Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Algeth'ar Academy dungeon in the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Algeth'ar Academy

Algeth'ar Academy is a level 70 dungeon located in the Thaldraszus on the Dragon Isles. The nearest flight point for both Alliance and Horde players is Algeth'era, Thaldraszus. Upon landing, head a short distance to the east until you see the entrance of the dungeon.

Algeth'ar Academy Entrance Location

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to complete it across all difficulties (Normal, HeroicHeroic, and MythicMythic). We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the Season 4 dungeons in the upcoming Mythic+ season, please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Algeth'ar Academy Layout


Dungeon Bonuses and How to Obtain them

Right when you enter the dungeon, down the invisible bridge, you will land in The Quad area. There, you are going to find 5 Dragonflight Recruiters; each of them is going to offer you a unique buff lasting throughout the dungeon. Choose wisely, because you can only pick up 1!

Here is a more detailed overview of what buffs the recruiters offer:

  • Bronze Dragonflight Recruiter will grant you the Bronze Dragonflight Pledge Pin Icon Bronze Dragonflight Pledge Pin buff, giving you 5% Haste.
  • Blue Dragonflight Recruiter will grant you the Blue Dragonflight Pledge Pin Icon Blue Dragonflight Pledge Pin buff, giving you Mastery Rating.
  • Green Dragonflight Recruiter will grant you the Green Dragonflight Pledge Pin Icon Green Dragonflight Pledge Pin buff, giving you 10% increased healing received.
  • Red Dragonflight Recruiter will grant you the Red Dragonflight Pledge Pin Icon Red Dragonflight Pledge Pin buff, giving you 5% Versatility.
  • And last but not least, Black Dragonflight Recruiter will grant you the Black Dragonflight Pledge Pin Icon Black Dragonflight Pledge Pin buff, giving you 5% Critical Strike.

Boss Order in Algeth'ar Academy

In Algeth'ar Academy, you will be able to choose which boss you want to approach first, as the dungeon gives you full flexibility in doing so. The only caveat is that Echo of Doragosa unlocks once you defeat the previous 3 bosses: Overgrown Ancient, Crawth, and Vexamus. Below you will see our personal recommendation of boss order.


The Botanica and Overgrown Ancient


Notable Trash Before Overgrown Ancient

Just to the right from The Quad, up the stairs you are going to find The Botanica area, where the Overgrown Ancient rests. The boss will be inactive until you defeat every single Vile Lasher and Hungry Lasher in this area. Below you can find more information about them:

  • Vile Lasher has only one ability to pay attention to and that is the Detonation Seeds Icon Detonation Seeds ground effect. If you get hit by them you will get disoriented, so watch out!
  • In every pack where a Vile Lasher is present, you will find a dozen Hungry Lasher. They do not do anything except auto-attack.
  • Finally, the most dangerous non-boss-enemy in this dungeon: Aggravated Skitterfly. Not only do they do high damage with their instant Darting Sting Icon Darting Stings while charging at players, but they will occasionally cast Agitation Icon Agitation, a stackable EnrageEnrage effect that will increase their damage done. Use cooldowns and Enrage Icon Enrage dispel effects.

Overgrown Ancient Boss Guide

Overgrown Ancient

Overgrown Ancient has Energy and upon reaching its max will begin to cast Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth. Your healer must watch for Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth as it does heavy damage to the entire group, upon which will awaken all the Hungry Lasher. More details about the fight can be found down below:


All Roles

  • Hungry Lasher Model Stack together and move in one direction when Germinate Icon Germinate cast is going through. This will allow you to cleave down all the Hungry Lasher much faster.
  • Sidestep the Branch Out Icon Branch Out cast.
  • Interrupt the Ancient Branch's Healing Touch Icon Healing Touch at all cost. Upon killing the Ancient Branch, it will cast Abundance Icon Abundance, healing all allies and players within 8 yards and removing all applications of the Splinterbark Icon Splinterbark BleedBleed. Time its death when all the Hungry Lasher are close to dying or dead to prevent them from healing to full health.


  • Use active mitigation once you see the boss casting Barkbreaker Icon Barkbreaker on you.
  • Taunt the Ancient Branch as soon as it spawns.
  • Once the boss casts Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth, collect threat on every one of the awakened Hungry Lashers. Keep in mind that they will have a special PoisonPoison attack called Lasher Toxin Icon Lasher Toxin; it is extremely important to pick up threat quickly and nuke them.
  • Use defensive cooldowns when Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth cast is about to happen.


