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Domina Venomblade Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Domina Venomblade in Plaguefall.


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Domina is a master poisoner who controls a host of Brood Assassins, utilizing stealth to assassinate targets.

Damage Dealers
Shadow Ambush Icon Shadow Ambush

Appears behind a random enemy, inflicting 6,639 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for 3 sec.

Brood Assassins

Brood Assassins join the encounter concealed within Shroudweb.

Shroudweb Icon Shroudweb

A thick webbing encases the caster, providing stealth. Webs extend from the caster's location, reducing the movement speed of players in the area by 70%.

Assassinate Icon Assassinate

While concealed in Shroudweb, the caster periodically hurls a poisoned dagger at a random target that inflicts 2,213 Nature damage every 2 sec for 40 sec.

Cytotoxic Slash Icon Cytotoxic Slash

Slash the target, inflicting 3,762 Physical damage and applying a toxin increasing the victim's Nature damage taken by 100% for 8 sec.

Venomblades Icon Venomblades

Attacks inflict an additional 663 Nature damage.