Class Order Halls Armor Sets (Legion 7.3.5)

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Each class has an armour set available to them that can be purchased in their class hall. The set has 8 pieces and has a similar aesthetic look to that of the Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode set for each class.


Obtaining the Armor Set

Pieces of the armor set are sold by your Class Order Hall's Quartermaster for 500 Gold. Before you can purchase them, you need to unlock them. Here are the unlock conditions (as well as their starting item level):

  • Helm (810): complete a quest in the class hall after reaching 110;
  • Shoulders (850): reach exalted with the Nightfallen reputation;
  • Chest (830): finish your order hall campaign;
  • Wrists (810): recruit 6 champions in your class hall;
  • Gloves (820): reach honoured with the Nightfallen reputation;
  • Belt (840): earn a total of 100,000 Artifact Power;
  • Legs (820): clear every Legion dungeon, regardless of difficulty;
  • Boots (840): reach revered with 2 different Broken Isles factions.

Upgrading the Armor Set

You can upgrade the armor that you get in this set by purchasing upgrade items in your class hall, except for items that start at item level 840 or 850.

  • To upgrade from 810 to 820: 500 Order Resources Icon Order Resources.
  • To upgrade from 820 to 830: 2,000 Order Resources Icon Order Resources.
  • To upgrade from 830 to 840: 4,000 Order Resources Icon Order Resources.

With the introduction of the Broken Shore, you can now upgrade your class armour set to item level 870 with your class' version of the Grandiose Armor Kit. You can obtain them via world quests on the Broken Shore, but only after you have recruited your last champion by completing Champions of Legionfall.


Armor Set Bonuses

Each set has specific set bonuses that apply to the class that uses them. You can find all of the sets, as well as their bonuses in the links below.



  • 17 Apr. 2018: Added new upgrade items, as well as changed costs to fit newest patches.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Guide added.
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