Best Leveling Guide for Skinning in Dragonflight

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This page goes into detail on how to best level Dragonflight Skinning, which races are best with the profession and special parts of the profession that can be better utilized for efficient leveling.


Best Race for Skinning in Dragonflight

Dracthyr gain 2% Perception from their racials, making them strong Skinners for both Horde and Alliance players.

If you are an Alliance player, Worgen are even stronger, as they have +5 skill and 25% extra Deftness by default!


Leveling Skinning in Dragonflight

Unlike other professions, you learn Dragonflight skinning automatically upon your first Dragon Isles skinning usage, but you will still need to visit the trainer if you did not have any type of skinning learned to begin with.

Increasing your skill is also extremely easy, as any mob you skin will have a chance to award you skill, no matter its level relative to your skill.

You will also be able to increase your Skinning profession knowledge, in order to further invest into specializations, by looting rare skins such as the once-per-week (but stackable if you miss out on looting it on previous weeks) Large Sample of Curious Hide Icon Large Sample of Curious Hide.

Curious Hide

Other Skinning knowledge sources are the rare skins Curious Hide Scraps Icon Curious Hide Scraps, Saturated Bone Icon Saturated Bone, and the Inscription-produced Draconic Treatise on Skinning Icon Draconic Treatise on Skinning.

Saturated Bone

You can also get knowledge from Skinning Field Notes Icon Skinning Field Notes from a profession questline, Dragon Shard of Knowledge Icon Dragon Shard of Knowledge which can be used to gain knowledge with any profession, and Dusty Skinner's Notes Icon Dusty Skinner's Notes, Ancient Skinner's Notes Icon Ancient Skinner's Notes, and Rare Skinner's Notes Icon Rare Skinner's Notes which are purchasable from the Artisan's Consortium reputation vendors with increasing amounts of Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle.

If you want to learn more about this rare material and its importance for professions, check our specialized guide below:

Spark and Artisan's Mettle


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