Scholomance Heroic Dungeon Guide (WoD 6.1.2)

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Scholomance is a 5-man dungeon located in the Western Plaguelands. In Mists of Pandaria, it has been revamped to include a level 90 Heroic mode. It houses 5 encounters: Instructor Chillheart, Jandice Barov, Rattlegore, Lilian Voss, and Darkmaster Gandling.



Scholomance is a 5-man dungeon located within the ruined keep of Caer Darrow in Western Plaguelands. With Mists of Pandaria, the dungeon has been revamped and now features a level 90 Heroic mode. Scholomance is a place of learning for necromancers and your goal is to put an end to their activities.

The dungeon has a linear layout during which you will descend through 3 sub-zones, until you reach Darkmaster Gandling. For level 90 players, only the Heroic mode of the dungeon will be of interest.

The Reliquary Upper Tree Ring
Scholomance - Map - The Reliquary Scholomance - Map - Chamber of Summoning
The Upper Study Headmaster's Study
Scholomance - Map - The Upper Study Scholomance - Map - Headmaster's Study

This guide will cover all of the five boss encounters, as well as the quests and achievements that are available in the dungeon.



The level of the items you can obtain from Scholomance is 463, with one exception, Headmaster's Will Icon Headmaster's Will, which has an item level of 476.



Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats Source
Barovian Ritual Hood Icon Barovian Ritual Hood Cloth Head Intellect/Hit Jandice Barov
Deadwalker Bracers Icon Deadwalker Bracers Cloth Wrists Intellect/Hit Rattlegore
Darkmaster's Spare Robe Icon Darkmaster's Spare Robe Cloth Chest Intellect An End to the Suffering
Empowered Necropile Robe Icon Empowered Necropile Robe Cloth Chest Intellect/Hit An End to the Suffering
Incineration Belt Icon Incineration Belt Cloth Waist Intellect/Hit Darkmaster Gandling
Leggings of Unleashed Anguish Icon Leggings of Unleashed Anguish Cloth Legs Intellect Lilian Voss
Ghoulskin Vestments Icon Ghoulskin Vestments Leather Chest Intellect An End to the Suffering
Rattling Gloves Icon Rattling Gloves Leather Hands Intellect Rattlegore
Soulburner Crown Icon Soulburner Crown Leather Head Agility Lilian Voss
Foul Cadaverous Armor Icon Foul Cadaverous Armor Leather Chest Agility An End to the Suffering
Tombstone Gauntlets Icon Tombstone Gauntlets Leather Hands Agility Darkmaster Gandling
Icewrath Belt Icon Icewrath Belt Leather Waist Agility Instructor Chillheart
Ghostwoven Legguards Icon Ghostwoven Legguards Leather Legs Agility Jandice Barov
Patchwork Flesh Armor Icon Patchwork Flesh Armor Mail Chest Intellect An End to the Suffering
Shivbreaker Vest Icon Shivbreaker Vest Mail Chest Intellect Lilian Voss
Shadow Puppet Bracers Icon Shadow Puppet Bracers Mail Wrists Intellect Instructor Chillheart
Gloves of Explosive Pain Icon Gloves of Explosive Pain Mail Hands Intellect Darkmaster Gandling
Inscribed Bloodmail Hauberk Icon Inscribed Bloodmail Hauberk Mail Chest Agility An End to the Suffering
Dark Blaze Gauntlets Icon Dark Blaze Gauntlets Mail Hands Strength Lilian Voss
Bone Golem Boots Icon Bone Golem Boots Mail Feet Agility Rattlegore
Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons Icon Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons Plate Shoulders Intellect Darkmaster Gandling
Coldforge Carapace Icon Coldforge Carapace Plate Chest Intellect An End to the Suffering
Vigorsteel Spaulders Icon Vigorsteel Spaulders Plate Shoulders Strength/Parry Darkmaster Gandling
Carver's Bloodsplattered Chestpiece Icon Carver's Bloodsplattered Chestpiece Plate Chest Strength An End to the Suffering
Breastplate of Wracking Souls Icon Breastplate of Wracking Souls Plate Chest Strength/Parry Instructor Chillheart
Runed Deathbone Chestplate Icon Runed Deathbone Chestplate Plate Chest Strength/Parry An End to the Suffering
Wraithplate Treads Icon Wraithplate Treads Plate Feet Strength/Parry Jandice Barov


Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Gravetouch Greatsword Icon Gravetouch Greatsword Two-Handed Sword Strength Instructor Chillheart
Metanoia Shield Icon Metanoia Shield Shield Intellect Jandice Barov
Goresoaked Headreaper Icon Goresoaked Headreaper Two-Handed Axe Strength Rattlegore
Necromantic Wand Icon Necromantic Wand Wand Intellect Rattlegore
Headmaster's Will Icon Headmaster's Will Staff Intellect/Hit Darkmaster Gandling

Amulets, Cloaks, and Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Anarchist's Pendant Icon Anarchist's Pendant Amulet Intellect/Hit Instructor Chillheart
Price of Progress Icon Price of Progress Trinket Intellect/Healing Darkmaster Gandling
Searing Words Icon Searing Words Trinket Agility Darkmaster Gandling
Necklace of the Dark Blaze Icon Necklace of the Dark Blaze Amulet Strength/Dodge Lilian Voss
Phantasmal Drape Icon Phantasmal Drape Cloak Strength/Dodge Jandice Barov
Lessons of the Darkmaster Icon Lessons of the Darkmaster Trinket Strength/Expertise Darkmaster Gandling


There are 2 quests that can be completed within the instance. They are both given by the Talking Skull, a strange NPC that follows you through the instance.

The first quest is The Four Tomes, which requires you to pick up books as you progress through the instance. Looking at the quest objectives on the map should be more than enough to find the books.

The second quest is An End to the Suffering, which requires you to kill Darkmaster Gandling, the final boss of the dungeon.

Only An End to the Suffering has rewards. They have an item level of 440 (see loot section above).


Instructor Chillheart

The fight against Instructor Chillheart is a two-phase fight.

  • During Phase One, you will have to burn down the instructor as fast as you can.
  • During Phase Two, you will fight her phylactery and will have to avoid bombs and void zones.

Phase One

Scholomance - Instructor Chillheart - Ice Wall In Phase One, you are fighting Instructor Chillheart herself. As the phase progresses, you will see an Ice Wall Icon Ice Wall getting ever closer to your group. The idea is to defeat Chillheart before the Ice Wall reaches your group and kills everyone.

During this phase, all you have to do is focus on attacking her while making sure to spread apart 2 yards (because of Ice Wrath Icon Ice Wrath) and to avoid the ice patches from Frigid Grasp Icon Frigid Grasp.

Also, tanks and healers need to be respectively aware of Touch of the Grave Icon Touch of the Grave, which causes Chillheart to deal additional Frost damage with her 10 next melee attacks, and Wrack Soul Icon Wrack Soul, which is a DoT that jumps from players to players.


Phase Two

Scholomance - Instructor Chillheart - Phylactery Once Chillheart is defeated, you enter Phase Two, where you get to fight her Phylactery. During this phase, you will have to avoid Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bombs and patches of fire (Burn Icon Burn). Additionally, random players will be regularly damaged by Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt.


Jandice Barov

Scholomance - Jandice Barov - Gravity Flux Most of the fight is very easy. Simply avoid standing in front of Jandice Barov (because of Wondrous Rapidity Icon Wondrous Rapidity) and get away from Gravity Flux Icon Gravity Flux, which has a very visible purple ground effect.

Scholomance - Jandice Barov - Images At 66% and 33% health, she will create images of herself and hide behind one. It is important that you kill the right image, as otherwise you will receive damage from Flash Bang Icon Flash Bang. The right image is the image that looks exactly like Jandice (same hair color, same earrings, etc.). To find the right image, you can mark Jandice at the beginning of the fight (with the Skull mark, for example) or you can tab through all the images and look at their portrait in your unit frames.


BarovHelper Addon

Using the BarovHelper addon will make it very easy to spot the real Jandice Barov during the phases when she creates copies of herself. This is especially useful when trying to run the dungeon in Challenge Mode.


Achievement: Attention to Detail

To complete Attention to Detail Icon Attention to Detail, you simply need to defeat Jandice Barov without ever eliminating a false image.



