A Guide to Primalist Class Tier Sets in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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The following guide covers Primalist Class Armor Sets in the Dragonflight expansion that drop in the Vault of the Incarnates raid.


How to Obtain Primalist Class Armor Sets in Dragonflight?

The Vault of the Incarnates Class Sets comprises 5 pieces of armor. The tokens drop in Vault of the Incarnates, the first raid tier of the Dragonflight expansion. You can learn more about the raid in our dedicated guide.

Alternatively, you can obtain the set pieces by converting Season 1 items into Tier Set pieces of the appropriate slot starting January 24, 2023, through the Revival Catalyst.

You can also find the set pieces as item options in the Great Vault. You do not need to defeat the raid bosses that drop the set pieces for a chance at that Tier Set armor piece to be found in the weekly chest.


Primalist Class Armor Sets and Set Bonuses for Each Class

Tier 29 Sets provide each class with bonuses that activate when wearing 2 and 4 pieces of the set. You will find out more about them in our dedicated guides linked below.


Vault of the Incarnates Class Set Tokens

We have four types of tier set tokens drop in Vault of the Incarnates. The tokens can be used to create a soulbound Vault of the Incarnates Class Set item appropriate for your class.

  • Zenith Tokens — Shared between Evokers, Monks, Rogues, and Warriors.
  • Dreadful Tokens — Shared between Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Warlock.
  • Mystic Tokens — Shared between Druids, Hunters, and Mages.
  • Venerated Tokens — Shared between Paladins, Priest, and Shamans.

What is the Item Level of Vault of the Incarnates Class Set Tokens?

The Item Level of tokens ranges between 389-398 because the final two bosses in the raid drop better loot than the rest.


Which Vault of the Incarnates Raid Bosses Drop Class Set Tokens?

Starting with the fourth raid boss Sennarth, The Cold Breath, all bosses have an equal chance to drop any type of token.



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