  • As soon as the boss casts Ancient Branch, it will also apply the Splinterbark Icon Splinterbark's BleedBleed effect to the entire party. You want to make sure people are topped up at all times, especially before Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth is cast.
  • Be ready to top up your party once the boss casts Burst Forth Icon Burst Forth.

The Pitch and Crawth


Notable Trash Before Crawth

Guardian Sentry Model Once you defeat the Overgrown Ancient, continue straight and use the invisible bridge to get towards the middle platform. There you will find the only "mini-boss" of the entire dungeon, the Guardian Sentry. Here is what you should know about it:

  • Guardian Sentry has a lot more health than a regular mob, hence why we refer to it as a "mini-boss".
  • Avoid the Deadly Winds Icon Deadly Winds ground animation at all times. After the initial hit, the tornado will circle around for several seconds before disappearing; avoid getting in contact with it.
  • Run away from Expel Intruders Icon Expel Intruders; the cast will knock you back and do high damage. You can also line-of-sight the damage, even if you are still in the circle but behind one of the nearby walls.
  • Your tank must be careful with the Storm Slash Icon Storm Slash "tank-buster" ability; it is best to use active mitigation if they are low health.

Once you defeat the Guardian Sentry, you can head towards the area where Crawth is located. The boss has an activation process, which requires you to clear 3 waves of Territorial Eagle and Alpha Eagle. Here is what you should know about them:

  • Territorial Eagle has only one ability, which always goes on the highest threat target (your tank) — Peck Icon Peck. It does initial damage and applies a stackable BleedBleed effect.
  • At first, Alpha Eagle will not be present; they will come in Waves 2 and 3, after you have defeated the initial Territorial Eagle spawns. They have an important Gust Icon Gust frontal ability to sidestep and a Call of the Flock Icon Call of the Flock buff, which you must interrupt at all costs.

Crawth Boss Guide


In order to activate the boss, you have to throw the 3 Play Ball! Icon Play Ball! in the fire ring, after which it will appear. It is actually quite important to understand how Play Ball! Icon Play Ball! works: you can throw 3 in and gain either Goal of the Searing Blaze Icon Goal of the Searing Blaze or Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds, with each of them giving you temporary buffs but also increasing the difficulty of the fight. The boss will "activate" the Goals at 75% and 45% HP. Here is a more detailed preview of the fight:


All Roles

  • Dodge the Overpowering Gust Icon Overpowering Gust frontal.
  • Once the boss reaches 75% and 45% HP it will be time to score goals and trigger either Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds or Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds.
  • Upon throwing the 3 orbs towards the Goal of the Searing Blaze Icon Goal of the Searing Blaze, it will trigger a Firestorm Icon Firestorm cast, making Crawth take 75% increased damage for 12 sec, but also casting fire motes on the ground until the end of the fight(avoid them!).
  • Goal of the Rushing Winds If you decide first to score goals towards Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds, you will trigger Gale Force Icon Gale Force reaction, granting you 45% Haste and 50% movement speed for 20 sec. However, you will summon Roving Cyclones until the end of the fight.
  • Eventually, you will have both Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds and Goal of the Searing Blaze Icon Goal of the Searing Blaze active, and the whole fight will become messy, but here is our advice: Activate the Goal of the Searing Blaze Icon Goal of the Searing Blaze first, and time your cooldowns with the damage increase effect, then delay Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Windsas much as you can, since having both the negative effects at the same time will make this fight hell!


  • Use active mitigation when Crawth is casting Savage Peck Icon Savage Peck.


  • Be ready to top your teammates when Crawth is casting Deafening Screech Icon Deafening Screech. On MythicMythic difficulty, there will be a follow-up stackable effect called Sonic Vulnerability Icon Sonic Vulnerability, and the only way to clear the stacks is by scoring a "goal" to either Goal of the Rushing Winds Icon Goal of the Rushing Winds or Goal of the Searing Blaze Icon Goal of the Searing Blaze.

Algeth'ar Academy and Vexamus


Notable Trash Before Vexamus

  • Interrupt Corrupted Manafiend's Mana Void Icon Mana Void as it is one of the important casts in this area. Dump your spare interrupts to stop any Surge Icon Surge casts.
  • Arcane Forager is another mob you should not worry about, as it only casts Vicious Lunge Icon Vicious Lunge on a random target, doing a tiny bit of damage.
  • Arcane Ravager has the most health out of all the mobs in this area. It always charges the furthest target from your group with Vicious Ambush Icon Vicious Ambush and it has a deadly channeled frontal ability called Riftbreath Icon Riftbreath. Dodge it at all costs!
  • Spellbound Battleaxe is going to be a tough mob for your tank due to Severing Slash Icon Severing Slash; not only it will deal an initial damage to them, but it will add a harsh follow-up BleedBleed effect.
  • Spellbound Scepter is the most dangerous mob in this area. You should watch out for its Mystic Blast Icon Mystic Blast, use crowd-control to stop it.
  • Finally we have the Unruly Textbook, with the only important cast to interrupt being Monotonous Lecture Icon Monotonous Lecture.

