Scarlet Halls Heroic Dungeon Guide (WoD 6.1.2)

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The Scarlet Halls is a 5-man dungeon located in Tirisfal Glades. In Mists of Pandaria, It has been revamped to include a level 90 Heroic mode. It houses 3 encounters: Houndmaster Braun, Armsmaster Harlan, and Flameweaver Koegler.



The Scarlet Halls is a 5-man dungeon that replaces, in Mists of Pandaria, the Armory and Library wings of the old Scarlet Monastery instance. It now also features a level 90 Heroic mode. The Scarlet Monastery is one of the strongholds of the Scarlet Crusade, a group of maddened zealots so dedicated to the removal of all undead that they commonly attack the living.

The dungeon has a linear layout during which you will descend through 2 sub-zones, which are reminiscent of the old Armory and Library wings, until you reach Flameweaver Koegler. For level 90 players, only the Heroic mode of the dungeon will be of interest.

Training Grounds Athenaeum
Scarlet Halls - Map - Training Grounds Scarlet Halls - Map - Athenaeum

This guide will cover all of the three boss encounters, as well as the quests and achievements that are available in the dungeon.



The level of the items you can obtain from the Scarlet Halls is 463, with one exception, Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman Icon Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman, which has an item level of 476.



Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats Source
Robes of Koegler Icon Robes of Koegler Cloth Chest Intellect/Hit Flameweaver Koegler
Cord of Bloody Evangelism Icon Cord of Bloody Evangelism Cloth Waist Intellect/Spirit Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Scholarly Cord Icon Scholarly Cord Cloth Waist Intellect/Hit Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Scarlet Sandals Icon Scarlet Sandals Cloth Feet Intellect/Hit Armsmaster Harlan
Vellum-Ripper Gloves Icon Vellum-Ripper Gloves Leather Hands Intellect Flameweaver Koegler
Bucket Tosser's Girdle Icon Bucket Tosser's Girdle Leather Waist Intellect Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Hound Trainer's Gloves Icon Hound Trainer's Gloves Leather Hands Agility Houndmaster Braun
Lightblade Bracer Icon Lightblade Bracer Leather Wrists Agility Armsmaster Harlan
Loksey's Lost Belt Icon Loksey's Lost Belt Leather Waist Agility Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Belt of Singed Shame Icon Belt of Singed Shame Mail Waist Intellect Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Bradbury's Entropic Legguards Icon Bradbury's Entropic Legguards Mail Legs Intellect Flameweaver Koegler
Harlan's Shoulders Icon Harlan's Shoulders Mail Shoulders Agility Armsmaster Harlan
Bindburner Belt Icon Bindburner Belt Mail Waist Agility Flameweaver Koegler
Scarlet Archer's Links Icon Scarlet Archer's Links Mail Waist Agility Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Waistguard of the Phalanx Icon Waistguard of the Phalanx Plate Waist Strength/Parry Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Scarlet Champion's Belt Icon Scarlet Champion's Belt Plate Waist Strength/Mastery Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Verdone's Chewed Waistplate Icon Verdone's Chewed Waistplate Plate Waist Intellect Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
Pyretic Legguards Icon Pyretic Legguards Plate Strength Strength Flameweaver Koegler
Canine Commander's Breastplate Icon Canine Commander's Breastplate Plate Chest Strength/Dodge Houndmaster Braun
Commanding Bracers Icon Commanding Bracers Plate Wrists Strength Houndmaster Braun


Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Melted Hypnotic Blade Icon Melted Hypnotic Blade Dagger Intellect Flameweaver Koegler
Koegler's Ritual Knife Icon Koegler's Ritual Knife One-Hand Dagger Agility Flameweaver Koegler
Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow Icon Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow Crossbow Agility Houndmaster Braun
The Gleaming Ravager Icon The Gleaming Ravager Two-Handed Axe Strength Armsmaster Harlan
Mograine's Immaculate Might Icon Mograine's Immaculate Might Two-Handed Mace Strength/Mastery Flameweaver Koegler

Amulets and Rings

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Temperature-Sensing Necklace Icon Temperature-Sensing Necklace Amulet Intellect Flameweaver Koegler
Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman Icon Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman Ring Intellect Flameweaver Koegler
Beastbinder Ring Icon Beastbinder Ring Ring Intellect/Spirit Houndmaster Braun
Scorched Scarlet Key Icon Scorched Scarlet Key Amulet Agility Flameweaver Koegler
Armsmaster's Sealed Locket Icon Armsmaster's Sealed Locket Amulet Strength/Parry Armsmaster Harlan


There are 2 quests that can be completed within the instance. They are both given by the Hooded Crusader, at the entrance of the instance.

The first quest is Rank and File, which requires you to kill 50 members of the Scarlet Crusade within the instance.

The second quest is Just for Safekeeping, Of Course, which requires you to kill Flameweaver Koegler, the final boss of the dungeon, and loot his Codex of the Crusade Icon Codex of the Crusade.

Only Just for Safekeeping, Of Course has rewards. They have an item level of 440 (see loot section above).


Trash Mobs and Gauntlet Event

Throughout the instance, you will find buckets of meat that you can click. Doing so grants you a new button in the middle of your screen (see screenshots below). You can use this button to target where you want to throw the meat you have just picked up. We advise you to throw the meat on Scarlet Crusade members who are accompanied by dogs. This will cause the dogs to rebel against their masters and kill them.

Scarlet Halls - Dog Food Scarlet Halls - Dog Food Button Scarlet Halls - Dog Rebellion

Before reaching Houndmaster Braun, you will have to face a Gauntlet Event. At the entrance of the first courtyard, you will notice practice targets that you can interact with. By click them, you can use them as a shield to protect yourself and party members standing directly behind you from the arrows that the Scarlet Crusade archers will fire. At some point, you will also have to avoid fire patches on the ground. Up to 3 party members can use the practice targets as shield.


Houndmaster Braun

The fight against Houndmaster Braun is very straighforward. Positioning is important to properly deal with Piercing Throw Icon Piercing Throw and Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom.

  • Piercing Throw Icon Piercing Throw often targets random party players, dealing damage to the targeted player, but also to any players located between the boss and the targeted player. Make sure that no one is standing between you and the boss.
  • Scarlet Halls - Houndmaster Braun - Death Blossom Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom causes Braun to leap to a random player and deal damage to that player and everyone within 5 yards. The spell effect is similar to that of Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives, the Rogue ability. To miminise the damage from Death Blossom, spread out 5 yards.

Bloody Mess Icon Bloody Mess is a damaging, stacking debuff applied to players who are hit by Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom or Piercing Throw Icon Piercing Throw. This makes positioning all the more important, since proper positioning will reduce the number of players hit by Death Blossom and Piercing Throw, therefore increasing the chances that the debuff will drop before being reapplied.

At 90%, 80%, 70%, and 60%, Braun summons hounds to help him. They need to be tanked and are rather easy to dispose of.

At 50% health, he enters Bloody Rage Icon Bloody Rage, making him attack 50% faster and deal 25% more damage. The tank and the healer need to pay special attention to this second half of the fight as the tank damage will be higher.

When Braun is nearing death, his dogs, attracted by the smell of blood, will turn against him and finish your job.


Achievement: Humane Society

Completing Humane Society Icon Humane Society is very straightforward. Simply burn down Houndmaster Braun without killing any of the hounds that he summons.

You may want to consider using a second tank to keep the hounds away from the party, so that they do not get killed by collateral damage on Braun.


Armsmaster Harlan

The fight against Armsmaster Harlan presents you with one main ability, Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light, that can quickly kill you if you fail to react properly.

Scarlet Halls - Armsmaster Harlan - Blades of Light Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light causes Harlan to travel around the room, spinning rapidly with his axe. While spinning, he deals heavy damage to all targets within 6 yards and then carries them around the room with him (still dealing damage to them). During Blades of Light, Harlan always travels along the same path (see screenshot on the left), but not always in the same direction. The easiest way to deal with Blades of Light is to be on the stairs when it starts and jump down when Harlan comes towards you.

Scarlet Halls - Houndmaster Braun - Death Blossom Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light is always cast right after Harlan performs Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap, so there is no reason for Blades of Light to surprise you. Heroic Leap causes him to leap to the center of his room, dealing heavy Physical damage to all enemies within 8 yards. As a rule of thumb, avoid being in the middle of the room.

Scarlet Defenders will often join Harlan in his fight against you. You should ignore these adds, as they will die every time Harlan uses Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light.

Also, do not stand in front of Harlan, as he possesses a frontal damaging attack: Dragon's Reach Icon Dragon's Reach.

Finally, healers should be aware of Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage, which Harlan stacks on himself every 3 seconds, and that causes him to deal more damage and attack faster. Dispelling this effect removes 10 stacks.


Achievement: Mosh pit

To complete Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit, you need to get 4 Scarlet Defenders and 4 players caught up in the same execution of Armsmaster Harlan's Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light.

Usually, when Scarlet Defenders spawn, they are almost immediately sucked in Harlan's Blades of Light. Your tank needs to taunt the first pair of Defenders and make them avoid the Blades of Light. For the next Blades of Light, you will have 4 Scarlet Defenders up, and the tank should make sure they get caught up. Then, four of the players (everyone save the healer, if possible) should willingly cross Harlan's path during Blades of Light. The healer has to be very careful and keep everyone alive.

It is better to jump into Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light towards the end of it, as you receive less damage.

Alternatively, you can have the tank taunt every pair of Defenders until you have gathered 8 of them. Then, let them be sucked in Blades of Light Icon Blades of Light.


Flameweaver Koegler

The fight against Flameweaver Koegler is all about avoiding Greater Dragon's Breath Icon Greater Dragon's Breath, a frontal attack, and Book Burner Icon Book Burner, which creates damaging Fire zones.

  • Scarlet Halls - Flameweaver Koegler - Greater Dragon's Breath Greater Dragon's Breath Icon Greater Dragon's Breath deals heavy Fire damage in front of Koegler, who slowly rotates on himself during the cast. Being hit by Greater Dragon's Breath also causes you to become disorientated for 5 seconds. Therefore, you need to keep moving around Koegler to avoid being hit by the breath.
  • Scarlet Halls - Flameweaver Koegler - Book Burner Book Burner Icon Book Burner is used a few times during the encounter and sets a book shelf aflame, creating a large damaging fiery zone around the shelf. Players can intercept the missile that Keogler throws to light the book shelf by standing in its path.

Other than avoiding these two abilities, you should interrupt his casts of Fireball Volley Icon Fireball Volley and Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast whenever possible. Note that he will sometimes use Quickened Mind Icon Quickened Mind, which makes his next three spells with a cast time be almost instant, preventing you from interrupting them.


Final Considerations

This concludes our Scarlet Halls dungeon guide. If you find any inconsistency or mistake, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail.