck (provided by the game) to defeat the Normal mode of the Grobbulus encounter.

To begin with, you should check out our video to get an idea of the fight: we show you how we completed the challenge and how to manage your deck's cards. Then, you can read about the deck you are provided with and the deck of your opponent, before learning a few tips that will help ensure your victory.





Grobbulus Warrior

Tips and Tricks

The deck you are provided with has two Frothing Berserkers, and a big board (such as the one Grobbulus tends to build) coupled with his Hero Power causes the Frothing Berserkers to become absolutely huge. This is a combination you should attempt to exploit as much as possible.

Another useful combination you can exploit is enraging your minions (such as Grommash Hellscream or your Amani Berserkers) with the use of Grobbulus' Hero Power, and then using them to deal a lot of damage.

Having said that, it is not necessary that you look for a specific combo to complete this class challenge. The most important thing is to always be ready to kill Grobbulus' Echoing Ooze, as with the buffs he grants to these minions, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Saving cards such as Cleave, Rampage, and Execute for this purpose is recommended.