Odyn Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Odyn encounter in Trial of Valor. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.

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Phase One

During Phase One, the raid is facing both Hymdall and Hyrja. Odyn cannot be attacked, but he still regularly challenges the raid with a rune mechanics similar to the one in the Halls of Valor. Transitioning into Phase Two is triggered by bringing both Hymdall and Hyrja at 25% at around the same time.



Hymdall and Hyrja share a common passive ability: Valarjar's Bond Icon Valarjar's Bond. It causes them to take 99% reduce damage when the two are within 35 yards of each other.

In addition to this shared ability, Hymdall uses two abilities: Dancing Blade Icon Dancing Blade and Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor.

Dancing Blade Icon Dancing Blade is the same ability he uses in the Halls of Valor. He throws an enchanted blade towards a random player, which then whirls and deal high Physical damage to all raid members in the area of effect. This is cast every 20 seconds.

Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor is very different than its Halls of Valor counterpart. In Trial of Valor, it has a 5-second cast, at the end of which every player within 15 yards of Hymdall take an extremely high amount of Physical damage. Hymdall is immobile during the cast. At the same time, every player in the raid resonates and deals a high amount of Physical damage to allies within 5 yards. This ability is cast every 75 seconds.



Hyrja and Hymdall share a common passive ability: Valarjar's Bond Icon Valarjar's Bond. It causes them to take 99% reduce damage when the two are within 35 yards of each other.

In addition to this shared ability, Hyrja uses two abilities: Expel Light Icon Expel Light and Shield of Light.

Expel Light Icon Expel Light targets a random player and causes them to radiate a burst of light after 3 seconds, infliction very high Holy damage to all players within 8 yards. This ability seems to come in waves of 2 casts, the casts being 20 seconds apart and the waves 75 seconds apart.

Shield of Light causes Hyrja to target a random player and charge her shield with light over 4 seconds. When the shield is charged, she launches a burst of energy towards the targeted player, dealing extremely high Holy damage, split between all players hit. This ability is cast every 75 seconds.



Odyn uses a single ability during Phase One. It is called Draw Power Icon Draw Power. In similar fashion as in the Halls of Valor, Odyn activates the 5 runes in the room. Each rune has a specific color and symbol. As the rune activates, 5 Valarjar Runebearers spawn and fixate on a random raid member. Each Runebearer is coupled with one of the runes (and so marked with the same color and symbol). A Runebearer can only be damaged when standing in his rune (because of Runic Shield Icon Runic Shield). Killing a Runebearer deactivates its rune. 30 seconds after the start of Draw Power, Odyn casts Unerring Blast Icon Unerring Blast, which deals very high raid wide damage to all raid members, increased by 200% for each rune still active.

Draw Power happens every 65 seconds.


Triggering Phase Two

When Hymdall or Hyrja reaches 25%, they start casting Revivify Icon Revivify. This has a 10-second cast time during which the caster is immune to all damage. When the cast finishes, the caster is healed for 30% health. The only way around this ability is to bring both Hymdall and Hyrja to 25% health around the same time. If they are both casting Revivify, then Odyn leaps into battle, Hymdall and Hyrja retreat, and Phase Two begins.


Phase Two

Phase Two lasts until Odyn reaches 55% health. During this Phase, he keeps using Draw Power Icon Draw Power (on the same timing) and uses two other abilities against the raid.

Odyn's Test Icon Odyn's Test is a tank-specific mechanics that causes Odyn's attack speed to increase by 8% for each consecutive melee attack made against the same target.

Spear of Light Icon Spear of Light is similar to the mechanics of the same name in the Halls of Valor. Every 10 seconds, Odyn targets the location of several random raid members and a swirling void zone appears at each location. After a few seconds, a Spear of Light appears at each location and immediately shatters, dealing moderate Holy damage to all players and creating 5 Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments, which move outwards from the shattered spear. If a player comes in contact with a Fragment, it erupts, stunning the player and dealing moderate Holy damage.

It is possible that the damage from the Glowing Fragment is not only dealt to the player but also to the entire raid. We will give more precise information, as soon as we can.


Heroic Mode: Hymdall and Hyrja

During Phase Two in Heroic Mode, Hymdall and Hyrja repeatedly join Odyn in battle. 15 seconds after Odyn spawns and every 70 seconds after that, Hymdall or Hyrja (they alternate) will jump down to their original spawning locations with 100% Health. They use the same abilities as in Phase One and leave the arena once they reach 85% Health.

The only difference is that Valarjar's Bond Icon Valarjar's Bond now also includes Odyn.


Phase Three

Phase Three starts when Odyn is brought under 55% health and ends when he reaches 10% health, at which point the fight ends and Odyn deems the raid worthy of progressing through the raid to face Helya.

During this phase, Odyn has 4 abilities: Cleansing Flame Icon Cleansing Flame, Arcing Storm Icon Arcing Storm, Storm of Justice Icon Storm of Justice, and Stormforged Spear Icon Stormforged Spear.

  • Cleansing Flame Icon Cleansing Flame is the most noticeable ability, as it covers a large part of the room in flames, leaving the raid little room to maneuver. At regular intervals, the part of the room that is covered in flames changes.
  • Stormforged Spear Icon Stormforged Spear is cast every 10 seconds and targets the current tank who then has about 5 seconds to run away from the boss. This ability deals an extremely high amount of Physical damage that is reduced the further the target is from Odyn. It also deals a moderate amount of Nature damage to the entire raid.
  • Storm of Justice Icon Storm of Justice is cast every 10 seconds and targets a few random raid members, creating a circle of lightning around them. After 5 seconds, lighting strikes the targeted raid members, dealing moderate Nature damage within 8 yards. Each targeted player then leaves behind a Raging Tempest Icon Raging Tempest, that is stationary, deals Nature damage and knock back players who run in contact with it. The Raging Tempests seem to persist for a very long time, further limiting the room the raid has.
  • Every 1.5 second, Odyn casts Arcing Storm Icon Arcing Storm at a random raid member, dealing moderate Nature damage at first, but the damage increases over time (+5% after each cast, +10% in Heroic mode).