Class Order Halls Troops (Legion 7.3.5)

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While champions are important figures in the lore and are each individually valuable, troops are essentially the fillers of your force. They have a new stat known as vitality that makes them a disposable asset to your class hall. The vitality stat allows them to venture on missions for you, but once they have run out of vitality, they die and are removed from your force. They have no items, no experience, no levels; they are simply there to be the food for monsters while your champion completes a mission.

Your troops will NEVER be able to go on a mission alone. They must complete missions by accompanying a champion. Adding troops to a mission is optional and only serves to increase your success chance (+15% for each lesser troop added and +30% for each greater troop added).


How do I get troops?

The recruitment process for troops is actually very simple. All you need to do is find the associated NPC in your class hall and put in a Work Order with them. It will cost you order resources (20 for lesser, 85 for greater) and will take 30 minutes. You can either get a lesser troop or a greater troop, depending on the number of order resources used.

There is the potential for another troop type to be created, but only for Death Knights, Druids, Monks, and Mages. The special troops will take 12 hours to be recruited, but they are stronger than the others (+30% increased mission success, as greater troops, plus a special trait that counters a threat). Once your order is done, just interact with the object found next to your class' recruiter.

There is no limit to how many troops you can recruit, but there is a limit to how many can be active and alive at one time. The standard size of force is 3 lesser troops and 2 greater troops. For the special troops that the 4 classes listed above can make, there can only be 1 active at any time. The only way to increase these limits is via the Order Hall Advancement tiers, in which you can increase the limit by one in your 3rd tier.


What is Vitality?

When you check your mission UI, you will notice that your troops have hearts next to their icons. This represents their vitality stat. Lesser troops will start with 2 vitality and greater troops with 3. Every time one of the troops completes a mission, they will lose 1 vitality. The special troops that the 4 classes can make will only have 1 vitality. Once they have expended all of their vitality, they will die and be removed from your set of followers.

While missions only take away 1 vitality from your followers, beware of the Lethal mission threats that appear when sending your followers out. If you do not find a way to counter that threat with your troops or champion, all of your troops that are sent on that mission will lose all of their vitality, regardless of how much they started with.


Argus Troops

There are now three new types of troops that can be recruited by any class, as long as they have completed enough of the Argus mission campaign. The new troops and how to obtain them can be found in our Missions section.



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