General Drakkisath Guide with Cheap Decks for Blackrock Mountain

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General Drakkisath is the second boss of the Blackrock Spire, the third wing of Blackrock Mountain. In this guide, you will learn how to use cheap decks to defeat Drakkisath in both Normal and Heroic modes.

General Drakkisath Normal General Drakkisath Heroic

Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Normal Heroic
Health 50 50 (+30 Armor)
Hero Power Intense Gaze costs 0 mana, is on auto-cast, and causes all cards to cost 1 Mana and both the player and Drakkisath to be capped at 1 Mana Crystal. Intense Gaze costs 0 mana, is on auto-cast, and causes all cards to cost 1 Mana and Drakkisath and the player are capped at respectively 2 and 1 Mana Crystals.

Strategy and Deck Building

General Drakkisath can be an extremely frustrating fight for newer players, or those without access to many expensive cards. The set up of the fight basically means that any card in Hearthstone can be played each turn, but only one card at a time. Because the Boss's deck is packed with high value minions, it can be quite difficult to keep pace with him if you do not have access to high value cards of your own.

It should be noted that any card that usually has an effect on Mana, such as Innervate, Wild Growth, or Emperor Thaurissan, has no effect on this fight, and so any strategy involving cheating the 1 Mana rule will not work out.

The strategy is quite straightforward, but hard to execute if you do not have access to a strong collection of Legendary minions. Simply pack your deck with the highest cost, highest impact minions that you can, as well as high value removal cards such as Shadow Word: Death, or Hex.

On Heroic mode, this fight is one of the most challenging in the expansion, with Drakkisath having permanent access to 2 Mana. This essentially means that he can play twice as many huge creatures as you can each turn, making the fight incredibly difficult. To catch up this deficit, you need to engineer as many 2-for-1 or better situations as you can with your minions and spells.

To help you build your decks and defeat Drakkisath in both modes, here are decks we defeated him with: