Guarm Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Guarm encounter in Trial of Valor. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.

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This guide has been reviewed and approved by Pottm from Serenity.



Guarm's is a single-phase fight, with a 5-minute enrage timer, during which you only face Guarm. He has 3 heads and they sometimes cast different abilities. The main mechanics of the fight revolve around Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath, which causes all 3 heads to perform a breath attack in front of them.


Guardian's Breath

Being the central mechanics of the fight, Guardian's Breath is presented first. It is cast twice every minute, with the second cast coming 20 seconds after the first one (it is only cast one in the first minute, though). The damage pattern of this ability is very important to understand and is displayed in the image below.

Guarm Breath Pattern

As you can see, there are 3 areas of effect:

  • the red/orange area deals split Shadow damage with Dark Discharge Icon Dark Discharge;
  • the blue area deals split Frost damage with Salty Spittle Icon Salty Spittle;
  • the purple area deals split Fire damage with Fiery Phlegm Icon Fiery Phlegm.

The order of the areas of damage changes from cast to cast. In the latest Mythic testing, a different damage pattern would sometime be used, so we will update as we have more information.

According to the Dungeon Journal, there are two important things to note about these breath attacks.

  1. For every player not damaged by Guardian's Breath, Guarm gains a stack of Frothing Rage Icon Frothing Rage, increasing his damage done by 5% until the end of the fight.
  2. If a player gets hit by a different damaging area than the one that initially hit them, they die. So if for example a player is first hit by Dark Discharge Icon Dark Discharge, then they must always get his by Dark Discharge.

Testing has shown that things are a little different than what the Dungeon Journal says. We are not 100% sure how the ability exactly works, but it is possible to leave some people out and not have Guarm building up Frothing Rage Icon Frothing Rage. It seems that the requirement is to have a certain number of people in each damaging area. We will confirm if/when we get more information.



Approximately every 20 seconds, Guarm will cast a random lick on a random raid member.

  • Shadow Lick Icon Shadow Lick places a high heal absorption effect on the target and all allies within 5 yards.
  • Frost Lick Icon Frost Lick stuns the target and all allies within 5 yards. It can be dispelled.
  • Flame Lick Icon Flame Lick deals a moderate amount of Fire damage to the target and all allies within 5 yards before applying a DoT on them that lasts 5 seconds and ticks every 0.5 second for low Fire damage.

Headlong Charge

Every minute, approximately, Guarm leaps to one side of the fighting grounds and then charges back and forth (the ability is called Headlong Charge Icon Headlong Charge). The first charge is along the southern edge of the bridge while the second charge is along the northern edge.

Pottm pointed out that Guarm's running pattern might not always be like described above, so we will update when we have more information.

Getting hit by this ability deals very high Physical damage.


Roaring Leap

Every minute, approximately, Guarm uses Roaring Leap Icon Roaring Leap, which instantly causes all players within 25 yards to be knocked back. He then jumps to the largest clump of players, dealing moderate Physical damage to everyone within 12 yards and knocking them back.


Tank Concerns

Flashing Fangs Icon Flashing Fangs is cast approximately every 20 to 30 seconds and has a 1.5-second cast. It deals very high Physical damage in front of Guarm.

Multi-Headed Icon Multi-Headed causes all of Guarm's melee attacks to also strike the next closest target within 8 yards. If no such target is found, then the tank is hit again.