Gate of the Setting Sun Heroic Dungeon Guide (WoD 6.1.2)

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The Gate of the Setting Sun is a 5-man dungeon located between the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Dread Wastes on Pandaria. The dungeon is only open to level 90 players. It houses 4 encounters: Saboteur Kip'tilak, Striker Ga'dok, Commander Ri'mok, and Raigonn.



The Gate of the Setting Sun is the only passage between the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Dread Wastes. It is currently closed, in an effort to contain the Mantid army and prevent it from invading the vale. Throughout the dungeon, you will combat the Mantid assault, which climaxes in their breaking through the main gate and entering the courtyard in front of it.

The dungeon has a linear layout during which you will progress through the ramparts before descending to the ground level to close the gate. The dungeon features both Normal (level 89+) and Heroic (level 90) modes. There are no differences in mechanics between Normal and Heroic modes. The only differences are increased health and damage done for all bosses and enemies.

Gate of the Setting Sun Gate Watch Tower
Gate of the Setting Sun - Map Gate of the Setting Sun - Map - Gate Watch Tower

This guide will cover all of the four boss encounters, as well as the quests and achievements that are available in the dungeon.



The level of the items you can obtain from the Gate of the Setting Sun is 463, with one exception, Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm Icon Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm, which has an item level of 476.



Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats Source
Fallout-Filtering Hood Icon Fallout-Filtering Hood Cloth Head Intellect/Spirit Saboteur Kip'tilak
Shoulders of Engulfing Winds Icon Shoulders of Engulfing Winds Cloth Shoulders Intellect Raigonn
Frenzyswarm Bracers Icon Frenzyswarm Bracers Cloth Wrists Intellect/Spirit Raigonn
Bomber's Precision Gloves Icon Bomber's Precision Gloves Cloth Hands Intellect Striker Ga'dok
Leggings of the Frenzy Icon Leggings of the Frenzy Cloth Legs Intellect Commander Ri'mok
Saboteur's Stabilizing Bracers Icon Saboteur's Stabilizing Bracers Leather Wrists Agility Saboteur Kip'tilak
Wall-Breaker Legguards Icon Wall-Breaker Legguards Leather Legs Agility Raigonn
Airstream Treads Icon Airstream Treads Leather Feet Intellect Striker Ga'dok
Swarmcall Helm Icon Swarmcall Helm Mail Head Agility Commander Ri'mok
Impaler's Girdle Icon Impaler's Girdle Mail Waist Agility Striker Ga'dok
Treads of Fixation Icon Treads of Fixation Mail Feet Agility Raigonn
Swarmbringer Chestguard Icon Swarmbringer Chestguard Plate Chest Intellect Raigonn
Acid-Scarred Spaulders Icon Acid-Scarred Spaulders Plate Shoulders Strength Striker Ga'dok
Ri'mok's Shattered Scale Icon Ri'mok's Shattered Scale Plate Wrists Strength/Dodge Commander Ri'mok
Hive Protector's Gauntlets Icon Hive Protector's Gauntlets Plate Hands Strength/Mastery Raigonn
Grenadier's Belt Icon Grenadier's Belt Plate Waist Strength Saboteur Kip'tilak


Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Carapace Breaker Icon Carapace Breaker Mace Intellect Raigonn
Shield of the Protectorate Icon Shield of the Protectorate Shield Intellect Raigonn
Mantid Trochanter Icon Mantid Trochanter One-Hand Dagger Agility Commander Ri'mok
Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm Icon Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm Bow Agility Raigonn
Impervious Carapace Icon Impervious Carapace Shield Strength/Parry Raigonn

Amulets, Cloaks, Rings, and Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Pendant of Precise Timing Icon Pendant of Precise Timing Amulet Intellect/Hit Saboteur Kip'tilak
Cloak of Collective Thought Icon Cloak of Collective Thought Cloak Intellect/Spirit That's a Big Bug!
Drape of the Burning Signal Icon Drape of the Burning Signal Cloak Intellect/Hit That's a Big Bug!
Viscous Ring Icon Viscous Ring Ring Intellect/Spirit Commander Ri'mok
Vision of the Predator Icon Vision of the Predator Trinket Intellect/Damage Striker Ga'dok
Mantid Exterminator's Cloak Icon Mantid Exterminator's Cloak Cloak Agility That's a Big Bug!
Pulled Grenade Pin Icon Pulled Grenade Pin Ring Agility Saboteur Kip'tilak
Drape of the Screeching Swarm Icon Drape of the Screeching Swarm Cloak Strength Raigonn
Cloak of the Unending Swarm Icon Cloak of the Unending Swarm Cloak Strength/Mastery That's a Big Bug!
Carapace Inlaid Drape Icon Carapace Inlaid Drape Cloak Strength/Parry That's a Big Bug!


