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Echelon Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Echelon in Halls of Atonement.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.



Echelon assaults all enemies attempting to enter the Cathedral. He will call swarms of Undying Stonefiends to attack his enemies. Undying Stonefiends can only be destroyed by being hit by Stone Shattering Leap Icon Stone Shattering Leap while in Stone Form Icon Stone Form.

Damage Dealers
Stone Call Icon Stone Call

Echelon calls for help from allies, summoning 6 Undying Stonefiends.

$[!8 This ability hits all players on Mythic Difficulty$]

Undying Stonefiend
Volatile Transformation Icon Volatile Transformation

The caster explodes while turning to stone, inflicting 2,213 Nature damage to all enemies.

Stone Form Icon Stone Form

Upon reaching 0 health the Undying Stonefiend enters stone form, becoming immune to damage and healing 5% of maximum health every 1.5 sec for 30 sec. If struck by Stone Shattering Leap Icon Stone Shattering Leap while in Stone Form Icon Stone Form, the Undying Stonefiend is destroyed.

Curse of Stone Icon Curse of Stone

Echelon unleashes a powerful curse, slowing players over 4 sec and then applying Turned to Stone Icon Turned to Stone.

$[!1,2,8 This ability is cast upon reaching 100 Energy$]

Stone Shattering Leap Icon Stone Shattering Leap

Echelon shatters the earth around him, inflicting up to 13,278 Nature damage to all players. Damage is decreased the farther away from the center the player is. This ability destroys all Undying Stonefiends in Stone Form Icon Stone Form.

Blood Torrent Icon Blood Torrent

The caster crates a torrent of toxic blood, initially inflicting 6,639 Shadow damage and then inflicting 2,213 Shadow damage every 1 sec to all players in the area.