Razorgore the Untamed Guide with Cheap Decks for Blackrock Mountain

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Razorgore the Untamed is the first boss of the Blackwing Lair, the fourth wing of Blackrock Mountain. In this guide, you will learn how to use cheap decks to defeat Razorgore in both Normal and Heroic modes.

Razorgore the Untamed Normal Razorgore the Untamed Heroic

1. Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Normal Heroic
Health 30 50 (+50 Armor)
Hero Power The Rookery costs 1 mana, is on auto-cast, gives all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, and summons a new 0/1 Corrupted Egg. When a Corrupted Egg reaches 4 health, it hatches into a 7/3 Chromatic Drake. The Rookery costs 0 mana, is on auto-cast, gives all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, and summons a new 0/3 Corrupted Egg. When a Corrupted Egg reaches 5 health, it hatches into a 7/7 Chromatic Drake.

2. Strategy and Deck Building

Razorgore's gimmick is the Corrupted Eggs that he starts the fight with, and his Hero Power, The Rookery, that he uses each turn to buff these Eggs, while summoning more.

On Normal mode, since these Eggs only start with 1 Health, they are quite easy to control. However, on Heroic, they start with 3 health, meaning you can be faced with one hatching as early as his second turn. To combat this, you need to ensure that your deck consistently gets off to a fast start in order to have minions on board to control the health of his Eggs. Packing strong AoE options is also of great use since clearing the board is often key to victory.

Aside from the concerns that the Corrupted Eggs bring, this fight is fairly straightforward, with his actual deck providing very little threat.

To help you build your decks and defeat Razorgore in both modes, here are decks we defeated him with:

3. Changelog

  • 24 Apr. 2015: Added a new Warlock deck for Heroic mode.
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