Affliction Warlock PvP Stat Priority, Gear, and Trinkets (Dragonflight / 10.0.7)

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Choosing your gear carefully is important for your Affliction Warlock in PvP. We give you a stat priority to help you choose items with the right stats, followed by advice on how to choose your gear and your trinkets.

This page is part of our Affliction Warlock PvP Guide.


Stat Priority for Affliction Warlock in PvP

The stat priority for Affliction Warlock in PvP is as follows:

  1. Intellect;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Haste;
  4. Mastery;
  5. Critical Strike.

Intellect is the best stat in all situations. Versatility is your next best stat, as this increases the damage and healing you do while also reducing the damage you take. Haste is another strong secondary stat due to it reducing the Global Cooldown on casts, abilities, and increasing the tick rate of your DoTs.


Gear Recommendations


General Guidelines

In general, Affliction Warlocks want to get gear that give both Versatility and Haste, with a priority on Versatility. Most PvP pieces from Honor and Conquest will have Versatility and Haste, so these are generally the best items to go for. Currently, the War Mode gear from Bloody Tokens Icon Bloody Tokens have a set bonus, however this set bonus does not work in PvP content.

Note that the Dragonflight PvE Tier 2-set bonus is worth going for. This will be available through PvP after a few weeks of the Season starting. The 2-set grants you Cruel Inspiration Icon Cruel Inspiration, which is a 12% haste proc for 6 seconds from your Agony Icon Agony ticks.


Note: It is important to be wearing 2 PvP trinkets. This will give you a Intellect boost that will increase your damage and Stamina. Additionally, duration of CC effects on you will be reduced by 15%.

Crimson Gladiator's Medallion Icon Crimson Gladiator's Medallion is a mandatory trinket to have equipped at all times. This allows you to remove any crowd control on yourself. You will normally use this when you are stuck in crowd control and a teammate is at low health.

Crimson Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity Icon Crimson Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity is the best offensive trinket to wear. This gives you an Intellect proc which will boost your damage.


Gems and Enchants

Here are the best enchants and gems for an Affliction Warlock:

Gem all of your gear with Energized Malygite Icon Energized Malygite.


Primordial Sockets in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7.

Primordial Sockets are a new feature that can be socketed into the Onyx Annulet Icon Onyx Annulet ring. Before the release of the Patch, it is difficult to determine how effective these gems are in PvP. This page will be updated shortly after the release of Patch 10.0.7 once the gems have been tested in PvP situations.



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