Mythic+ Rogue Shroud of Concealment Trash Skips Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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Shroud Skips in Mythic+

It is important to remember that not all groups will need/use all of these skips, but it is helpful to know most of them anyway.



One of the more common skips, it should be done after you kill the two patrolling Shieldbearers.

Atal'dazar Shroud Skip


For the first skip, many groups kill the first pack of 3 mobs, but some choose to skip this pack also.

The second skip can be a huge time save during Cutwater week, as you can solo the dog.

The third skip is simply so you do not have to deal with some of the harder trash packs.

Freehold Shroud Skip 1 Freehold Shroud Skip 2 Freehold Shroud Skip 3

Kings' Rest

Both skips are to go past fairly annoying mobs to deal with, especially as melee.

Kings' Rest Shroud Skip 1 Kings' Rest Shroud Skip 2

Shrine of the Storm

The first 2 skips are the same, but one requires Slow Fall Icon Slow Fall (possibly Levitate Icon Levitate).

For the third skip, skipping one of these Minibosses, in particular the Runecarver at (2) is recommended. If your group has two rogues, you can skip both the Windspeaker at (1) and the Runecarver at (2) and play the trashmobs in between for mob-count.

Shrine of the Storm Shroud Skip 1 Shrine of the Storm Shroud Skip 2 Shrine of the Storm Shroud Skip 4 Shrine of the Storm Shroud Skip 3

Siege of Boralus

The first skip is fairly straightforward, as you shroud as you jump off the ship.

The second skip has two variations, one where you go past spotter pack (yellow) and one where you clear it (red).

Siege of Boralus Shroud Skip 1 Siege of Boralus Shroud Skip 2

Temple of Sethraliss

For the first skip, depending on what side you want to shroud (most groups prefer the one on the left) you will want to do the following:

  1. Sap the marked Marksman;
  2. The fang here is in stealth, so you will have to get close to it before you can sap it, then distract the group away from you.
  3. If you decide to go right, just a distract for this group is enough.

The second and third skips are fairly straightforward.

Temple of Sethraliss Shroud Skip 1 Temple of Sethraliss Shroud Skip 2 Temple of Sethraliss Shroud Skip 3


The first skip is mostly useful if you want to go big first pull, as you can shroud in tank, and he will just run to the start and LoS on the wall.

The second and third skips are once again fairly straightforward.

The last skip is a partial death run, as you will want to have your tank stealth with you about 75% of the way, and then to run out of stealth and grab aggro on all the see-through stealth mobs; this will allow you to move past their spawns without aggroing them, and a tank can die after it, somewhere close to boss room.

The MOTHERLODE Shroud Skip 1 The MOTHERLODE Shroud Skip 2 The MOTHERLODE Shroud Skip 3 The MOTHERLODE Shroud Skip 4

The Underrot

For the first skip, there will be an additional spawn of 2 Blood Matrons on either (1) or (2). Based on that, you kill the marked Patrol on the side without the additional Matrons, to then skip the pack at (1) or (2) respectively.

The second skip is less common, but also a good time saver, as you do not have to deal with all the Bone Shields.

The last is once again fairly common, as it lets you skip a few mobs that you can not group up together.

The Underrot Shroud Skip 1 The Underrot Shroud Skip 2 The Underrot Shroud Skip 3


After opening the cages for the party-buffs, you will shroud up the stairs for the first skip. Use distract on (1) and sap the Arsonist on (2).

Remember to lockpick the gate before shrouding on the second skip.

For third skip, you need to kill the warden before going for it, as he can see through stealth. Stop in the middle of the stairs.

The last "skip" is a continuation of the third; you will want to mount up and body pull the wardens to the end of the room opposite from the boss. As you do that, your group should run past them, and get closer to the boss without pulling. After they are in position, you can Vanish Icon Vanish and the wardens will reset (make sure you do not have any HoTs on you).

Tol Dagor Shroud Skip 4 Tol Dagor Shroud Skip 1 Tol Dagor Shroud Skip 2 Tol Dagor Shroud Skip 3

Waycrest Manor

The first skip is very situational, and generally only used when going upper right door at the start.

For the second skip, depending on whether you get into the basement through the kitchen (right side) or the section with the Guards and Captains, you shroud past all the trash down here. Use distract on (1) Matron Alma.

Waycrest Manor Shroud Skip 1 Waycrest Manor Shroud Skip 2


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