Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Guide (Everything You Need to Know about Eternity's End)

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Eternity's End is the final major patch of Shadowlands. The following guide covers everything we know about the update.


When Will Patch 9.2 Go Live?

Patch 9.2 went live on February 22, 2022 in the Americas and February 23, 2022 in Europe.


Official Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Notes

You can read the full patch notes with everything coming in Patch 9.2 in our news post .


Short Overview of Patch 9.2 Features

We briefly go over the patch's main features in this section.

To help you keep up with what activities to focus on during the patch, we have created a daily/weekly to-do list for Eternity's End.


Class Changes in Patch 9.2

Blizzard is working on updates to a variety of class talents and abilities in Patch 9.2.

If you are looking for class changes for your class, please visit one of the pages linked below.


New Zone: Zereth Mortis

Created by the First Ones as a workshop to create afterlives, Zereth Mortis is a new zone introduced in Eternity's End. Its denizens— the Automa — have built all that exists in the Shadowlands. Zereth Mortis is a strange and otherworldly location that defies all concepts of reality and physics. Zovaal plans to use the secrets of Zereth Mortis to reshape reality and bend it to his malevolent will.


Flying in Patch 9.2

You can unlock account-wide flying in Zereth Mortis after completing the new Unlocking the Secrets Icon Unlocking the Secrets meta-achievement. We cover the requirements and everything you need to know on a separate page.


New Collectibles

In addition to unlocking flying in Zereth Mortis, there are also 41 new mounts and 53 new battle pets to collect from all areas of content Patch 9.2 has to offer. To see what all these mounts and pets are as well as how to obtain them, feel free to visit our detailed collection guides.


The Cypher of the First Ones

The Automa of Zereth Mortis speak in a musical language that is incomprehensible to mortal races. You must team up with an Automa sidekick in this new progression system to learn the lost language of the Progenitors and delve deeper into the secrets of Zereth Mortis, unlocking various activities, daily quests, events, and rewards.

The Cypher of the First Ones progression system provides powerful perks. However, they are only active while within Zereth Mortis or other outdoor zones of the Shadowlands; it offers no player power in instances. Currently, there are no plans to add more Renown levels in Patch 9.2, as progression instead shifts to the Cypher of the First Ones.


Protoform Synthesis

As part of your research into the Cypher of the First Ones, you will eventually learn how to harness the very forces of creation itself to make yourself a wide variety of new battle pets and mounts through Protoform Synthesis. If you remember the concept of Junkyard Tinkering with Spare Parts Icon Spare Parts in Mechagon, then this system will feel familiar to you.


The Enlightened Faction of Zereth Mortis

A new faction is available to players in Eternity's End. The Enlightened offer powerful rewards, including an account-wide Memory that unlocks Double Legendaries, a Conduit catch-up for alts, a permanent Augment rune, mounts, and more.


Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid

The final raid of the Shadowlands houses eleven bosses. It will be time-gated, and only the first 8 bosses will be available when it opens. Blizzard outlined the raid's release schedule in a separate blue post.

  • During the first week of the release of Eternity's End (February 22), the raid will not be open.
  • Beginning with the second week (March 1), the raid will open for Normal and Heroic difficulties, and the first 8 bosses will be available in those difficulties.
  • It will not be possible to fight the final bosses on any difficulty during week 2. This is intended to provide a moment to tell the story in a way that accounts for the passage of time between the events of the 8th encounter and the subsequent encounters.
  • Beginning with the weekly reset of week 3 (March 8), all bosses will be available on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties. This will also mark the opening of the first wing of the raid on Raid Finder difficulty.

You can read more about our overview of the raid below.


Class Tier Sets Return

Patch 9.2 heralds the return of Class Tier Sets. Each class will receive a unique armor set with 36 set bonuses. Wearing two pieces of the set activates the first bonus. The second bonus is enabled by equipping four pieces.

Here is a preliminary preview of the 9.2 sets. Hunter, Warrior, Demon Hunter, Warlock, Paladin (from left to right).

The remaining sets include Shaman, Rogue, Monk, Death Knight, Priest, and Druid.

Check out our dedicated guide for more information about Class Tier Sets in Eternity's End.


Cosmic Flux and the Creation Catalyst

Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux is a new currency in Patch 9.2 that can be obtained from doing nearly anything, including activities in Zereth Mortis, the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, engaging in Mythic+ or PvP, and even Torghast. This currency is used to upgrade Legendary items to their new highest rank.

In addition, 8 weeks after the launch of Patch 9.2, players will be able to access the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis and use Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux to convert any item into a Tier Set piece in the same slot.

You can read more about Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux and the Creation Catalyst in our separate guides below.


Runecarving Updates

As you explore Zereth Mortis and gain reputation with The Enlightened, you will eventually gain the ability to make use of a new Legendary Power named Unity Icon Unity. This Power acts as your Covenant-exclusive Legendary Power and will switch with your chosen Covenant. In addition, this Power can be used alongside one other Legendary item!

More information about unlocking this ability and Power can be found in our guide below.

Legendary items can be upgraded to Rank 7 in Eternity's End. The whole process is covered in a separate guide.


Mythic+ and PvP Season 3

The third Mythic+ and PvP Seasons will start one week after the patch arrives, beginning on the reset of March 1st, 2022. A new Keystone Affix is being introduced for Mythic+ runs, and Keystone Masters will unlock a new mount!

More information about both the new Encrypted Icon Encrypted affix and other changes to Mythic+ affixes can be found in our dedicated Affix guide.


Tazavesh Changes

As part of Season 3, Tazavesh, the Veiled Market will be split into two wings that can be run in Mythic+ with Heroic difficulty also available.


Torghast Changes

Torghast will be receiving four more layers of difficulty in its regular wings, bringing the maximum layer up to 16. In addition, there is a new wing of Torghast known as the Jailer's Gauntlet, where you will fight waves of rare enemies and bosses instead of the traditional floor system. This challenge brings with it unique rewards in addition to the usual Soul Ash Icon Soul Ash, Soul Cinders Icon Soul Cinders, and the new Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux.

You can read more about this new challenge below.



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