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Kin-Tara Mythic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Mythic difficulty Encounter Journal for Kin-Tara in Spires of Ascension.


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Players will need to adjust positioning as they avoid standing in pools of Maw-Touched Venom Icon Maw-Touched Venom and deal with Kin-Tara's various abilities.

Damage Dealers
  • Move away from your allies when targeted by Charged Spear Icon Charged Spear.
  • Enemies Enrage Icon Enrage when their allies are defeated.
Enrage Icon Enrage

When either combatant dies, their ally is greatly angered.

Deep Connection Icon Deep Connection

The bond between Kin-Tara and Azules manifests as a beam of energy. Anyone caught in the beam suffers 11,065 Arcane damage.

Sweeping Strike Icon Sweeping Strike

Inflicts a massive amount of Physical damage to all targets in front of the caster.

Dark Lance Icon Dark Lance

Hurls lances of dark energy at nearby targets that inflict $o1 Arcane damage over 10 sec.



Kin-Tara takes to the air, hurls a Charged Spear Icon Charged Spear at a random enemy.

Charged Spear Icon Charged Spear

The caster hurls a charged spear at the target that continually inflicts 6,639 Arcane damage and slows nearby players.

$[!1,2,8,23 When Kin-Tara is enraged, she will use this ability even when on the ground.$]

Attenuated Barrage Icon Attenuated Barrage

Fires multiple missiles of Arcane energy that inflict 8,852 Arcane damage to players caught in their path.

Maw-Touched Venom Icon Maw-Touched Venom

Fires several orbs in a straight line that will form pools of Maw-Touched Venom on impact. Players standing in these pools suffer $317,626o1 Arcane damage over 24 sec.

$[!1,2,8,23 Azules only uses this ability while Engraged.$]

Truth-tinged Spittle Icon Truth-tinged Spittle

Inflicts $o1 Arcane damage over 12 sec.

$[!1,2,8,23 Azules only uses this ability while Engraged.$]