Guarm Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Guarm in Trial of Valor in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities

Guarm will perform all the same abilities in the Mythic version of the encounter, with a few notable augmentations to existing abilities and some unique new additions.

Guarm will berserk after 5 minutes on Mythic mode, making this a rather tight damage check. Optimizing DPS is very important and the healers are encouraged to deal extra damage whenever the group and tanks are not threatened.

Guarm has a new ability on this difficulty: Volatile Foam. There are 3 types of foam; Flaming Volatile Foam Icon Flaming Volatile Foam, Briney Volatile Foam Icon Briney Volatile Foam, and Shadowy Volatile Foam Icon Shadowy Volatile Foam. They all function identically; they deal moderate damage to the target and are dispellable. When they expire, however, they apply the debuffs from the Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath (Fiery Phlegm Icon Fiery Phlegm, Salty Spittle Icon Salty Spittle, and Dark Discharge Icon Dark Discharge). All 3 Volatile Foam debuffs are applied simultaneously to separate targets. They also bounce to the nearest ally when dispelled.



Guarm should be tanked in the center of the bridge, where he spawns, to commence the fight. Groups to soak the Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath should be preassigned, ensuring an even distribution of players. After the breath, ranged and healers should spread evenly to mitigate the impact of the Licks. The tanks should face the boss to the sides of the room to alleviate the effects of Flashing Fangs Icon Flashing Fangs, and turn the boss to face the raid before each Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath.

Dealing with Volatile Foam is very simple. When assigning players to their separate debuffs for the Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath, you should assign 3 healers (one for Fire, Shadow, and Salt) to be the dispellers that will take the Volatile Foams. Place down corresponding world markers (orange, blue, and purple) to match the debuffs of the soakers. The assigned healers must be at their marker before each Volatile Foam (e.g. the healer with Fiery Phlegm Icon Fiery Phlegm must be at the red marker). When the Volatile Foam cast goes out, the debuffed players must quickly run to their matching marker and be dispelled by the assigned healer. The Volatile Foam will jump to the assigned healers if this is done properly, as they will be the closest targets when the debuff is dispelled. These healers will carry the debuffs for the remainder of the duration as they should each possess a debuff matching their Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath debuff, so when the Volatile Foam expires they will not be killed. You have about 5 seconds to get to the correct marker and be dispelled, making this one of the most important aspects of the encounter on Mythic difficulty.

When the boss casts Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge, he should just be kept roughly where his charge finishes to minimize raid movement. The markers for Volatile Foam should be re-placed at this time to match the new positioning.



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