Best Leveling Guide for Alchemy in Dragonflight

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This page goes into detail on how to best level Dragonflight Alchemy, which races are best with the profession and special parts of the profession that can be better utilized for efficient leveling.


Best Race for Alchemy in Dragonflight

Before you start leveling, consider the race you are leveling Alchemy with. If you are a Horde player, Goblin will grant you +5 skill points, while Alliance players can be Kul'Tiran for +2 skill points.

While usually irrelevant, having these extra stats can be the difference between being able to craft a top end item with a higher quality level!


Leveling Alchemy in Dragonflight

Increasing your skill in Dragonflight is done by crafting items that grant skill points as usual, but the endgame of the profession is in the search for Alchemy Knowledge and using it to unlock Alchemy Specializations which grant skill, extra crafting secondary stats, teach new recipes and unlock very powerful unique bonuses.

You can get knowledge by performing First Crafts, doing Alchemy quests, picking up one-time treasures around the world, looting and using Dragon Shard of Knowledge Icon Dragon Shard of Knowledge, and from buying Inscription-produced Draconic Treatise on Alchemy Icon Draconic Treatise on Alchemy and Dusty Alchemist's Research Icon Dusty Alchemist's Research, Ancient Alchemist's Research Icon Ancient Alchemist's Research, and Rare Alchemist's Research Icon Rare Alchemist's Research, which are purchasable from the Artisan's Consortium reputation vendors with increasing amounts of Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle.

In order to be efficient, we recommend trying to get as many first-craft bonuses while leveling Alchemy as possible, and also to get your Alchemy research on new potions and phials going. The research can fail and leave you at 1 health, and it will also incur a 4h cooldown when it does so, but it will also provide you with some potions or phials of whatever you discovered, if successful.

Potion Experimentation

Specializing into Potion Experimentation or Phial Experimentation will increase your odds of getting new recipes rather than failing, the quality of the potions obtained from a successful research, and unlock a new research spell with even higher discovery and quality odds as the final point. Researching new recipes, alongside Alchemy Stones, are the longest lasting skill-up recipes, and you will have to perform them many times in order to reach 100.

Some crafts require special bind on pickup reagents, such as Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle or Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity. These reagents are heavily time gated in how they can be obtained, and thus caution should be used on what you use them for, especially early on.

Spark and Artisan's Mettle


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