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Welcome to our World of Warcraft encounter guide for Odyn in Trial of Valor. We will teach you everything you need to know to defeat the boss in every difficulty.

On this particular page, we will give you a short overview of the fight as well as a list of things to watch out for (include LFR tips when applicable).

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Odyn is the first boss in the Trial of Valor Raid Instance.

In ages past, Odyn led the titan-forged armies against the Black Empire of the Old Gods. But for millennia he has been confined to the Halls of Valor by the curse of his bitter nemesis Helya. Odyn seeks mortal champions to vanquish the ruler of Helheim and secure his freedom.



The fight against Odyn has 3 phases. Initially, you fight Hymdall and Hyrja, but they quickly withdraw to let the raid fight Odyn in the last 2 phases. Each phase has relatively few abilities and is designed to test your raid's coordination. Odyn, Hymdall, and Hyrja retain some of their abilities from Halls of Valor, which makes learning the fight easy.

Here is a preview of the fight from the PTR.





  • Phase One: Tank Hymdall and Hyrja 35 yards away.
  • Phase One (Hymdal's Tank): move out for Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor.
  • Phase Two: Swap Odyn at 6 to 8 stacks of Odyn's Test Icon Odyn's Test.
  • Phase Two (Heroic mode): Use cooldowns to survive when tanking Odyn while Hymdall or Hyrja is up.
  • Phase Three: Move away from the boss when targeted by Stormforged Spear Icon Stormforged Spear and make sure to pick up the boss when the other tank is targeted by this ability.


  • Phase One and Two: Watch out for high Unerring Blast Icon Unerring Blast damage when the raid fails to kill all Runebearers.
  • Phase One and Two: Watch out for extra damage from Shield of Light or Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor.
  • Phase Two: Watch out for high Odyn's tank damage when Hymdall or Hyrja is up.
  • Phase Three: Beware of high Stormforged Spear Icon Stormforged Spear damage.
  • Phase Three: The longer the phase, the more damage Arcing Storm Icon Arcing Storm does.


  • Phase One and Two: Kill the Runebearers once they are brought in their rune.
  • Phase Two: Focus down Hymjall and Hyrja when they are up.


  • Phase One: Spread out 8 yards.
  • Phase One: Move in to soak the damage beam of Shield of Light.
  • Phase One and Two: If a Runebearer fixates on you, bring him to his rune.
  • Phase Two (Heroic mode)
    • Spread out 5 yards when Hymdall is up.
    • Spread out 8 yards when Hyrja is up.
    • Move in to soak Shield of Light.
  • Phase Two: Move out of Spear of Light Icon Spear of Light's swirling ground effect and avoid subsequent Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments.
  • Phase Three: Do not set in Cleansing Flame Icon Cleansing Flame.
  • Phase Three: Move out when targeted by Storm of Justice Icon Storm of Justice.

Mythic Notes

  • Quickly match the Valarjar Runebearers with their assigned runes and eliminate them. All players should immediately acquire a Protected Icon Protected buff by standing in their matching rune to avoid being one shot by Unerring Blast Icon Unerring Blast.
  • Set a stack point to deal with Shield of Light.
  • Avoid the greatly increased number of Spear of Light Icon Spear of Lights and Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments.
  • Set new World Markers each time Cleansing Flame Icon Cleansing Flame is cast. Stack at the marker matching your Runic Brand Icon Runic Brand to avoid killing the raid with Radiant Smite Icon Radiant Smite.


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