Best Tailoring Mastery Talent Build Guide for Tailoring in Dragonflight

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This page goes into detail on the Tailoring Mastery specialization of Dragonflight Tailoring, and will guide you through the various aspects of the tree and profession.


Best Tailoring Mastery Talent Builds in Dragonflight

The Tailoring Mastery tree has two efficiency gain nodes, as well as the best node for cloth farming, which is great to level and play with.

This makes it a great choice for players looking to farm cloth or who want passive income from a profession while playing other aspects of the game.


Best Tailoring Talents for Cloth Farming

  1. 10 points into Tailoring Mastery for pathing;
  2. 50 points into Cloth Collection to gain up to 100% extra cloth from Dragon Isles Humanoids, on top of Tailoring's default Dragon Isles Cloth Scavenging Icon Dragon Isles Cloth Scavenging. You will also occasionally loot Wildercloth Bolt Icon Wildercloth Bolts directly from mobs.

This straightforward talent build is all you need to, without any crafting requirements, make significant gold with Tailoring by just playing the game without thinking about it at all!


Best Tailoring Talents for Efficiency Improvements

  1. 10 points into Tailoring Mastery for pathing;
  2. 40 points into Shrewd Stitchery for more Inspiration and Inspiration effect;
  3. 10 points into Tailoring Mastery for further pathing;
  4. 40 points into Sparing Sewing for more Resourcefulness and Resourcefulness effect;
  5. 10 points into Tailoring Mastery for 15% more crafting speed, Inspiration and Resourcefulness.

While easily overlooked, the efficiency gains provided by these talents which turbo-charge the amount and value of your Inspiration and Resourcefulness stat is very high for gold making over time, as high Inspiration procs allow you to easily hit maximum quality crafts even with low baseline skill and high Resourcefulness leads to material savings that cause you always to earn gold, even when selling under theoretical cost!

In fact, Inspiration is so powerful that for an item with 3 possible Quality levels (most non-gear items), you can hit Rank 3 with an Inspiration proc once you can craft the item at Rank 2 baseline, which is usually easy.



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