Vexamus Boss Guide


Once you defeat the 3 packs of mobs, Professor Maxdormu will begin casting Recall History Icon Recall History which will summon Vexamus. The boss is quite simple; it passively generates Energy, gaining more if it soaks any Mana Bombs Icon Mana Bombs. Upon reaching 100 Energy it will cast Arcane Fissure Icon Arcane Fissure, a powerful cast. Here will be a good place to use your personal defensives. Below you can find our detailed breakdown of how each member of your team should play it:


All Roles

  • Vexamus Arcane Orbs Professor Maxdormu will occasionally spawn 5 Arcane Orbs Icon Arcane Orbs, which will slowly travel towards Vexamus. Do not let it soak them, since it will deal AoE damage to your entire group and add 20 Energy to its bar. Although the role of the "soaker" is more appropriate for a tank, the rest of the team can help soaking the Arcane Orbs Icon Arcane Orbs, just pay attention to your Oversurge Icon Oversurge debuff (you can dispel that)!
  • Avoid the Corrupted Mana Icon Corrupted Mana pool, coming from the last tick of the Mana Bombs Icon Mana Bombs, it will deal damage and slow you every second you spend in it.
  • Sidestep the Arcane ground pools after the Arcane Fissure Icon Arcane Fissure pushback.


  • You can soak several Arcane Orbs Icon Arcane Orbs, but beware of the initial damage; here will be a good place to use your active mitigation.
  • Aim the Arcane Expulsion Icon Arcane Expulsion frontal away from your team.


  • Beware of the Mana Bombs Icon Mana Bombs cast. It will always go on a random 3 players from your party and deal damage-over-time. Top up your teammates quickly!
  • Use your healing cooldowns once the boss casts Arcane Fissure Icon Arcane Fissure.

The Headteacher's Enclave and Echo of Doragosa


Notable Trash Before Echo of Doragosa

Once you have defeated Vexamus head towards The Headteacher's Enclave, where you will find the last boss of this dungeon, Echo of Doragosa. The trash mobs around this area are some of the easiest to deal with, so if you are planning on running this dungeon on Mythic+ difficulty, here is where you want to get most of your enemy forces count. You can find a more detailed breakdown of each mob and their abilities down below:

  • Watch out for Astral Whirlwind Icon Astral Whirlwind coming from Algeth'ar Enforcer; this will be a dangerous mob for all melee players.
  • Algeth'ar Educator is one of the mobs you will love to have in each pack because of its Astral Bomb Icon Astral Bomb working on enemy mobs. Simply stay with the bomb near them, and they will take the full damage. They also have an Arcane Missiles Icon Arcane Missiles cast that must be stopped.
  • Finally, we have the Algeth'ar Nurse, with the only important cast to watch out for being their Celestial Shield Icon Celestial Shield. The mob will always cast this when they are at low health, you will not be able to interrupt it and, upon stopping it with stun/disruption effects, it will recast. It is best if you just use Purge effects to remove it.

Echo of Doragosa Boss Guide

Echo of Doragosa

Echo of Doragosa Arcane Rift Echo of Doragosa will have an Energy bar that will naturally regenerate, and upon reaching 100 Energy, the boss will cast Astral Breath Icon Astral Breath. Beyond that, it is also important to understand how the Overwhelming Power Icon Overwhelming Power debuff works. Unlike many of the debuffs in this dungeon, this will give you 5% increased damage per stack up to a maximum of 3 stacks. Here is the catch: upon reaching maximum stacks (3), you will automatically trigger Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift and remove all of your stacks. The Arcane Rift will periodically cast Uncontrolled Energy Icon Uncontrolled Energy, making the fight more difficult. Sidenote that Unleash Energy Icon Unleash Energy will spawn 2 Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rifts, making the already hard fight, harder. Below you can find a much more detailed breakdown of the fight:


All Roles

  • Use a personal defensive when you get an Energy Bomb Icon Energy Bomb cast on you.
  • Run away from Power Vacuum Icon Power Vacuum at all cost.
  • Avoid the Astral Breath Icon Astral Breath frontal ability; failing to do so will likely kill you.
  • Make sure to have a few stacks of Overwhelming Power Icon Overwhelming Power just so you can speed up the boss fight. Account for unavoidable damage, since each of Echo of Doragosa's abilities will apply a stack of the debuff. The worst thing you can do is spawn Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift out of pure greed.


  • Tank the boss in one of the corners and be conservative with the space; this fight can become a nightmare if multiple spawns of Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift are on the field.


  • Echo of Doragosa Energy Bomb Spot-heal the target that gets the Energy Bomb Icon Energy Bomb.
  • The boss will occasionally cast Arcane Missiles Icon Arcane Missiles on a random target, so top them up quickly!

Algeth'ar Academy Loot Table


Overgrown Ancient

Type Item Stats
2H Axe Algeth'ar Hedgecleaver Icon Algeth'ar Hedgecleaver Str, Mastery/Vers
Mail Feet Boots of Explosive Growth Icon Boots of Explosive Growth Crit/Haste
Cloth Hands Experimental Safety Gloves Icon Experimental Safety Gloves Vers/Crit
Leather Wrist Frenzyroot Cuffs Icon Frenzyroot Cuffs Haste/Mastery
Warglaive Mystakra's Harvester Icon Mystakra's Harvester Vers/Crit
Back Potion-Stained Cloak Icon Potion-Stained Cloak Haste/Vers


Type Item Stats
Mail Waist Azure Belt of Competition Icon Azure Belt of Competition Vers/Mastery
Cloth Chest Bronze Challenger's Robe Icon Bronze Challenger's Robe Mastery/Crit
Trinket Dragon Games Equipment Icon Dragon Games Equipment Str
Trinket Emerald Coach's Whistle Icon Emerald Coach's Whistle Int
Staff Obsidian Goaltending Spire Icon Obsidian Goaltending Spire Agi, Crit/Vers
Leather Hands Ruby Contestant's Gloves Icon Ruby Contestant's Gloves Vers/Mastery


Type Item Stats
Finger Platinum Star Band Icon Platinum Star Band Crit/Mastery
1H Sword Spellbane Cutlass Icon Spellbane Cutlass Str, Haste/Vers
1H Sword Spellboon Saber Icon Spellboon Saber Int, Haste/Mastery
Off-Hand Vexamus' Expulsion Rod Icon Vexamus' Expulsion Rod Crit/Haste

Echo of Doragosa

Type Item Stats
Trinket Algeth'ar Puzzle Box Icon Algeth'ar Puzzle Box Agi/Str
Plate Chest Breastplate of Proven Knowledge Icon Breastplate of Proven Knowledge Vers/Crit
Staff Final Grade Icon Final Grade Int, Mastery/Haste
Cloth Head Organized Pontificator's Mask Icon Organized Pontificator's Mask Crit/Haste
Mail Shoulder Scaled Commencement Spaulders Icon Scaled Commencement Spaulders Mastery/Crit
Plate Legs Venerated Professor's Greaves Icon Venerated Professor's Greaves Vers/Crit

Algeth'ar Academy Achievements

There are 8 total achievements to obtain in Algeth'ar Academy:

Achievement Criteria
Algeth'ar Academy Icon Algeth'ar Academy Defeat the Echo of Doragosa in Algeth'ar Academy
Heroic: Algeth'ar Academy Icon Heroic: Algeth'ar Academy Defeat the Echo of Doragosa in Algeth'ar Academy on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Algeth'ar Academy Icon Mythic: Algeth'ar Academy Defeat the Echo of Doragosa in Algeth'ar Academy on MythicMythic or Mythic Keystone difficulty.
Mythic: Algeth'ar Academy Guild Run Icon Mythic: Algeth'ar Academy Guild Run Defeat Echo of Doragosa in Algeth'ar Academy on MythicMythic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: Algeth'ar Academy Icon Keystone Hero: Algeth'ar Academy Complete Algeth'ar Academy at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Duck, Duck, Spruce! Icon Duck, Duck, Spruce! Defeat the Overgrown Ancient while all party members have a Well-Fed Duckling on their head in Algeth'ar Academy on MythicMythic difficulty.
See Me After Class Icon See Me After Class Defeat Vexamus without players absorbing any Arcane Orbs Icon Arcane Orbs in Algeth'ar Academy on MythicMythic difficulty.
Squad Goals Icon Squad Goals Defeat Crawth after simultaneously activating both Goals in Algeth'ar Academy on MythicMythic difficulty.


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