Druid Customization Options Guide

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The following guide lists the new Druid customization options added in Patch 10.2 and offers a preview including source where applicable.



Starting with Patch 10.2, Druid players can visit any Barber Shop to customize all their forms separately.

The following guide lists the new customization options and indicates where to get them if the source is known.



Please keep in mind not all Druid forms have been discovered on the 10.2 PTR, and this guide contains preliminary information based on testing. We will further update it when Patch 10.2 releases on live servers.


Druid Bear Form Customizations

The yellow runebear form drops from Aurostor the Hibernator, the new World Boss located in the Emerald Dream.

The green bristlebruin option drops from Moragh the Slothful.

The ash bristlebruin option comes from the Pollenfused Bristlebruin Fur Sample.

The black umbraclaw form drops from Mosa Umbramane.

The brown umbraclaw bear form's source is Silent Mark of the Umbraclaw.

Finally, the white umbraclaw version is rewarded from Emerald Bounties.


Druid Cat Form Customizations

The blue dreamsaber cat form does not have a source listed yet.

The purple dreamsaber drops from Keen-eyed Cian.

The green dreamsaber has Silent Mark of the Dreamsaber listed as source.


Druid Moonkin Form Customizations

The Moonkin Form now has various sliders, allowing you to select feather color, horns, beak, horn and beak color, eyebrows, whiskers, feathers, decorations, effects, and effects color.

All the customization options are available to everyone, except for the red decoration and effects color that drop from Tindral Sageswift in Amirdrassil.


Druid Flight Form Customizations

Anu'relos, Flames Guidance in addition to being the Mythic mount from Fyrakk, the Blazing is also a Flight form for Druids!

Azure Somnowl comes from the feather of Friends quest.

Slumbering Somnown does not have a source indicated yet.


Druid Aquatic Form Customizations

We have one new option in Patch 10.2 called Dreaming Nae'dra with an unknown source.


Druid Travel Form Customizations

The black/purple dreamtalon comes from Ristar, the Rabid.

The blue dreamtalon drops from Emerald Bounties.

The green/red dreamtalon drops from Matriarch Keevah.

The purple/blue dreamtalon comes from Emerald Bounties.

The white/green dreamtalon comes from the Silent Mark of the Dreamtalon.

The green gladehart is learned by the Silent Mark of the Dreamstag.

The golden gladehart is from Inscription.

The ashes gladehart drops from Talthonei Ashwhisper.



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