Torghast Bonus Events Guide

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Bonus events are modifiers that add another layer of depth to your Torghast runs. The first Anima Hoard you discover on a run will have unique choices that help define the rest of your run.

You can opt out of them by making sure your first Anima Power choice is unrelated to the bonus event. Bonus events currently do not offer any unique rewards.


How Many Bonus Events Are There?

With Shadowlands launch, Blizzard added 3 special Torghast events with more being added over the course of the expansion. The events are:

  • Beasts of Prodigum — You control a pet and empower it during the run.
  • Chorus of Dead Souls — You assume the form of a monstrosity, gaining access to special abilities for the run.
  • Unbridled Darkness — Your screen turns pitch black and you cannot see anything for the whole run.

Torghast Bonus Event Schedule

Bonus events rotate on a fixed schedule that you can find in the in-game calendar. Below is the schedule of bonus events for the coming weeks:

  • Week of January 12: Beasts of Prodigum;
  • Week of February 9: Chorus of Dead Souls;
  • Week of March 9: Unbridled Darkness;
  • Week of April 6: Beasts of Prodigum;
  • Week of May 4: Chorus of Dead Souls;
  • Week of June 1: Unbridled Darkness;
  • Week of June 29: Beasts of Prodigum.

Beasts of Prodigum

The bonus event lets you control 1 out of 3 pets that you empower during your run. You will find more details about Beasts of Prodigum on a separate page.


Chorus of Dead Souls

Your first Anima Power allows you to assume the form of a Deadsoul Chorus, granting you special abilities. While in this form, your party members can right-click you to join your form and cast on the move. Subsequent Anima Powers enhance Deadsoul Chorus form in a variety of ways.

The section will be updated with more information soon when the event becomes available on live servers.


Unbridled Darkness

Your first Anima Power grants you a vial of darkness that you can activate. Using it turns your screen completely dark and you are unable to see your surroundings. While under this effect, you gain large combat bonuses. Subsequent Anima Powers enhance your combat bonuses or modify the darkness.

The section will be updated with more information soon when the event becomes available on live servers.



  • 15 Jan. 2021: Special events renamed to bonus events.
  • 13 Jan. 2021: Guide added.
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