How to Unlock Zereth Mortis Flying (9.2.5)

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In this guide, you will learn how to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis in Patch 9.2, the final major patch of Shadowlands.


How to Unlock Zereth Mortis Flying in Patch 9.2.5

You must earn the Unlocking the Secrets Icon Unlocking the Secrets achievement to unlock account-wide flying in Zereth Mortis.


How Long Does it Take to Unlock Flying in Patch 9.2.5?

Flying is gated behind the sixth chapter of the Zereth Mortis story, which becomes available exactly 4 weeks after Patch 9.2 goes live, starting the week of March 15, 2022.


Flying Requirements in Patch 9.2.5

The Unlocking the Secrets Icon Unlocking the Secrets meta-achievement requires you to complete 6 achievements to unlock flying in Patch 9.2.

Looking for a new companion to soar through the skies of Zereth Mortis with once you have unlocked flying? Check out our collection guides for 9.2 to find your new favorite mount below!


TomTom Addon

Please, download and install TomTom before you proceed with reading the guide. The addon is crucial as it shows you locations of coordinates found in this guide.

Unzip the downloaded addon and place the TomTom folder into your game's _retail_/Interface/Addons/ directory and make sure TomTom is enabled on the Character Login Screen.

Paste the coordinates beginning with "/way X Y" in the game chat and follow the arrow to reach your destination.


How to Complete the Explore Zereth Mortis Achievement in Patch 9.2

To complete Explore Zereth Mortis Icon Explore Zereth Mortis, you must uncover the following covered areas of the world map. Below, you will find a list of TomTom commands you can use to reach the designated areas.

Area Name Coordinates (TomTom Command)
The Great Veldt /way 38 63
Terrace of Formation /way 40 41
Deserted Overlook /way 57 31
The Dread Portal /way 59 22
Genesis Fields /way 40 73
Pilgrim's Grace /way 60 51
Arrangement Index /way 66 36
Resonant Peaks /way 51 29
Haven Zereth Mortis hub. No coords needed.
Faith's Repose /way 36 43
Catalyst Gardens /way 44 87
Dimensional Falls /way 52 72
Provis Fauna /way 46 64
Zovaal's Grasp /way 41 31
Plain of Actualization /way 54 47
Lexical Glade /way 56 84
Path of Inception /way 27 53

How to Complete the Adventures in Zereth Mortis Achievement in Patch 9.2.5

To complete the Adventures in Zereth Mortis Icon Adventures in Zereth Mortis, you must kill 10 unique Rare Elites in Zereth Mortis. The achievement is relatively easy and can be completed while you are working on Explore Zereth Mortis Icon Explore Zereth Mortis.

On the map of Zereth Mortis, you will see Rare Elites marked with a skull icon. Reach and kill 10 unique ones for the achievement to complete.

Special Elites that count towards completing the achievement are: Gluttonous Overgrowth, Otiosen, Feasting, Destabilized Core, Sand Matriarch Ileus, Xy'rath the Covetous, Akkaris, Chitali the Eldest, Tahkwitz, Sorranos, Orixal, Euv'ouk, Vitiane, Hadeon the Stonebreaker, General Zarathura, Gorkek, Tethos, Shifting Stargorger, Protector of the First Ones, Mother Phestis, Garudeon, Furidian, Hirukon, Zatojin, Otaris the Provoked, Corrupted Architect, Helmix, Vexis, The Engulfer.


How to Complete the Curious Collections Achievement in Patch 9.2.5

Curious Collections Icon Curious Collections can also be completed in tandem with Explore Zereth Mortis Icon Explore Zereth Mortis. You must discover 5 hidden treasures of Zereth Mortis for it to complete.

Treasures will appear on your mini-map at various locations in Zereth Mortis. Some will be hard to reach while others will be locked. Try looking for surrounding objects to help you open them or ways of reaching certain hard-to-reach areas.

Fortunately, Cypher Equipment from Zereth Mortis story quests with the Dimensional prefix (such as Dimensional Oracular Wrists Icon Dimensional Oracular Wrists) comes with an on-use teleport (Dimensional Translators Icon Dimensional Translators) that helps you reach some of the areas.

The following treasures count towards completing the achievement: Library Vault, Submerged Chest, Damaged Jiro Stash, Template Archive, Forgotten Proto-Vault, Symphonic Vault, Mawsworn Cache, Stolen Relic, Fallen Vault, Gnawed Valise, Domination Cache, Filched Artifact, Architect's Reserve, Crushed Supply Crate, Overgrown Protofruit, Mistaken Ovoid, Drowned Broker Supplies, Offering to the First Ones, Protomineral Extractor, Pilfered Curio, Stolen Scroll, Grateful Boon, Protoflora Harvester, Syntactic Vault, Ripened Protopear, Undulating Foliage, Bushel of Progenitor Produce.


How to Complete the Path of Enlightenment Achievement in Patch 9.2.5

Complete 3 Zereth Mortis side quests to gain Path to Enlightenment Icon Path to Enlightenment.

Quest Name Coordinates (TomTom Command)
Can I Keep Him? /way 35 66
A Return to Grace (Will Be Available on March 1) /way 62 54
Technical Difficulties /way 34 65

How to Complete the Tales of the Exile Achievement in Patch 9.2.5

Gather 8 scrolls scattered around Zereth Mortis. The volumes respawn instantly when looted.

Below is a list of items you must collect for Tales of the Exile Icon Tales of the Exile.

Volume Name Coordinates (TomTom Command)
Firim in Exile, Part 1 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 1 /way 35.7 55.4 (near Grassland Raptoras in the Great Veldt)
Firim in Exile, Part 2 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 2 /way 41.7 62.4 (in Bitterbeak's nest)
Firim in Exile, Part 3 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 3 /way 37.5 46
Firim in Exile, Part 4 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 4 /way 50 77 (behind the bush / triangular pillar)
Firim in Exile, Part 5 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 5 /way 39 31 (turn right as you enter The Devoured Cache)
Firim in Exile, Part 6 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 6 /way 67 25
Firim in Exile, Part 7 Icon Firim in Exile, Part 7 /way 64.8 34
Firim in Exile, Epilogue Icon Firim in Exile, Epilogue /way 34 49 (at the table near Firim's hideout in Faith's Repose)

How to Complete A Means to an End Achievement in Patch 9.2.5?

A Means to an End Icon A Means to an End can be completed during the fourth week of Patch 9.2 when the sixth chapter of the Zereth Mortis story becomes available. By that time, you will have completed all the above achievements.



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