Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Mounts: Newly-Obtainable Mounts in Eternity's End

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Patch 9.2 adds new mounts to the game that can be collected by completing various assignments. There are 41 mounts that were added and almost half of them can be crafted by a new system called Protoform Synthesis. Getting all of them can be a lengthy task so this page will guide you through the process.


New Mounts in Patch 9.2

Patch 9.2: Eternity's End adds 41 new collectable mounts to the game. Roughly half of these mounts can be obtained by the new crafting system called Protoform Synthesis. This allows you to collect various ingredients and then craft the mount you want. The rest of the new mounts are collectable by doing various end-game content, gaining reputation with The Enlightened, or from the new Zereth Mortis zone. In addition, you can unlock the ability to use flying mounts in Zereth Mortis by completing the new Unlocking the Secrets Icon Unlocking the Secrets achievement. More information on completing this achievement can be found below.


TomTom - your personal Navigation assistant

TomTom is a navigation addon that helps you find the correct places where you need to go in order to obtain some of the mounts. We strongly suggest you download this addon as it makes navigating the various zones a lot easier.

In this guide you will notice coordinates in the form of "/way 25.5, 23.3". When using TomTom all you have to do is copy that command and use it in game — after doing so you will notice a waypoint added to your minimap at these exact coordinates. This will make finding the required items and places significantly easier. You can use this link to obtain more information about TomTom.


9.2 Mounts and where to find them

The 41 new mounts are split into different categories in order to make it easier and faster to understand where and how to obtain them. There are 12 from various end-game content, 24 from the Protoform Synthesis system and 7 from various other sources. Since the bulk of the mounts are from crafting it is essential to know how to unlock the Protoform Synthesis system. You can take a look at the Protoform Synthesis and Cypher of the First Ones guides.

In addition, one of these mounts requires completion of a meta-achievement to be obtained. As such, there is a separate guide specifically for this mount, the Shimmering Aurelid Icon Shimmering Aurelid.


Other Collection Guides

Looking for information on Mounts or Battle Pets from the previous patch? Go see our 9.1 collection hubs instead below!



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