Complete Guide to Anima Powers for Torghast in Shadowlands

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Anima Powers are spells that temporarily increase your power while inside Torghast, Tower of the Damned in Shadowlands.

It is important to note that they are temporary and do not work outside of Torghast. Some Anima Powers can stack and their power increases at higher ranks.

We divide Anima Powers into general, available to all classes, and class-specific that are unique for each class.


General Anima Powers

This section will contain information about all general Anima Powers in the near future.


Class-Specific Anima Powers

This section contains links to separate pages, where you can find all class-specific Anima Powers.


Anima Power Quality

Anima Powers can be of Uncommon, Common, Rare, and Epic Quality. Blizzard also discussed Legendary Anima Powers, but none have been implemented so far.


Anima Powers User Interface

A list of all Anima Powers that you currently have and their ranks are available for preview in the Torghast UI.

If you forget to pick an Anima Power, you will be reminded of any pending Anima Powers.


Obtaining Anima Powers

You can buy Anima Powers from Shackled Brokers, vendors that appear in break rooms on every third floor, selling limited supplies for Phantasma, a Torghast currency that is looted from enemies and Ashen Phylacteries (destructibles), or by interacting with the various Anima Cells found in Torghast.


Anima Cells

Each Torghast floor contains Anima Cells, Anima Hoards, or Plundered Animas. You can get them:

  • By breaking Ashen Phylacteries (destructible) objects found on each floor;
  • By killing enemies (including Elites, and Empowered end-of-floor creatures affected by the Jailer's Influence buff);
  • By completing Torghast side-quests;
  • From the Shackled Broker who sells an item called Plundered Anima Cell for 150 Phantasma that spawns a Plundered Anima Cell and Ravenous Anima Cell for 250 Phantasma that transforms any non-elite enemy into an Anima Cell;
  • By finding Spectral Keys and opening Spectral Chests;
  • By simply collecting them when you find them lying around on the ground.

Here is how an Anima Cell looks like in the game.

Anima Cells give you 1-3 Anima Powers to choose from. You will pick your first Anima Power before the start of every Torghast run by interacting with the Anima Cell in front of you.

Golden Idol is an Anima Power that allows you to see which enemies/destructibles are carrying Plundered Anima. You will see a chests above their heads.

The general idea is to fully clear every floor to collect as much Phantasma and Anima Cells as possible because time is not a factor in Torghast and your success is measured in deaths.



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