World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Content Overview (10.1)

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Fractures in Time is the second minor content patch of the Dragonflight expansion that introduces a new mega-dungeon, a third Evoker support specialization, the Kalimdor Cup Dragonriding event in Azeroth, Time Rifts, Naxxramas Crafting, and more.


When Will Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Go Live?

Fractures in Time (Patch 10.1.5) will release on July 11 in North America and on July 12 in Europe.

Here is the Dragonflight roadmap updated with Patch 10.1.5.


What is Coming in Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5?

Here is Blizzard's infographic with the most important patch features:

We briefly cover the main patch features below:

  • Class Changes — Many classes received class changes in the update.
  • New Augmentation Evoker Specialization — A third Evoker specialization is available in the update.
  • Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon — A new eight-boss mega-dungeon themed around the Infinite Dragonflight.
  • Cross-Realm Trading — Trade with players from the same region without any restrictions.
  • New World Event - Time Rifts — Earn gear, cosmetics, mounts, and other rewards by completing repeatable content in various timelines.
  • Whelp Daycare — Take care of adorable whelps and add 11 pets to your collection.
  • Kalimdor Cup Dragonriding Event — Dragonriding Races are coming to Kalimdor! Complete the courses and earn cosmetics!
  • Naxxramas Crafting — Removed recipes from Naxxramas will be returning with the update along with various rewards, like mounts.
  • Warlock Race Updates — The Warlock class is expanding to all Races in the patch!
  • Warlock Pet Customizations — Warlocks can customize their pets' appearance directly at the Barber Shop. Many pets received new customization options.

Patch 10.1.5 Class Changes

Multiple classes received class changes in Fractures in Time. We cover them in more detail on separated pages linked below.


Augmentation Evoker Specialization

Ebyssian are working together to release the Black Dragonflight essence that had been siphoned from the Dracthyr during their long statis, unlocking memories and powers forgotten to them. The result of their efforts is the brand new Augmentation specialization available immediately with the release of the Fractures in Time update.

Augmentation is a new Damage Dealer specialization with a twist — they use the essence of the Black and Bronze dragonflights to amlify the abilities of nearby allies. The playstyle involves empowering allies with various beneficial effects. Some can be cast directly on your allies, while others are tied to using your damage-dealing abilities effectively.

Augmentation Evokers deliver their damage in a wholly unique way and act as force multipliers, increasing their group's capabilities and damage significantly.


Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon

A new eight-boss Mythic-only dungeon called Dawn of the Infinite is coming in Patch 10.1.5. The last boss drops Dragonriding customizations, Quantum cosmetics. Expect new upgradeable gear, and more.


Cross-Realm Trading in World of Warcraft

Trade restrictions have been lifted and players can now freely trade items and gold between characters on different realms in the same region.


Time Rifts

Team up with others to push back against the waves of minions, enter the Time Rifts, and plug the hole by taking down bosses in alternate timelines to set the timeways straight again. Collect artifacts and take them back to Soridormi to complete quests and unlock cosmetics, gear, mounts, and pets!.


Whelp Daycare

The Ruby Lifeshrine has more eggs than it can manage nad needs a little help hatching and teaching 5 of their dragon whelps, so they have called in the crew at the Little Scales Daycare to assist. Tending to the whelps by completing (daily) quests at the daycare provides you with Flightstones, gold, and up to 10 battle pets!


Kalimdor Cup

Dragonriding is coming to Kalimdor for the first time in the form of 16 new races! Finish them to claim a new currency and reap rewards!.

The event will run from August 15-28 on live servers.


Naxxramas Crafting

Uncover the mysteries and unlock the crafting of Tier 3 Sets and old removed recipes.


Warlock Updates and Pet Customizations

In the Fractures in Time content update, the Warlock class expands to new races. Warlocks can also undertake new Warlock-specific questline and use the Barber Shop to customize their pets!.



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