Class Order Halls Champions (Legion 7.3.5)

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Champions are essentially lore figures that have been recruited through your order hall campaign to join your forces. You can use them for the following:

  • sending them out to complete class hall missions;
  • recruiting them as combat allies to help you fight in the Broken Isles.

Every class has their own separate set of champions, since they are all related to lore. There are at least 9 champions in total for each class, but only 5 can be active, unless using order hall advancements to increase this limit. As with the garrison followers in Warlords of Draenor, you must deactivate your excess champions if you wish to start a mission and you have over your limit of active champions. If you wish to reactivate them, you can pay 250 gold to activate one per day.


How Do I Get My Champions?

All the champions will come from the order hall campaign; as soon as you complete the first set of quests after gaining 325 artifact power, you will receive your first set of champions.

After you reach level 103, you will be able to return to your order hall and complete a second quest chain for the campaign, which will allow you to unlock two more champions.

The rest of your champions will come from naturally completing the order hall campaign. The exception to this is followers that are found outside of the campaign, such as Meatball, who is obtained by completing a quest chain after killing a boss at the Brawler's Guild and is recommended for all classes.

In subsequent sections, you will find a full list of Champions for each class that can be obtained in-game, as well as the best setup for each class.


Death Knight

Name Level
Nazgrim (Combat Ally) 100
Thassarian 100
Koltira Deathweaver (Bodyguard) 103
Thoras Trollbane 103
High Inquisitor Whitemane 109
Rottgut (Combat Ally) 109
Amal'thazad 110
Highlord Darion Mograine (Combat Ally) 110
Minerva Ravensorrow (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Death Knight would be to use Darion, Koltira, Minerva, Nazgrim, Thassarian, Thoras and Meatball.


Demon Hunter

Name Level
Asha Ravensong 100
Altruis the Sufferer OR Kayn Sunfury (Combat Ally) 100
Kor'vas Bloodthorn 103
Akama OR Shade of Akama (Bodyguard) 103
Belath Dawnblade (Bodyguard) 109
Matron Mother Malevolence (Combat Ally) 109
Allari the Souleater 110
Jace Darkweaver 110
Lady S'theno (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Demon Hunter would be to use Akama, Belath, Jace, Kor'vas, Kayn or Altruis, S'theno and Meatball.



Name Level
Naralex (Combat Ally) 100
Zen'tabra 100
Sylendra Gladesong 103
Broll Bearmantle (Bodyguard) 103
Brightwing 109
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem 109
Mylune 110
Keeper Remulos (Combat Ally) 110
Thisalee Crow (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Druid would be to use Brightwing, Hamuul, Mylune, Remulos, Sylendra, Thisalee and Meatball.



Name Level
Emmarel Shadewarden (Combat Ally) 100
Loren Stormhoof 100
Rexxar (Bodyguard) 100
Beastmaster Hilaire 103
Addie Fizzlebog (Bodyguard) 109
Hemet Nesingwary (Combat Ally) 109
Huntsman Blake 110
Halduron Brightwing 110
Nighthuntress Syrenne (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Hunter would be to use Addie, Blake, Emmarel, Halduron, Hemet, Rexxar and Meatball.



Name Level
Archmage Kalec (Combat Ally) 100
Archmage Modera (Bodyguard) 100
Esara Verrinde 103
Ravandwyr 103
Arcane Destroyer 109
Millhouse Manastorm (Bodyguard) 109
Archmage Vargoth (Combat Ally) 110
Meryl Felstorm 110
Aethas Sunreaver (Bodyguard) 110
The Great Akazamzarak (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Mage would be to use Arcane Destroyer, Akazamzarak, Esara, Meryl, Ravandwyr, Vargoth and Meatball.



Name Level
Chen Stormstout (Bodyguard) 100
Li Li Stormstout (Combat Ally) 100
Taran Zhu (Combat Ally) 103
The Monkey King (Bodyguard) 103
Angus Ironfist 109
Hiro 109
Sylara Steelsong 110
Aegira 110
Brewer Almai (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Monk would be to use Almai, Angus, Chen, Hiro, Monkey King, Sylara and Meatball.



Name Level
Lady Liadrin (Combat Ally) 100
Lord Maxwell Tyrosus 100
Justicar Julia Celeste 103
Vindicator Boros (Bodyguard) 103
Aponi Brightmane 109
Delas Moonfang 109
Lothraxion (Combat Ally) 110
Arator the Redeemer (Bodyguard) 110
Nerus Moonfang (Bodyguard) 110
Maximillian of Northshire (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Paladin would be to use Arator, Delas, Julia, Maximillian, Maxwell, Nerus and Meatball.



Name Level
Calia Menethil 100
High Priestess Ishanah (Combat Ally) 100
Zabra Hexx (Bodyguard) 103
Yalia Sagewhisper 103
Mariella Ward 109
Sol (Bodyguard) 109
Natalie Seline 109
Alonsus Faol (Combat Ally) 110
Aelthalyste (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Priest would be to use Aelthalyste, Alonsus, Calia, Ishanah, Yalia, Zabra and Meatball.



Name Level
Garona Halforcen (Combat Ally) 100
Vanessa VanCleef (Bodyguard) 100
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt (Combat Ally) 103
Fleet Admiral Tethys 103
Marin Noggenfogger 109
Valeera Sanguinar 109
Taoshi 110
Master Mathias Shaw (Combat Ally) 110
Princess Tess Greymane (Bodyguard) OR Lilian Voss (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Rogue would be to use Garona, Jorach, Mathias, Tess or Lilian, Tethys, Vanessa and Meatball.



Name Level
Duke Hydraxis (Combat Ally) 100
Stormcaller Mylra (Bodyguard) 100
Consular Celestos 103
Farseer Nobundo (Combat Ally) 103
Avalanchion the Unbroken 109
Muln Earthfury 109
Baron Scaldius 110
Rehgar Earthfury (Bodyguard) 110
Magatha Grimtotem (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Shaman would be to use Avalanchion, Celestos, Hydraxis, Muln, Mylra, Nobundo and Meatball.



Name Level
Calydus (Combat Ally) 100
Ritssyn Flamescowl (Bodyguard) 100
Zinnin Smythe 103
Jubeka Shadowbreaker 103
Shinfel Blightsworn 109
Kira Iresoul 109
Eredar Twins (Combat Ally) 110
Lulubelle Fizzlebang (Combat Ally) 110
Kanrethad Ebonlocke (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Warlock would be to use Calydus, Eredar Twins, Jubeka, Kira, Shinfel, Zinnin and Meatball.



Name Level
Finna Bjornsdottir (Combat Ally) 100
Ragnvald Drakeborn 100
Hymdall 103
Svergan Stormcloak 103
Dvalen Ironrune (Bodyguard) 109
King Ymiron 109
Hodir (Combat Ally) 110
Thorim (Combat Ally) 110
Lord Darius Crowley (Bodyguard) OR Eitrigg (Bodyguard) 110

The best setup for Warrior would be to use Darius or Eitrigg, Dvalen, Finna, Hodir, Ragnvald, Thorim and Meatball.


How do I gear my champions?

Champions have the option to unlock equipment slots as they level and grow in rarity (in the same way followers did in garrisons); once a champion hits rare quality, they will unlock their first equipment slot. The second slot is unlocked as soon as they hit epic quality. The final slot will be unlocked when you level your followers from epic to titled quality.

In order to prepare them for battle, you will need to find some champion equipment to arm them with. You can find it through the following means:

  • missions in your order hall;
  • treasures;
  • world quests;
  • emissary quest rewards;
  • Class Order Hall advancements;
  • purchasing it on the Broken Shore.

The items that are available in-game fall under a number of categories; they each have a different impact on a different part of the mission process.


Success Chance Equipment

The first category is equipment that impacts the success chance of missions, depending on their duration. There are three types in this category:

  • the equipment increases the success chance of all missions by a set amount;
  • the equipment increases the success chance of missions that are shorter than 4 hours;
  • the equipment increases the success chance of missions that are longer than 8 hours.

Mission Duration Equipment

The second category is equipment that reduces the time required to complete a mission. There is only one type in this category and it is a flat reduction in mission time.


Follower Affinity Equipment

The third category of equipment looks at affinity between different types of followers. You can equip your champion with items that will increase the success chance of a mission depending on the other troops available for the mission. Each class has a different set of items that is specific to their order hall. There are 2 types in this category:

  • the equipment increases success chance by a set amount when the champion is accompanied by lesser troops;
  • the equipment increases success chance by a set amount when the champion is accompanied by greater troops.

Combat Ally Equipment

The next category is equipment that is only useful when a champion is being used as your Combat Ally. The next section will further discuss what a Combat Ally is, but for now, the equipment will increase the rewards you get from World Quests when fighting with your Combat Ally. There are two types of equipment:

  • the equipment increases your order resource reward when completing World Quests;
  • the equipment increases your gold reward when completing World Quests.


There are consumables that can be used to buff your champions and troops when preparing them for missions. There are 3 different effects that can be applied to your followers, depending on which class you play:

  • Death Knight, Monk, Paladin, and Rogue: the equipment will increase the success chance of a single mission by 20%.
  • Demon Hunter, Druid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Warlock: the equipment will restore 1 vitality to a single troop;
  • Warrior: the equipment will summon a squad of Valarjar Aspirants to aid your champion.

Legendary Equipment

The legendary equipment is slightly different from the others, since it cannot be obtained as easily as the others. It has much more powerful effects and often combines two of the effects that are listed above. There are the following types.

  • The equipment increases mission success on all missions by 15% and has either
    • a reduction of mission duration by 5%;
    • 25 Order Resources Icon Order Resources from World Quests when using a combat ally;
    • 15 Gold from World Quests when using a combat ally.
  • The equipment reduces mission duration on all missions by 15% and has either
    • an increase in mission success chance by 5%;
    • 25 Order Resources Icon Order Resources from World Quests when using a combat ally;
    • 15 Gold from World Quests when using a combat ally.
  • The equipment grants 100 Order Resources Icon Order Resources when completing a world quest with a combat ally and has either
    • an increase in mission success chance by 5%;
    • a reduction of mission duration by 5%;
    • 15 Gold from World Quests when using a combat ally.
  • The equipment grants 50 gold when completing a world quest with a combat ally and has either
    • an increase in mission success chance by 5%;
    • a reduction of mission duration by 5%;
    • 25 Order Resources Icon Order Resources from World Quests when using a combat ally.

What Is A Combat Ally?

When recruiting your champions, certain ones have the ability to accompany you around the zones of the Broken Isles. Similar to how a bodyguard in Warlords of Draenor would work, they give you a slight edge over the mobs you are killing in the open world. They cannot be taken into most instanced areas, but will help you whenever you are in the open world. There are three types of combat ally.

  • An NPC will follow you around and engage in combat with you, casting their spells and abilities to make sure they kill the mobs as fast as possible. As your gear progresses, so too will the combat ally's stats. They become more powerful as you do, but note that they can and will die. Unlike the bodyguard system in Warlords of Draenor, however, the combat allies have a very short respawn timer.
  • Rather than appearing as an NPC, the combat ally can also appear as a spell. There are two forms which the combat ally can take in spells:
    • a spell that will proc when criteria are met, such as hitting an enemy or taking an amount of damage;
    • a spell that can be cast via an extra action button that has a cooldown between uses.

How do I get a combat ally?

In order to select a combat ally, you need to find a champion that has a specific combat ally ability. You can see who can function as a combat ally or bodyguard in our table of all champions above. Once you have obtained one of the marked champions, head top your scouting map. You can then access the combat ally section via the mission UI. It will cost you 50 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to assign your champion to become a combat ally.

They cannot go on any missions while assigned as a combat ally, nor can they have any equipment added to them. They do, however, gain experience with each world quest you complete when using them as a combat ally.



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