Siege of Niuzao Temple Heroic Dungeon Guide (WoD 6.1.2)

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The Siege of Niuzao Temple is a 5-man dungeon located in the Townlong Steppes on Pandaria. The dungeon is only open to level 90 players. It houses 4 encounters: Vizier Jin'bak, Commander Vo'jak, General Pa'valak, Wing Leader Ner'onok.



The Siege of Niuzao Temple instance is located south-east of the island where Niuzao Temple stands. There, the Mantid army has established a Forward Assault Camp and is in the process of building a bridge to access the temple's island. You will need to assault the camp and kill the Mantid leader to prevent the construction of the bridge.

The dungeon has a linear layout during which you will progress through a hollowed out tree (which serves as the entrance point to the instance) before wreaking havoc on the camp until you reach the bridge. You will encounter four bosses in your journey. This dungeon is only accessible in Heroic mode at level 90.

Hollowed Out Tree Upper Tree Ring Forward Assault Camp
Siege of Niuzao Temple - Map - Hollowed Out Tree Siege of Niuzao Temple - Map - Upper Tree Ring Siege of Niuzao Temple - Map - Forward Assault Camp

This guide will cover all of the four boss encounters, as well as the quests and achievements that are available in the dungeon.



The level of the items you can obtain from the Siege of Niuzao Temple is 463, with one exception, Tolakesh, Horn of the Black Ox Icon Tolakesh, Horn of the Black Ox, which has an item level of 476.



Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats Source
Breezeswept Hood Icon Breezeswept Hood Cloth Head Intellect Wing Leader Ner'onok
Whisperwind Spaulders Icon Whisperwind Spaulders Cloth Shoulders Intellect Wing Leader Ner'onok
Bombardment Bracers Icon Bombardment Bracers Cloth Wrists Intellect/Spirit Commander Vo'jak
Breezebinder Handwraps Icon Breezebinder Handwraps Cloth Hands Intellect/Spirit General Pa'valak
Hood of Viridian Residue Icon Hood of Viridian Residue Leather Head Intellect Vizier Jin'bak
Chestwrap of Arcing Flame Icon Chestwrap of Arcing Flame Leather Chest Intellect Commander Vo'jak
Windblast Helm Icon Windblast Helm Leather Head Agility Wing Leader Ner'onok
Belt of Totemic Binding Icon Belt of Totemic Binding Mail Waist Intellect Wing Leader Ner'onok
Airbender Sandals Icon Airbender Sandals Mail Feet Intellect Wing Leader Ner'onok
Galedodger Chestguard Icon Galedodger Chestguard Mail Chest Agility Wing Leader Ner'onok
Archer's Precision Grips Icon Archer's Precision Grips Mail Hands Agility Commander Vo'jak
Siegeworn Bracers Icon Siegeworn Bracers Plate Wrists Intellect General Pa'valak
Girdle of Soothing Detonation Icon Girdle of Soothing Detonation Plate Waist Intellect Vizier Jin'bak
Sightfinder Helm Icon Sightfinder Helm Plate Head Strength/Mastery Commander Vo'jak
Spaulders of Immovable Stone Icon Spaulders of Immovable Stone Plate Shoulders Strength/Dodge Wing Leader Ner'onok
Sap-Encrusted Legplates Icon Sap-Encrusted Legplates Plate Legs Strength/Dodge Vizier Jin'bak
Anchoring Sabatons Icon Anchoring Sabatons Plate Feet Strength Wing Leader Ner'onok


Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Gustwalker Staff Icon Gustwalker Staff Staff Intellect/Spirit Wing Leader Ner'onok
Tolakesh, Horn of the Black Ox Icon Tolakesh, Horn of the Black Ox One-Hand Dagger Agility Wing Leader Ner'onok
Siege-Captain's Scimitar Icon Siege-Captain's Scimitar One-Hand Sword Agility Commander Vo'jak
Ner'onok's Razor Katar Icon Ner'onok's Razor Katar One-Hand Fist Weapon Agility Wing Leader Ner'onok
Tempestuous Longbow Icon Tempestuous Longbow Bow Agility General Pa'valak

Amulets, Cloaks, and Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Mantid Eye Amulet Icon Mantid Eye Amulet Amulet Intellect Take Down the Wing Leader
Hardened Resin Pendant Icon Hardened Resin Pendant Amulet Intellect Take Down the Wing Leader
Flashfrozen Resin Globule Icon Flashfrozen Resin Globule Trinket Intellect/Hit Vizier Jin'bak
Vial of Ichorous Blood Icon Vial of Ichorous Blood Trinket Intellect/Spirit General Pa'valak
Engraved Amber Pendant Icon Engraved Amber Pendant Amulet Agility Vizier Jin'bak
Saboteur's Locket Icon Saboteur's Locket Amulet Agility Take Down the Wing Leader
Aerial Bombardment Cloak Icon Aerial Bombardment Cloak Cloak Agility General Pa'valak
Bridge Breaker Medallion Icon Bridge Breaker Medallion Amulet Strength/Mastery Take Down the Wing Leader
Badge of the Amber Siege Icon Badge of the Amber Siege Amulet Strength/Parry Take Down the Wing Leader


There are 2 quests that can be completed within the instance. They are both given by Shado-Master Chum Kiu at the entrance of the dungeon.

The first quest is Somewhere Inside. It requires you to free Shado-Pan Prisoners in the Forward Assault Camp (in the second part of the instance).

The second quest is Take Down the Wing Leader. It requires you to kill Wing Leader Ner'onok, the last boss of the instance.

Only Take Down the Wing Leader has rewards. They have an item level of 440 (see loot section above).


Vizier Jin'bak

The encounter against Vizier Jin'bak is a simple fight. The boss needs to be tanked and all the tank has to do is survive the melee attacks.

At the center of the room, there is a Sap Puddle, which deals Sap Residue Icon Sap Residue damage to anyone touching it. Regularly, Jin'bak summons Sap Globules. They need to be killed before they reach the Sap Puddle, because they cause it to grow in size. The size of the Sap Puddle determines the damage done to all party members by Detonate Icon Detonate, an ability that Jin'bak regularly casts.

Sap Puddle Detonate Icon Detonate
Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak - Sap Puddle Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak - Detonate

Commander Vo'jak

After defeating Vizier Jin'bak, you will exit the Hollowed Out Tree area and you will enter the Forward Assault Camp. There, you will be greeted by 3 Pandaren fighters. With their aid, you will defend yourselves against the troops of Commander Vo'jak, who are climbing up the ramp to the platform where you are standing. After a few waves, Vo'jak will climb up the ramp himself to engage your group.


Phase One: Waves of Adds

Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak During the first part of the fight, you have to fight many waves of adds. They go up the ramp and eventually reach the platform where you have to engage them and finish them off. One of the Pandaren fighters will keep providing you with Caustic Tar Icon Caustic Tar, which you can use to slow down enemies climbing the ramp. Caustic Tar is a clickable object (see image on the left). After clicking it, your cursor becomes a target and you can click again to throw Caustic Tar at the location you have selected.

The only enemies worthy of a mention are the Sik'thik Demolishers, who explode when you attack then, dealing a large amount of damage to nearby units. For this reason, you will want to attack them when they catch up with other enemies on the ramp that have been previously slowed by Caustic Tar Icon Caustic Tar.

Throughout Phase One, a Sik'thik Amberwing will regularly bomb the platform, so watch out for that.


Achievement: Where's My Air Support?

To complete Where's My Air Support? Icon Where's My Air Support?, you need to kill the Sik'thik Amberwing. What makes this task difficult is that the Amberwing will only be in range of your DPS a few times and when this happens they need to burn him down as hard as they can. This means that the tank and the healer need to keep the adds under control until the Amberwing leaves.


Phase Two: Vo'jak

Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak - Fight After defeating all the waves, you finally get to fight Vo'jak. This is a tank and spank fight. The tank (or any other party member) can use Caustic Tar Icon Caustic Tar to remove Rising Speed Icon Rising Speed, an attack speed increasing buff that the boss stacks on himself.

Also, watch out for Thousand Blades Icon Thousand Blades, which is a damaging whirlwind-like attack that also removes Caustic Tar (enabling Rising Speed to stack again).

Finally, Vo'jak uses Dashing Strike Icon Dashing Strike, which causes him to rush to a random player, damaging enemies he finds in his path before dealing a large amount of damage to his target. This is an important concern to healers.


General Pa'valak

Once you have dealt with Vo'jak, you can continue progressing in the camp. Before you reach General Pa'valak, you will find a number of Shado-Pan Prisoners that you can free, if you still have to complete Somewhere Inside.



Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak - Adds The fight against Pa'valak has one important mechanic that everyone needs to pay attention to. When he reaches 65% and 35% health, he becomes invulnerable and summons many waves of Sik'thik Soldiers to assist him. While the sheer number of enemy troops rushing towards you can be a little frightening, you can quickly dispose of them (see below).

Siege of Niuzao Temple - Vizier Jin'bak - Bombs Other Mantid units, called Sik'thik Amber-Sappers, will throw bombs at you. For the first few seconds after they touch the ground, you can click them, which enables you to target a location when you will throw them to explode. Use it to kill the incoming Sik'thik Soldiers. If you can no longer interact with a bomb, get away from it, as it will otherwise deal a lot of damage to you when it explodes. When all the soldiers are dead, you get to fight Pa'valak again.


Rest of the Fight

The fight with Pa'valak himself is very easy. He has one ability of concern: Blade Rush Icon Blade Rush. He uses it to throw his sword at a random player and then rushes to them. When the sword lands, it deals proximity damage within 4 yards. When Pa'valak reaches his sword, he deals proximity damage and knocks back nearby players.

His other ability is Tempest Icon Tempest. It regularly damages party members.


Achievement: Return to Sender

To complete Return to Sender Icon Return to Sender, you need to defeat General Pa'valak while he has 20 stacks of Detonate Icon Detonate. This debuff is stacked on him every time you throw a bomb dropped by the Sik'thik Amber-Sappers at him.

Completing the achievement is not as easy as it seems. First, the debuff only lasts for 90 seconds, which means that you need to DPS Pa'valak fast enough that the debuff does not drop between the 65% and 35% health, and then again between 35% and 0% health.

Also, the Sik'thik Amber Sappers will barely drop enough bombs for you to stack the debuff 20 times, so you need to have as many players from your group as possible working on gathering the bombs and sending them to Pa'valak.


Wing Leader Ner'onok

Wing Leader Ner'onok is waiting for your group at the far end of the bridge that the Mantid workers are trying to build. The difficult part of the fight is when Ner'onok takes off and flies to the other end of the bridge. We detail this event a bit further. First, we present you with the three abilities that Ner'onok will use throughout the fight.

  • Hurl Brick Icon Hurl Brick deals Physical damage to the tank.
  • Caustic Pitch Icon Caustic Pitch creates puddles on the ground that deal damage to players standing inside, while also slowing them down.
  • Quick-Dry Resin Icon Quick-Dry Resin is a debuff that is applied on a random party member. It deals damage every second, and encases the targeted player after a few seconds. You need to jump to prevent being encased. Below, you can see the progression bar that indicates how close you are from getting encased.
Siege of Niuzao Temple - Wing Leader Ner'onok

Siege of Niuzao Temple - Wing Leader Ner'onok - Gusting Winds At 66% health, Ner'onok will fly to the other end of the bridge. Once he gets there, he will keep casting Gusting Winds Icon Gusting Winds, which pushes party members away from him. The idea here is to reach Ner'onok at the other side of the bridge and interrupt a cast of Gusting Winds, which causes him to resume fighting (as we described above). To progress through the bridge, you need to protect yourself from being pushed away by using the small walls and the Caustic Pitch Icon Caustic Pitch puddles.

At 33% health, he will fly back to his original position, and you will have to make it through Gusting Winds Icon Gusting Winds again before finishing him off.


Achievement: Run with the Wind

To complete Run with the Wind Icon Run with the Wind, you need to defeat Wing Leader Ner'onok while under the effect of Tenwu's Resolve Icon Tenwu's Resolve.

When Wing Leader Ner'onok first casts Gusting Winds Icon Gusting Winds, you can use the winds to jump over the missing section of the bridge. There, you will be able to talk to Tenwu who will grant you Tenwu's Resolve Icon Tenwu's Resolve and will teleport you back to the part of the bridge where you came from.

From there on, you have two minutes to kill Ner'onok. This means that you need to train yourself to properly deal with Gusting Winds Icon Gusting Winds, in order to waste as little time as possible.


Final Considerations

This concludes our Siege of Niuzao Temple dungeon guide. If you find any inconsistency or mistake, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail.