Goroth Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Goroth in Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities


Burning Armor

Burning Armor Icon Burning Armor is functionally the same in Mythic mode as the other difficulties, however, the debuff Melted Armor Icon Melted Armor increases damage taken by 300% (up from 100% and 200% on Normal and Heroic, respectively).


Infernal Spikes

Each time an Infernal Spike is destroyed on Mythic difficulty, a small burst of raidwide Fire damage is dealt.


Rain of Brimstone

Rain of Brimstone Icon Rain of Brimstone occurs every ~40-45 seconds, causing 3 meteors to rain down in random locations throughout the arena. After several seconds, they impact upon the ground and each spawn a Brimstone Infernal. The Infernals have over 600 million health and will channel an uninterruptible hellfire pulse, damaging the entire raid for moderate Fire damage until the Infernal is killed. If players stand in the point of impact of the meteor(s), they will take high Fire damage, split evenly between anyone hit.



Goroth is largely the same on Mythic difficulty when compared with its Normal and Heroic counterparts. The crux of the fight is the Rain of Brimstone Icon Rain of Brimstone, which must be soaked each time it occurs. No meteor can be allowed to impact and spawn an Infernal (unless it is extremely close to the end of the encounter) as the sheer amount of health they have makes them impractical and nearly impossible to defeat without suffering a wipe. Each Rain of Brimstone meteor should be soaked by a minimum of 3 players, as they deal 9 million damage. Personal and/or raid wide cooldowns are recommended; many classes can easily solo soak these meteors with immunities (e.g. Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows) or strong defensives (e.g. Dispersion Icon Dispersion).

The raid should spread out in a semicircle behind the boss to maximize coverage of the room, making Rain of Brimstone Icon Rain of Brimstone soaking easier. If a meteor spawns near where the boss is being tanked, the tanks should have no trouble taking a meteor for themselves and splitting it together, leaving the 18 remaining players responsible for ensuring 2 meteors do not reach the floor.

Raid cooldowns should be assigned for each Infernal Burning Icon Infernal Burning, as all Infernal Spikes are destroyed at the end of the cast, causing a large burst of raid damage. Throughput cooldowns are fine for stablizing the raid afterwards, but a damage reduction cooldown such as Spirit Link Totem Icon Spirit Link Totem is recommended for the initial spike of damage.

Player should also avoid destroying more than 4 Infernal Spikes with Shattering Star Icon Shattering Star, as the pillars exploding will actually end up dealing more damage the amount reduced by the star traveling through the spikes. The sweet spot for Shattering Star is around 3-4 pillars, as this results in good damage reduction and makes the damage from Infernal Burning Icon Infernal Burning more manageable as there will be less pillars standing (and therefore a smaller burst when they are destroyed).



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