There are 2 quests that can be completed within the instance. They are both given by Bowmistress Li at the entrance of the dungeon.

The first quest is Lighting the Way. It requires you to light the flame signal, which is located on the northernmost part of the rampart. You will be able to access it right before fighting Commander Ri'mok, the third boss of the dungeon.

The second quest is That's a Big Bug!. It requires you to kill Raigonn, the final boss of the dungeon.

Only Lighting the Way has rewards. They have an item level of 440 (see loot section above).


Trash Mobs Before Kip'tilak

Gate of the Setting Sun - Fire Bombs On your way to Saboteur Kip'tilak, the first boss of the instance, you will fight several groups of trash mobs. While the mobs themselves do not pose any threat, you will have to be aware of the bombs that other Mantid units, who are flying above the ramparts, will regularly drop on you. These bomb explode and create four damaging trails of fire that travel away from the explosion. As you will see, this can become problematic when several bombs go off at the same time.


Saboteur Kip'tilak

The fight with Saboteur Kip'tilak is relatively easy, especially since the preceding trash mobs have prepared you to deal with the Mantid bombs, which make up the only difficulty of the encounter.

In addition to dealing melee damage to the tank, Kip'tilak will often throw explosives (Stable Munitions) at random locations in his room.

When one of these explodes, trails of fire run through the room in each of the cardinal directions (north, east, south, west). Similar trails of fire are created by Sabotage Icon Sabotage, which the boss will often cast on a random player, causing them to explode after a few seconds.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Saboteur Kip'tilak - Explosion Bombs Stable Munitions are, as their name indicates, stable. They will detonate only if hit by a trail of fire, which, as we explained above, can be the result of another pack of Stable Munitions exploding or the result of a player afflicted by Sabotage Icon Sabotage exploding.

Additionally, when Kip'tilak reaches 70% and 30% health, he will detonate all the Stable Munitions currently in the room with World in Flames.

The strategy for this boss is all about positioning. Each party member must always position themselves in such a way that there are no bombs directly north, east, south, or west of them. This way, they will not get hit by trails of fire, and their Sabotage Icon Sabotage explosions will not detonate additional bombs.


Achievement: Bomberman

Completing the Bomberman Icon Bomberman achievement is very straightforward. You need to get Saboteur Kip'tilak to 72 or 73% health and then hold off DPS until he has thrown 15 Stable Munitions around the room. During this time, party members need to avoid detonating them with Sabotage Icon Sabotage. When you reach 15 Stable Munitions, push the boss below 70% and he will detonate all the bombs with World in Flames.


Striker Ga'dok

Striker Ga'dok is located in the Gate Tower Watch, so just above the north pillar of the gate. Friendly NPCs will activate an elevator for you to get there.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Striker Ga'dok - Strafing Run As most heroic dungeon fights, the encounter with Striker Ga'dok is not difficult, provided that you properly pay attention to what matters. The most important aspect of the fight is Strafing Run Icon Strafing Run, which happens twice, when Ga'dok reaches 70% and 30% health. When this happens, the boss engulfs half the platform in flames twice (first from west to east, and then from north to south). As you can see in the image on the left, the flames separate the platform in two and it is important that you stick with the rest of your group. This will enable you to properly take care of the Krik'thik Strikers that will attack your group during the Strafing Run.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Striker Ga'dok - Acid Bomb In addition to that, you need to be aware of Acid Bomb Icon Acid Bombs, which are regularly dropped by Krik'thik Disruptors. These bombs create pools of poison on the platform's surface.

Finally, healers should pay attention to Impaling Strike Icon Impaling Strike and Prey Time Icon Prey Time.

  • Impaling Strike Icon Impaling Strike deals Physical damage to the tank equal to 50% of their health, so they need to be topped off.
  • Prey Time Icon Prey Time is a damaging DoT that the boss will regularly apply on party members.

Commander Ri'mok

Gate of the Setting Sun - Cannons After defeating Ga'dok, you have to use the cannons at the Gate Watch Tower to secure the northern ramparts where you will be able to light the flame signal for Lighting the Way. Then, you will face a few adds before being able to fight Commander Ri'mok.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Commander Ri'mok During the fight, Ri'mok has to be continuously moved up the ramp in order to prevent him from standing in the poison pools that he creates with Viscous Fluid Icon Viscous Fluid. Indeed, standing in them causes him to stack a buff on himself that increases his damage dealt and reduces his damage taken. It stacks up to 5 times.

Other than that, you need to avoid standing in front of him as he has a damaging frontal attack called Frenzied Assault Icon Frenzied Assault.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Commander Ri'mok - Adds Finally, Krik'thik Swarmers and Krik'thik Saboteurs will regularly join the fight and need to be killed.

Healers need to watch out for Bombard Icon Bombard, which the Saboteurs will regularly cast. This ability deals damage to all players.


Achievement: Conscriptinator

Once Commander Ri'mok is defeated, three Krik'thik Conscripts will appear on the rampart, close to the entrance, enabling you to complete Conscriptinator Icon Conscriptinator. Upon dying, they leave behind pool of poison that gives you a stack of Resin Residue Icon Resin Residue when you step in it. You need to stack this debuff three times, by stepping in the pool of poison left behind by each of the three Krik'thik Conscripts.

Note that Resin Residue Icon Resin Residue lasts 1 minute, so you will need to kill the second Conscript at most 1 minute after the first, and the third at most 1 minute after the second.

Also, Resin Residue Icon Resin Residue increases the damage you take from Resin Burst Icon Resin Burst, one of the abilities the Conscripts cast. Healers need to watch our for extra damage taken as the fight against the Conscripts progresses.



Gate of the Setting Sun - Raigonn After defeating Commander Ri'mok, the Mantid will break open the Gate of the Setting Sun, giving a chance to Raigonn, the giant Kuchong, to enter the gate's courtyard. There, he will hammer the last rampart that still stands between the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Mantid armies.

This final boss encounter is a two-stage fight. During Phase One, you will have to break Raigonn's carapace, all the while dealing with a number of adds. During Phase Two, Raigonn will fixate on random party members and you need to DPS him down.

Raigonn never needs to be tanked, but some of the adds do.


Phase One

During Phase One, you must prioritise the adds over Raigonn.

Below, you will find a list of the various types of adds you have to contend with.

  • Gate of the Setting Sun - Raigonn - Screeching Swarm Krik'thik Swarm Bringers fixate on a random party member with Screeching Swarm Icon Screeching Swarm, inflicting Shadow damage every second to the targeted player, as well as to players within 20 yards. Killing the Swarm Bringers should be the top priority during this fight.
  • Gate of the Setting Sun - Raigonn - Krik'thik Protectorate Krik'thik Protectorates come in waves of 8. They need to be tanked and AoE-ed down. When they reach 20% health, they cast Hive Mind Icon Hive Mind, increasing the attack speed of remaining nearby Protectorates. Therefore the tank and healer should expect a damage spike when this happens. DPS players should damage all the Protectorates evenly until they all reach 20%, before killing them one by one.
  • Gate of the Setting Sun - Raigonn - Engulfing Winds Krik'thik Engulfers fly above and create tornados called Engulfing Winds Icon Engulfing Winds on the ground. These tornadoes deal proximity damage within 3 yards and should be avoided.

Raigonn should be taken care of whenever you are not busy with adds.

Gate of the Setting Sun - Raigonn - Launcher He keeps battering the rampart to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms by using Battering Headbutt Icon Battering Headbutt. He cannot be directly damaged, so you need to break his carapace by attacking his Weak Spot To reach this weak spot, you need to use one of the launchers (as pictured on the left). Each time Raigonn uses Battering Headbutt Icon Battering Headbutt, he throws all enemies attacking his weak spot on the ground, and damages everyone within 10 yards of the impact. So, remember to jump off him before the impact.


Phase Two

After his carapace has been broken, Raigonn enters Phase Two. He takes increased damage, because of his Broken Carapace Icon Broken Carapace, and keeps using Fixate Icon Fixate on a random player. He does not need to be tanked. Players fixated upon must drive him away from other party members because he regularly casts Stomp Icon Stomp.

Adds will no longer be spawning, but you may have leftovers from Phase One. You may choose to finish them.


Achievement: Mantid Swarm

To complete Mantid Swarm Icon Mantid Swarm achievement, you need to defeat Raigonn without killing any of the adds. The idea, is to use all your available cooldowns during Phase One to push Raigonn into Phase Two with as few adds as possible.

There is a high amount of randomness associated with this achievement, as some waves of adds are a lot more difficult to deal with than others.


Final Considerations

This concludes our Gate of the Setting Sun dungeon guide. If you find any inconsistency or mistake, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail.



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