Affliction Warlock PvP Talents and Builds (Dragonflight / 10.0.7)

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Choosing the right PvP and PvE talents is a prerequisite to proper performance in PvP. This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as an Affliction Warlock and gives you the best combinations you can take.

This page is part of our Affliction Warlock PvP Guide.


Talent Choices for Affliction Warlocks


Talent Build for Affliction Warlocks in PvP

This is the standard build for Affliction Warlocks in PvP which can be used as a general setup.

  • This build takes several talents which increase the damage dealt by Drain Soul Icon Drain Soul, while increasing overall sustained damage from your DoT effects.
  • The Warlock talent tree has plenty of defensive talents such as Dark Pact Icon Dark Pact which helps make Warlocks tankier than they have been in the past.
  • On the Affliction tree, Tormented Crescendo Icon Tormented Crescendo allows for instant Malefic Rapture Icon Malefic Rapture casts to have high sustained damage from your DoT effects as well as good single target damage.
  • 3.

    PvP Talents for Affliction Warlocks

    You can choose 3 of the following PvP talents. The two mandatory choices are the most essential, with the third being switched out depending on the matchup.


    Mandatory PvP Talents

    Precognition Icon Precognition causes you to gain 15% haste and 5 seconds of immunity to Crowd Control when an interrupt lands on you without locking you out. This talent rewards you for juking an interrupt in order to dish out more damage.

    Rapid Contagion Icon Rapid Contagion gives you on-demand burst damage and has a very short cooldown. This should be used in every game when you have your DoTs on multiple targets.

    Rampant Afflictions Icon Rampant Afflictions is another mandatory PvP talent. This makes it so Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction can be used on up to 3 targets. Because your win condition will be to rot the enemy team with your AoE pressure, this is a must have talent to play. For 2v2, this can be skipped depending on the matchup.


    Situational PvP Talents

    Nether Ward Icon Nether Ward surrounds the caster with a shield that lasts 3 sec, reflecting all harmful spells cast on you. This is a strong talent against classes with magical spells. This should be considered versus teams with casters on it.



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