Artifacts and Class Order Halls (Legion 7.3.5)

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In Legion, every specialisation has its own special weapon known as the artifact. This weapon allows you to progress through the game while upgrading the power of one weapon, rather than obtaining new weapons each week. The artifact weapons can be upgraded via artifact power, as well as the traits within the weapon; the traits act similarly to how a talent tree would, while artifact power acts as the talent points.

Your class order hall serves as a hub for a few interactions with your artifact weapon, such as:

  • re-rolling traits in your artifact tree;
  • obtaining artifacts for your off-specs;
  • changing the appearance of your artifact.

How Do I Reset My Artifact Tree?

There is no longer any reason whatsoever to reset your artifact traits post-7.3.5 due to the massive amount of artifact power you will obtain immediately. It can still be done at your class weapon forge, but there is no reason to do it.


How Do I Obtain Artifacts For Off-Specs?

As you begin to level through the Broken Isles, you may wish to change your specialisation and obtain the other artifacts for your class. If this is the case, you will need to reach level 102 before you get the chance.

Once you have hit 102, go back to your class hall and you will be able to pick up another quest for the artifact, just as you did for your first one. You can complete the third (and fourth for Druids) quest as soon as you are done with the second.


Adding Traits for Off-Specs

When you have finally got your off-spec artifacts, you might want to start adding traits into that weapon as well. The cost of the points will be exactly the same as in your first weapon, regardless of how much you have put into that previous artifact.

The two artifacts are completely separate, except for the fact that you will be using the same pool of artifact power for both. You will need to make a decision every time as to whether you want to add a single trait to your main artifact or multiple cheaper ones to your off-spec artifact. This is completely dependent on your personal needs and whether or not you actually need your off-spec artifact. Given how much artifact power is available compared to the cost of early traits, you can freely add to either artifact until you unlock all basic traits. You then will need to choose which artifact to pursue.


How Do I Change The Appearance Of My Artifact?

In the past, we have always had the option of looking forward to a new weapon with a new look when an expansion releases. The artifacts are no different and they each have sets of unique appearances that alter the way they look.

In order to change the appearance of your artifact, go to the forge of your class hall and open the appearance tab. You can see the possible looks that are waiting to be unlocked, as well as how to do so.

There are 6 main styles of acquisition for the skins, each of which has 4 colors:

  • the base skin, which is obtained through completing small quests in the order hall; these are often very simple and only change the color of the base artifact;
  • the Upgraded skin, which is obtained through simple tasks revolving around the class hall and your artifact;
  • the War-Torn skin, which is obtained through PvP;
  • the Valorous skin, which is obtained through PvE;
  • the Challenging skin, which is obtained through the Mage Tower challenges;
  • the Hidden skin, which is obtained through different means for every class.


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