Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 Guide (10.0.2)

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The following guide covers everything important about Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1.


When Will Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 Start?

Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 will start during the week of December 12, 2022.


Affixes Removed in Dragonflight Season 1

The Necrotic Icon Necrotic and Inspiring Icon Inspiring affixes will be removed in Season 1 from the affix rotation. As a result, the affix rotation is reduced from 12 weeks to 10.


New Thundering Affix in Dragonflight Season 1

Every week, a new affix called Thundering Icon Thundering will be active in all keystone runs at Level 10 or higher. Periodically, players will become overcharged in combat with Mark of Lightning Icon Mark of Lightning or Mark of Wind Icon Mark of Wind, dealing 30% increased damage and healing for 15 seconds. Players with the opposing marks must run through each other to remove the effects. Otherwise, they will become affected with Primal Overload Icon Primal Overload, which deals Nature damage and stuns them for 5 seconds. You will learn more about the affix in our guide.

Thundering Affix Guide

Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Dragonflight Season 1

Here is the full affix rotation for Season 1 in Dragonflight.


Mythic+ Dungeon Rotation in Dragonflight Season 1

Season 1 will feature a new dungeon rotation for Mythic+. Namely, four Dragonflight dungeons and four dungeons from previous expansions.

  • Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight dungeon);
  • The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight dungeon);
  • The Azure Vault (Dragonflight dungeon);
  • Algeth'ar Academy (Dragonflight dungeon);
  • Halls of Valor (Legion dungeon);
  • Court of Stars (Legion dungeon);
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor dungeon);
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria dungeon).

Mythic+ Portals in Valdrakken

For easier access to the above dungeons from previous expansions, 3 portals have been added in Valdrakken. They can be found to the right as you enter the stairs to the Seat of the Aspects. The portals lead to Legion Dalaran, Jade Forest, and Shadowmoon Valley (WoD).


Item Level of Rewards from Mythic+ and the Weekly Chest in Dragonflight Season 1

During the week of December 12, you must complete a Mythic +18 run to claim a piece of Item Level 418 loot in the weekly chest the following week of December 19.

Below you will find a table with the item level of end-of-run chests and the weekly chest in Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1.

Please note rewards scale up to Keystone Level 20 in Mythic+ Season 1.

Difficulty Level End-of-Run Item Level Weekly Reward Item Level
Mythic +1 372 None
Mythic +2 376 382
Mythic +3 376 385
Mythic +4 379 385
Mythic +5 379 389
Mythic +6 382 389
Mythic +7 385 392
Mythic +8 385 395
Mythic +9 389 395
Mythic +10 392 398
Mythic +11 392 402
Mythic +12 392 405
Mythic +13 392 408
Mythic +14 395 408
Mythic +15 398 411
Mythic +16 398 415
Mythic +17 402 415
Mythic +18 402 418
Mythic +19 405 418
Mythic +20 405 421

The Great Vault (Dragonflight Weekly Chest)

The Dragonflight Weekly Chest requires you to clear a certain number of Mythic dungeons per week to unlock item choices in the Dungeons category. You can find more details about the Great Vault and the requirements in our separate guide.


Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 Rewards

Seasonal rewards include a title, mount, dungeon teleports, and an item that unlocks additional visual effects for Primalist Raid Tier Sets.

Here is a detailed preview of the Hailstorm Armoredon Icon Hailstorm Armoredon mount.


Dungeon Teleports in Dragonflight

You can earn dungeon teleports by completing a timed Keystone Level +20 higher run for that dungeon.


Mythic+ Tier Lists for Season 1

Our writer Petko has put together Mythic+ Tier Lists for Dragonflight Season 1.



  • 07 Dec. 2022: Updated for Season 1 launch.
  • 22 Oct. 2022: Seasonal affix changes and convenience portals added.
  • 11 Oct. 2022: Updated with new rewards scaling and more details on Thundering.
  • 30 Sep. 2022: Guide added.
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