Pandaria Raid Guides for World of Warcraft

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There are several outdoor raid bosses (also known as world bosses) in the continent of Pandaria, that you can defeat for loot and some quest items.

While you can participate in killing these bosses as many times per lockout as you like (although you will be restricted by their long respawn timers), you can only receive loot from one boss once per lockout.

The faction tagging system means that as long as the boss has been initially tagged by someone of the same faction as you, you will be eligible for loot if you participate in killing the boss, even if you do not share a raid group with the player who tagged the boss.

There are 8 such boss in Pandaria.

Boss Guides

Currently, we offer you the following strategy guides:

Overview of the Bosses

Salyis's Warband is a boss located in the Valley of the Four Winds. This encounter requires your raid group to deal with a large number of adds, as well as with the boss's very damaging (and often lethal) abilities.

The Sha of Anger is a boss that spawns at one of a few set locations in the Kun-Lai Summit. This boss will also spawn adds, and will also employ mind-control mechanics against many of your raid members.

Nalak, the Storm Lord, is located in the Isle of Thunder. The encounter is mostly about positioning and movement, relative to Nalak's location.

Oondasta is located in the Isle of Giants. It is a single-phase, single-target fight during which you will spend most of your time avoiding Oondasta's cone attacks, and making sure to stay sufficiently spread out.

Chi-Ji, Yu'lon, Niuzao, and Xuen are 4 bosses located in the Timeless Isle. These bosses drop primarily PvP gear, but killing all of them is required for completing the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest chain.