Scholomance - Rattlegore - Bone Pile The encounter with Rattlegore has one crucial mechanic to which you need to pay special attention. Throughout the fight, everyone must maintain the Bone Armor Icon Bone Armor buff up on them by clicking the Bone Piles around the room. The buff lasts 5 minutes and grants protection against Bone Spike Icon Bone Spike, a very damaging ability that Rattlegore often casts at a random player. Being hit by Bone Spike removes Bone Armor, so the protection often needs to be renewed.

Scholomance - Rattlegore - Soulflame In addition, the locations where you find Bone Piles are sometimes engulfed in damaging blue flames by Soulflame Icon Soulflame, so you need to be careful not to stand in them.

Finally, tanks should be aware of Rusting Icon Rusting, which causes Rattlegore to deal increasing damage, but to move more and more slowly, as the encounter progresses. The buff lasts 15 seconds, so you will periodically want to kite Rattlegore to let the buff drop (because the buff only stacks when he deals a successful melee attack).


Achievement: Rattle No More

To complete Rattle No More Icon Rattle No More, your group needs to defeat Rattlegore without letting him gain more than 5 stacks of Rusting Icon Rusting.

Whenever Rattlegore reaches 4 or 5 stacks of Rusting Icon Rusting, the tank should start kiting him around until Rusting Icon Rusting drops. Because of the low uptime of the tank on Rattlegore, they will not manage to build much threat, so DPS players must be careful not to over aggro.


Flesh Horrors

In the next room, you will find Flesh Horrors. These mobs have a very large health pool, but they die as soon as you kill the 4 Meat Grafts attached to them.


Achievement: Sanguinarian

To complete Sanguinarian Icon Sanguinarian, you need to kill a Krastinovian Carver that has 99 stacks of Boiling Bloodthirst Icon Boiling Bloodthirst.

You will find Krastinovian Carvers in the same room as the Flesh Horrors. Initially, all the Krastinovian Carvers have 1 stack of Boiling Bloodthirst Icon Boiling Bloodthirst. When you kill a Krastinovian Carver, its stack count is added to that of nearby Krastinovian Carvers.

For example, if you are fighting 3 Krastinovian Carvers and kill one of them, the other two will have 2 stacks of Boiling Bloodthirst Icon Boiling Bloodthirst (their original stack count plus that of the Krastinovian Carver that just died). If you kill one of the two remaining Krastinovian Carvers, the last one will have 4 stacks of Boiling Bloodthirst.

Our advice is to proceed through the room as you usually would and only kill a Krastinovian Carver if there are at least 2 other Krastinovian Carvers right next to it. If necessary, pull extra Carvers from the sides of the room.


Lilian Voss

The fight against Lilian Voss is rather complex and has three phases.

  • During Phase One, you will fight her and will have to deal with her abilities. This phase lasts until Lilian reaches 60% health.
  • During Phase Two, you will fight Lilian's Soul, which needs to be properly kited around. This phase lasts until you get the soul to 1% health.
  • During Phase Three, you will simultaneously fight Lilian and her soul. Both retain their abilities from Phase One and Phase Two. The phase and the fight ends when Lilian reaches 1% health.

Phase One

When fighting Lilian, you should spread out 8 yards because of Shadow Shiv Icon Shadow Shiv.

Scholomance - Lilian Voss - Dark Blaze She regularly pulls everyone to her location with Death's Grasp Icon Death's Grasp. When this happens, you (and the other players in your party) become afflicted with Dark Blaze Icon Dark Blaze. This debuff causes you to leave a trail of damaging flames under you. You need to be constantly on the move for 8 seconds, until the debuff runs out.

Other than that, the tank needs to survive her melee attacks.


Phase Two

Scholomance - Lilian Voss - Fixate Anger Darkmaster Gandling intervenes, disables Lilian, and makes you fight her soul, which cannot be tanked. The soul will fixate on a random party member with Fixate Anger Icon Fixate Anger. This player needs to kite the soul around and avoid being hit by it, as it triggers Unleashed Anguish Icon Unleashed Anguish. While Unleash Anguish reduces the soul's movement speed (making it easier to kite), it also causes it to cast Blazing Soul Icon Blazing Soul, which deals damage to everyone in the party.

During that phase, healers can expect a significant amount of damage, because Blazing Soul Icon Blazing Soul is also regularly cast by the soul, in addition to being a consequence of triggering Unleashed Anguish Icon Unleashed Anguish.


Phase Three

In Phase Three, Darkmaster Gandling reactivates Lilian and you will face her alongside her soul. They both retain all their abilities from Phase One and Phase Two, but the soul cannot be damaged.

The key to success is to properly kite the soul, even when you have to run around to let Dark Blaze Icon Dark Blaze expire.


Professor Slate's Room

The next room is Professor Slate's classroom. There, you will have to defeat a bunch of Bored Students. Everyone, except the tank should stand behind them because of two abilities they use: Fire Breath Potion Icon Fire Breath Potion and Shadow Nova Icon Shadow Nova.

In the same room, you will also fight Professor Slate, whom you can pull together with some of his student packs. Watch out for Fire Breath Potion Icon Fire Breath Potion, which he casts in front of him, and Toxic Potion Icon Toxic Potion, which he drops on the ground where it creates a damaging poison zone.


Achievement: Polyformic Acid Science

Completing Polyformic Acid Science Icon Polyformic Acid Science requires you to kill the following bosses while under the effects of Polyformic Acid Potion Icon Polyformic Acid Potion:

You obtain the Polyformic Acid Potion Icon Polyformic Acid Potion buff by clicking the Polyformic Acid Potion object in Professor Slate's classroom (first row of desks).

To avoid having to go back to Scholomance to obtain the buff again when it drops, you can loot an Empty Polyformic Acid Vial Icon Empty Polyformic Acid Vial from Professor Slate. If you click the Polyformic Acid Potion object when you already have the Polyformic Acid Potion Icon Polyformic Acid Potion buff, you will fill your vial and have up to 3 charges. The vial changes name as you fill/empty it: Nearly Empty Vial of Polyformic Acid Icon Nearly Empty Vial of Polyformic Acid, Half Full Vial of Polyformic Acid Icon Half Full Vial of Polyformic Acid, Nearly Full Vial of Polyformic Acid Icon Nearly Full Vial of Polyformic Acid.


Darkmaster Gandling

In the next room, you will finally get to fight Darkmaster Gandling. This encounter is not difficult, but individual players (including healers) are sometimes sent to a nearby room where they have to learn a Harsh Lesson Icon Harsh Lesson and single-handedly defeat a number of enemies.


Main Room

You will spend most of the encounter in the main room fighting the Darkmaster.

Tanks need to be aware of Incinerate Icon Incinerate, which the Darkmaster uses to deal heavy Fire damage to his target.

DPS players need to watch out for Rise! Icon Rise!, which the boss uses to summon Failed Students. These students attack random party members. The channel of Rise! lasts for 26 seconds, during which time the boss takes 50% less damage. Focus on the students while the boss is channeling. When the channel is over, you can focus on the boss again and finish remaining students with collateral damage.

Healers need to pay attention to the damage that Incinerate Icon Incinerate does on the tank and the damage that the students do to random players. Also, the Darkmaster will often cast Immolate Icon Immolate at a random player, dealing large amounts of Fire damage every 3 seconds for 21 seconds.


Nearby Rooms

Scholomance - Darkmaster Gandling - Harsh Lesson The Darkmaster often casts Harsh Lesson Icon Harsh Lesson, sending a random player to one of the nearby rooms. There, they have to defeat a number of Expired Test Subjects.

  • For Tanks and DPS players, things are straightforward, they just need to kill these units and come back to the main room.
  • For Healers, things are slightly more complex. They need to gather the Expired Test Subjects close to the Fresh Test Subjects at the back of the room and then dispel Explosive Pain Icon Explosive Pain from the Fresh Test Subjects, this will cause a large amount of damage to the Expired Test Subjects, eventually killing them.

Achievement: School's Out Forever

To complete School's Out Forever Icon School's Out Forever, you need to defeat 50 Expired Test Subjects within 20 seconds. The main difficulty is that all the nearby rooms are closed and the only way to enter them is to wait for Darkmaster Gandling to cast Harsh Lesson Icon Harsh Lesson on you.

When someone in your party is the target of Harsh Lesson Icon Harsh Lesson, they should not engage the Expired Test Subjects, but rather wait at the back of the room that everyone has been sent to their own room. Then, everyone should engage their Expired Test Subjects and defeat them.


Final Considerations

This concludes our Scholomance dungeon guide. If you find any inconsistency or mistake, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail.