Guarm Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Guarm in Trial of Valor for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

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The fight against Guarm is all about positioning. We advise ranged raid members to position themselves at maximum range in front of Guarm while melee remain behind him. At all times, players should loosely spread out (5 yards), to reduce the effects of Licks. The image below shows how the raid should be positioned, with the boss facing the two tanks, the melee group behind and the ranged group far in front of the boss.

Guarm Positioning

Positioning in this way will help dealing with both Flashing Fangs Icon Flashing Fangs and Guardian's Breath.

  • When Flashing Fangs Icon Flashing Fangs is cast, there is nothing to do, the boss hits the tanks, but the melee and ranged groups have nothing to do.
  • When Guardian's Breath is cast, players should go stand in the damage area that they have been assigned to (Shadow, Frost, or Fire) and stick to it until the end of the encounter. We advise to decide ahead of time which groups/players will stand in which damage area. The positioning above makes it easy to move in once the cast starts.

Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge does not require any positioning to avoid. Simply move out of Guarm's path and you will be fine.

Regarding the timing of abilities, there are two things to note.

  • A Lick (either Shadow Lick Icon Shadow Lick, Frost Lick Icon Frost Lick, or Flame Lick Icon Flame Lick) is always cast before a Guardian's Breath, so while players move in to stand in the proper breath, they still need to maintain a 5-yard distance.
  • Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge is always cast a few seconds after a Roaring Leap Icon Roaring Leap, so it is important for players to be aware of this and reposition following a Roaring Leap with the next Headlong Charge in mind.

Tank Concerns

The fight does not require tank swapping, but a second tank needs to always be next to the main tank, because of Multi-Headed Icon Multi-Headed.

Guarm should be kept in the position shown in the image above, in the previous section. He needs to be picked back up after Roaring Leap Icon Roaring Leap and Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge.


Healing Concerns

Most of the damage in the fight is avoidable, so most of the healing concerns are about healing avoidable damage that was not avoided and the tank damage from melee attacks and Flashing Fangs Icon Flashing Fangs.

Special care needs to be given to Licks.

  • The healing absorption effect from Shadow Lick Icon Shadow Lick needs to be cancelled by healing the affected players.
  • The freeze/stun effect from Frost Lick Icon Frost Lick needs to be dispelled (for mass dispels, ask a Shadow Priest for help).
  • The DoT effect from Flame Lick Icon Flame Lick needs to be healed through.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the pull. There will be a Guardian's Breath 15 seconds afterwards, but it is the first one, so people do not have yet to stand in a specific breath, resulting in it being the easiest Guardian's Breath to handle. There will be a Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge towards the end of the effect, but it still remains the best time to cast Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp.