Guide to Leveling Herbalism and Making Gold in Shadowlands

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This page covers everything you need to know about leveling Herbalism in the Shadowlands expansion from 1-150, as well as how to make gold with the profession.


Changes in Patch 9.2

Patch 9.2 introduces the zone of Zereth Mortis, which has one new herb for players to gather known as First Flower Icon First Flower. This herb is used by Alchemists to create a new Cosmic Healing Potion Icon Cosmic Healing Potion, along with some optional reagents used in crafted items made by other professions.


Leveling Herbalism from 1-150 in Shadowlands

As with all gathering professions, leveling Herbalism is very simple; all you have to do is pick herbs around the zones in Shadowlands. The easiest way to go about leveling Herbalism is just to level it while you are leveling your character, doing world quests, and generally playing the game. Make sure that you have the herb node tracking enabled (this can be done via the mini-map) and gather whatever you find.

It is worth noting that, for all of the herbs in Shadowlands areas, they will very rarely spawn near populated hubs, such as towns. Instead, you will almost always find herbs in quieter areas, away from quest hubs and roads.


New Herbs in Shadowlands

There are currently 6 new herb types being introduced in Shadowlands, with 4 of them being completely zone-locked. The new herbs, and where to find them, are as follows:


Farming Routes for Shadowlands Herbs

In Shadowlands, there are no restrictions on where herbs can spawn based on the landscape, meaning there are no herbs that are locked to only spawning on riverbanks, for example.

Due to this, and the nature of the zone-locked herbs, it is easy to identify areas to farm each herb.

All of the routes listed below will be reviewed constantly and updated as new, potentially better routes are found. If you feel that you have a way to improve a route, let us know!


Death Blossom Farming Routes

Given that Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom can spawn in any of the 4 main zones (excluding The Maw), you can go to any area from the farming routes listed below and farm your Death Blossom there. We recommend going with either the Ardenweald route, where you would farm Vigil's Torch Icon Vigil's Torch, or the Bastion route, where you would farm Rising Glory Icon Rising Glory.


Marrowroot Farming Routes

Marrowroot Icon Marrowroot is farmable in Maldraxxus; this is one of the worst zones in general for farming materials, due to the map layout, with a huge amount of the zone being covered by mountains, slime, or massive town hubs that barely spawn any herbs.

The most important thing to know when running this route is that it is specifically tailored to keep you away from the parts of the map with low spawn rates, but due to the Theater of Pain in the middle, even this small route will have periods where you see few herbs spawning.


Nightshade Farming Routes

Just as with Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom, this can spawn in any of the 4 main zones, so you can follow any of our routes to farm it.

Nightshade Icon Nightshade is special in that it is the only herb that spawns in The Maw, but, given the huge number of obstacles you will encounter there, including dangerous mobs, terrible terrain setups to traverse efficiently, and your eventual lockout due to the Jailer, it is not even worth attempting to farm Nightshade there. If you see some while questing there, grab it, but do not bother actively farming it in The Maw.


Rising Glory Farming Routes

The route below covers most of the potential spawn locations for Rising Glory Icon Rising Glory, while still maintaining a decent pathing route, without requiring extreme movement abilities to traverse terrain.

Bastion Farming Route

It is worth noting that, while it is possible to extend the route slightly, such as moving to the north of Temple of Humility, rather than passing by it, we felt that it was not worth doubling back on yourself, especially due to the vertical terrain you will have to traverse there.

We have also outlined an area with a red circle, which can be particularly annoying to navigate due to the large cliffs. We advise starting at the white dot to the left of the red circle and then heading down the cliffs, to make it easier to pass through this circled area.

On your return through the zone, make sure to follow the white line past The Temple of Courage, to ensure that you can easily get back up to the top of the cliffs.


Vigil's Torch Farming Routes

Ardenweald has an extremely flexible route for gathering Vigil's Torch Icon Vigil's Torch, assuming that you know where to avoid. The map below shows areas to avoid, such as those with elite mobs that can easily kill you if they catch you dismounted, or the Night Fae base in the centre of the map.

Avoid the areas that we have circled and you can essentially run your own preferred path throughout the zone, depending on your class mobility, gear, and abilities you can use to skip mobs.

If a route is found that is far superior in efficiency than potential others, we will update the map shown above, but for now, follow the advice given.


Widowbloom Farming Routes

Widowbloom Icon Widowbloom is unfortunately the herb of Revendreth, which can be extremely difficult to properly traverse if you want to use the whole map to farm.

As with Maldraxxus, Revendreth has massive amounts of terrain that is essentially useless to herb farmers. The "upper" portion of the map, where Castle Nathria and the Halls of Torment are located, are useless to us, due to the lack of herbs and constant need to use flight paths or lifts to swap between the upper and lower sections. These areas are also hugely populated by high densities of mobs.

The lower half of the map is actually fairly solid for farming, as there are plenty of large expanses of land that are sparsely populated by mobs and towns.

This map does not show a full route, but instead shows the section you should focus your efforts on. Everything above the centre line is the "upper" section, which is completely useless to us for efficient farming. Below that centre line, the red circles show towns that are either quest hubs or infested with lots of mobs, meaning you will struggle to find any herbs or gather them efficiently without constant combat.

The best way to farm Widowbloom is to make your way into the marked white area and simply move around in it looking for herb spawns, finding a route that works best for you, depending on your class and ability to skip enemies.


Making Gold with Herbalism in Shadowlands

Making gold with herbalism is an extremely straightforward task as, honestly, there is nothing that a herbalist can do except gather herbs.

The ability to make the most gold comes from the time you choose to gather herbs, in terms of the greater patch cycle. Demand works in a very predictable way in WoW and, if you can pin down the most important points, you can easily predict when you are going to be selling the most herbs and potentially getting the highest prices.


Expansion Release

As is always the case, when something is new, it is worth a lot of gold because demand is high and there is very little supply of it. The same goes for herbs.

At the start of an expansion, people are going to be looking for as many herbs as possible and prices are going to be extremely high. If you do not have enough starting capital to try pursuing gold-making with crafting professions alone, you can take Herbalism and just dump your herbs onto the Auction House as soon as you find them.

It is important to note that, although there will be high demand, supply is going to skyrocket with every hour that passes. This means that you are going to be undercut every single time you post a herb, until the prices eventually settle. Keep an eye on your auctions and try to relist them to avoid being stuck at outdated prices that are far too expensive.

If you do not want to go the Auction House route at the start of the expansion, you can try using trade chat instead. Do not post in the chat yourself; instead, look for the adverts that will certainly start appearing of people attempting to buy "all" herbs for a price that is most likely slightly lower than the current Auction House price.

Despite this potentially being a small loss in the short term, you are going to benefit overall. Selling all of your herbs for slightly less than the current market price is completely fine if the market prices are constantly falling to try and stabilise somewhere, most likely far below what you managed to sell the herbs for now.


New Patch Releases

When a new patch releases, Herbalism normally gets a boost in demand, due to new raid content being available shortly thereafter.

With a new patch, there are normally two possibilities:

  1. A new herb will be released that is key to creating new flasks with Alchemy — in this case, it will normally be a in a newly released zone, and the same thing that happens on an expansion launch with all herbs will happen with this 1 new herb. Follow the same process as you would for an expansion release, as outlined above.
  2. No new herb is released, but a new raid is released — this will see a definite increase in demand for herbs, and you should capitalise on it as much as you can, but the price change will definitely not be as dramatic as it normally is for new herbs, as the supply is already there. Generally, in this situation, the price will return to the "pre-flood" price, where it was at before the market became completely saturated at the end of a patch, due to a lack of demand.

Weekly Cycle

In WoW, there is a weekly cycle of gameplay that most of the playerbase follows. It is a fairly predictable trend and, for the most part, you can capitalise on it to make sure that you are in a good spot to get your herbs sold.

On Tuesday (NA) and Wednesday (EU), the servers reset and players have a fresh raid lockout. This normally leads to a massive number of players raiding on these days and, in that case, a massive number of players needing consumables to use for their raids. Scribes will be making new Vantus Runes and players with Alchemy will be making flasks, and this is where your herbs are going to be bought up and used the most.

Make sure that you have herbs listed on the Auction House after the reset to get some easy sales or, alternatively, do it on Friday, as the weekend is when many "casual" players find the time to play the game and will be looking to try get their tasks for the week done.



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