Terrace of Endless Spring Raid Guides for World of Warcraft

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Terrace of Endless Spring is a raid instance, introduced in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion. It is part of Tier 14 in terms of PvE raid progression. This is the third raid instance made available to players in Mists of Pandaria, opening on the 13th of November.

The entrance to the instance is located in The Veiled Stair, close to the Tavern in the Mists and the Black Market Auction House. The raid houses 4 boss encounters, available in 10-man, 25-man, and LFR game modes. The 10 and 25-man game modes also have a Heroic version, which is unlocked after the final boss encounter is defeated on Normal mode.

The instance is only available to players who have defeated the final boss in the Heart of Fear, Grand Empress Shek'zeer. It houses 4 boss encounters.

Currently, we offer you the following strategy guides:

Terrace of Endless Spring - Map The first encounter of the instance is against the Protectors of the Endless. This is a council-style fight, very similar to the encounter against The Iron Council in Ulduar. Your raid will face three bosses at the same time, and each time one boss is killed, the remaining bosses grow stronger and gain new abilities. A peculiarity of this encounter is that killing the bosses in the most difficult order provides higher item level, Elite gear.

The second encounter is against Tsulong, a Cloud Serpent that is locked in a struggle against the Sha's corruption. The boss has two phases that alternate throughout the fight, on a fixed timer. During one phase, Tsulong is hostile and you must damage him and avoid several abilities, while in the other he is friendly, and you must heal him while protecting him (and your raid) from several adds. The damage and healing done to the boss in the two phases are conflated in such a way that they both contribute equally towards you finally defeating the boss. This is truly a remarkably interesting encounter.

Lei Shi is the third boss of the instance. This is a single-phase encounter, the difficulty of which ramps up as boss' health decreases. The fight has relatively few abilities, and it is not very complicated, so we imagine that the healing and DPS requirements for it will be high.

The Sha of Fear reigns over the Terrace of Endless Spring, and constitutes the final encounter of the instance. Unlike most end-raid fights, this encounter does not have many different phases. The most important aspect of the fight is that several members of your raid will regularly be sent to a distance platform to fight and defeat a rather powerful enemy, before being able to return to fighting the boss itself. It is a quite complex and difficult encounter.